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Swimming Pool Heater Tips and Common Homeowner Mistakes

If your heater is not connected to an automated system, turning it on and heating up your pool and spa can be confusing. Almost all heaters have a simple to use control panel that you can use to turn on the heater and set the desired temperature. In this video I am using the Jandy JXi Pool & Spa Heater but your heater is probably very similar to it.

On the heater itself is the control panel and from there you can turn the heater on and set it for pool or spa mode. Once the pool pump is on you can then set the heater to the desired temperature and turn it on. If you are going to heat an attached spa, you will have to turn the valves to spa mode. I go over that in detail in the video.

Let me go over some common mistakes and user errors when it comes to manually setting your heater.
I see these mistakes out on my pool route and once you know about them you will be much wiser when using your heater.

Heater has no power?
The buttons on the heater will not function unless the pool pump is turned on. If you are trying to turn on the heater outside of the pool's daily timed run cycle you will need to turn the pump on at the timer box. Once the pump is on and running you should see the control panel on the heater activate. Now you can set the heater to the desired temperature and mode – either pool or spa mode.

Can I heat the Pool with the Spa Settings?
You can heat the pool from either “Pool” or “Spa” mode but the heater has a dedicated mode for a reason. In each mode you can set a desired temperature and the heater will save that set temperature for you. So if you turn on your heater to heat your pool and you press the “Spa Heat” button the pool will then heat up to whatever temperature is set for the spa. Usually it is set at 98-100 degrees. So the pool will heat up to 98-100 as if it were the spa. So it is best to use the “Pool” button and set that temperature to your desired level, usually 80-85 degrees. So both buttons will turn on the heater but each button has a set temperature for either the pool or spa.

How do I put my Heater in Spa Mode?
This is a very common problem and I think the pool valves can be a little hard to figure out. The majority of pools use Jandy valves, notice that the small handle part is the “on” position and the large flared part marked “off” is the off position. The suction line valve is located right in front of the pool pump. Turn this valve handle completely to the opposite direction. Then find the return line valve handle and turn that one completely to the opposite position. The return valve is the one coming out of the heater. Once you have both of these valves turned you should be in “Spa Mode.” After doing this several times you will get the hang of it. When done make sure you turn the valves back again so that it will be in “Pool Mode” when the timer starts up later that day or the next day. Otherwise the pool will remain off all week and it will be circulating only the spa.

Why is my Heater running the next day still?
One thing that you must do when you finish using the heater, besides turning the valves back to pool mode from spa mode is to turn off the heater. Most heaters have a pretty obvious “off” button. The heater may turn off during use once it reaches the set temperature but to actually turn it off after use you will need to hit the “off” button on the heater itself when you are done using it. Note also that if you turn the pump off before turning off the heater and you push the “off” button on the heater, it will not turn off. Remember, for the buttons to be active the pump must be running. So before turning off the pool pump, hit the “off” button on the heater. If you fail to do this the heater will be running every time the pool turns on for it's timed programmed cycle. So the pool can potentially be heated all week and in most cases if you were using the spa and turned the valves back to pool mode the pool will heat up to the spa temperature (98-100 degrees) giving you quite hefty gas bill.

My Spa is draining down after I used it last night?
Unless it is a bad check valve chances are you didn't turn the valve completely back to pool suction and it is still partially open to the spa suction. Since most spas have a small bypass returning water to it, even a small amount of suction from the spa drain will cause it to drain down. Just make sure that you turn the valves completely back to pool mode when done.

So these are some common user errors and mistakes that are made when using the pool heater. One way to ensure that the heater will not turn on after using it is to shut off the gas line after each use. Many heaters are installed with a simple shut off handle and this is a great way to insure you won't get hit with a giant gas bill.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Swimming Pool Skimmer Help, a look at products and devices that will help remove pool surface debris

There are many products on the market today that are designed to enhance your pool's skimmer to help remove surface debris. If you have a pool that is in an area where a large amount of leaves fall in each day, one of these devices might be just right for you. I will briefly go over these pool skimming devices that are featured in this Podcast.

Listen to the Podcast:


This is a very innovative and easy to use device that connects directly to your pool's 1 1/2” threaded return line. If your pool has stub pipe fittings you can purchase inserts for it, but it is designed to thread right into the spot where you remove the 1 1/2” eyeball fitting. The PoolSkim works great as it uses the pools return to create a secondary skimmer and trap all of the surface debris in the large attached bag.

Captures a ton of surface debris, even small particles.
Allows your pool pump to operate more efficiently as the skimmer basket has less debris in it.
Easy to install and set up.
Very durable and well made.
Relatively inexpensive.

Need 1 1/2” threaded return jets.
Can be unsightly in your pool.

POOLSKIM the automatic pool skimmer – Review:
PoolSkim Complete Installation Guide:

To order the PoolSkim:

SkimDoctor 2.0:
This is an affordable and very easy way to increase your pool skimmer's efficiency without doing anything except attaching the SkimDoctor 2.0 to your existing skimmer basket. Installation is very easy and once installed it creates a vortex and pulls in surface debris from further away and with much more velocity. Every pool with a lot of surface debris should have one installed.

Affordable and an easy way to instantly improve your pool's skimmer ability.
Very well made and durable.
Fits most skimmer baskets.

