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Zodiac MX6 Not Moving Part 2: Replacing the Engine Assembly R0524900

In this series of videos I go over replacing parts in your Zodiac MX6 if it is not moving in the pool or not turning. The thing I really like about the MX6 vs the MX8 is how easy it is to work on. Not that the MX8 is difficult, but there are less parts in the MX6 and it just is compact and easier to work on. You will also be able to isolate the problem easier on the M6 and get it up and running like new again in a matter of minutes.

One of the drawbacks of the MX6 is all of the moving parts wear out over time. Fortunately the parts are inexpensive and easy to install. I would say after 1 ½  to 2 years you will need to start to replace some parts, and this depends on the pool run time also. But figure at the 2 year mark replacing all of these parts featured in this video series would be a good idea.

This first video covers what to do if the MX6 stops going thru it's turn cycle. Very common in the MX8 but less common in the MX6 since there is only one Directional Device in it. The MX6 uses the Directional Device Side A, part #R0524700 – you will often see it listed for the MX8 like this “Baracuda R0524700 Side A Direction Control Device Replacement for Baracuda MX8 Pool Cleaner.”
The same part is used for both cleaners.

In this video I cover replacing the Engine in your MX6. The Engine does wear out over time and if you notice that after you change the tracks that the cleaner still is moving very slow even with very
good suction, chances are the engine is worn out. It is pretty easy to swap out and sells for $20-$30 so it isn't too expensive to replace. Zodiac R0524900 Cleaner Engine Assembly:

The same Engine is used for both the MX6 and MX8 so even though the part says it is for the MX8 it will work fine in the MX6.

The Engine is the heart of the MX6 and this is what spins to pick up the debris in your pool. Depending on your pool's run time you figure this thing is spinning everyday for 6 to 8 hours so after a couple of years it will start to slow down. The MX6 will still work fine, you will just notice that it moves slower than when you first dropped it in the pool. But after replacing the engine as long as the Tracks are still good it will move at full speed again.

If you change the Engine and the MX6 is still not moving at full speed maybe the Cyclonic Turbine is also worn out. They are all tied together, the Engine the Tracks and the Cyclonic Turbine so it would not be a bad idea to change all three parts at the same time (change both tracks at the same time).

Here are the other videos in the series:

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