Thursday, August 29, 2013

Are Swimming Pool Forums Good?

When you do a Google search for any pool problem or swimming pool related issue, chances are you will find a post listed from a swimming pool forum in the search tag line. Either that or you will be directed to my YouTube channel ;) So you may wonder if the post is accurate since it is from a swimming pool forum and not the manufacturer or a pool company.

Here are the most popular forums that you will run into when you search for a pool solution:

And there are a few smaller forums also on the web.

So the question is can you trust the advice given out on these various forums? From hitting several of these over the years I have found that for the most part the advice is accurate. Maybe not 100% of the time but pretty close. Each of these forums has moderators that verify posts and there are many long time members that are qualified to answer or clarify a specific post or topics. The moderators will also post answers and clarifications so there are no glaring errors usually.

The BBB Method of Swimming Pool Care:

"CarlD" a longtime moderator of coined this term. It describes an unorthodox method developed in 1997 where you maintain your swimming pool with household products - Bleach, Borax and Baking Soda.

You would sanitize your swimming pool with regular household bleach. You would raise your pH with Borax and raise your Alkalinity with Baking Soda. You will still need Muriatic Acid to lower the pH.

No chlorine tablets, no chlorine shocks like Cal-Hypo, and no granular chlorine (Dichlor). Just plain old bleach. to read the full article on the BBB see this link:

Most of these forums follow the BBB method in varying degrees. will only allow posts that follow the BBB method so they are the most rigid (committed so to speak). But you will find some of the forums more liberal in that regard.

So the bottom line is that these forums are a great resource for the homeowner who wants to maintain his pool on his own. You don't need years of experience to become an expert, just follow and join one of these forums and you will have a sparkling blue pool all Summer long.

Here are the links to the above listed forums:

Oh, and you can also visit my YouTube Channel too and I will answer your questions the best I can.
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