Since you are just enhancing your pool skimmer, the basket will still get very full in pools with heavy debris, so you will need to empty it frequently.

SkimDoctor 2.0 and Vac Attachment:
SkimDoctor 2.0 Set-Up and Installation Guide:
SkimDoctor 2.0 Vac Attachment Installation:

To order the SkimDoctor 2.0:

Solar-Breeze NX:
The Solar-Breeze NX is the latest version of the Solar-Breeze Robotic Solar Powered surface cleaner which was the first of it's kind and is still a solid product. The NX features upgraded software, a better water seal and a long lasting Lithium Ion battery. Drop the Solar-Breeze NX into your pool and the Sun will power it all day long and charge up the battery. In the Summer expect the cleaner to run for 16-20 hours. It will pick up 90% of the surface debris before it sinks to the bottom.

No cords or hoses as it is powered by the solar panels on top.
Solid engineering and a one year full warranty.
Can hold about 2 skimmer baskets full of debris.
Surface will stay clean and clear all season.
Back up cycle to get around obstacles like automatic cleaner hoses.

A luxury item as it is priced at $550.00

Solar-Breeze NX Robotic Surface Solar Pool Cleaner:

You can order the Solar-Breeze NX directly from the Solar-Breeze website – use my discount code to save 5% and receive free shipping: mrdgvb1

This is Solar Powered Surface Cleaner much like the Solar-Breeze but manufactured by Remington Solar (a leading manufacturer of solar powered products). The SolaSkimmer will operate all day long cleaning the pool surface and picking up debris and it operates with very simple engineering which should make it very durable over time. It also has a plug in option so you can also charge it if you are using it out of season or in an area where it is not very Sunny. A very solid product.

Priced at $399.00 so it is an affordable option.
Simple engineering and a simple design make this easy to operate.
One year warranty.

A relatively new product so it has a short track record.

SolaSkimmer Solar-Powered Robotic Swimming Pool Skimmer- MSRP $399.00!:
Order the SolaSkimmer directly from Remington Solar:

The SkimDevil is the premiere solar powered surface cleaner. It is also the most expensive with a price tag of $700. It is very hi-tech and you can set it from an app via a WiFi connection and even control it manually for fun in a remote control mode. It's unique design allows it to pick up very large surface debris – I used it to pick up ping pong balls in my video! If you have the budget this thing is pretty amazing.

Smart Phone App for accessing many unique settings and functions.
Picks up very large debris.
Easy to use and works very well.
One year warranty.

Hefty price tag of $700.

Skimdevil® Robotic Solar Powered Surface Cleaner Camio SX15- Review & Overview:
Skimdevil® Robotic Surface Cleaner Set Up & App Overview (RC Mode shown):

To order the SkimDevil:

Gator Auto Skim:
If you have a suction side automatic cleaner and it is connected to your pool skimmer, you may notice that the surface debris does not get picked up well by the pool skimmer. If the skimmer is sharing the suction with the cleaner it doesn't have the force to pull debris into the skimmer. The Gator attaches to the cleaner hose 2-3 sections back from the cleaner and acts as a mobile pool skimmer floating on the pool surface. It will move around the pool with the cleaner picking up leaves and debris. The Gator is not designed to pick huge amounts of surface debris but if you get a normal amount of leaves and debris on the pool surface you will find that the Gator is very effective.

Helps keep the pool surface clean if your suction side cleaner is connected though the pool skimmer.
Moves along with the cleaner picking up surface debris.
Easy to install and set up.
Works with most suction side pool cleaners.

Will not pick up large amount of surface debris at one time.

Gator Auto-Skim: Surface Skimming System for your Suction Side Automatic Cleaner:

To order the Gator Auto Skim:

Like the Gator the Skimmer-Motion is designed for a suction side cleaner that is connected though the pool skimmer. It also attaches to your cleaner's hose and will move along the water surface picking up surface debris. The Skimmer-Motion is designed to pick up only very small particle and leaf debris and is not designed to skim very large debris from the surface. So if you have a constant layer of dust and bugs on your pool surface this may be just the thing for you.

Picks up dust and small particles on the pool surface very well.
Easy to install and set up.

Designed to pick up only small leaves, bugs and surface dust.

Skimmer Motion™ - Automatic Pool Skimmer Review:
Skimmer Motion™ Installation and Set Up:

To order the Skimmer Motion:

Leaf Bone:
The Leaf Bone is a great product designed specifically for in-ground vinyl pools with a ladder. The market for this product is pretty specific but for those particular pools the Leaf Bone works great. Clip it onto your pool ladder, attach a leaf rake to the other end and watch the surface debris get picked up in the net. A highly effective way to pick up your pools surface debris.

LEAF BONE - Leaf Net Skimmer Clip for your In-Ground Pool Ladder:

To order the Leaf Bone:

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Portable AC Outlet Power Bank - Charge 4 USB Devices and 2 AC Plug in Devices Out in the Field

I have been looking for a way to charge all of my devices out in the field so that I don't need to worry about running out of juice for my battery operated and rechargeable devices. It's a real pain whne I go to use my cordless drill and I find out the battery is dead. Or I go to use my battery operated Water Tech Vacuum and find out it is dead. The AIVANT AC Power Bank, 42000mAh/200W(Max) Rechargeable Portable Charger solves this problem.

You can easily charge 4 USB devices and 2 AC plug in devices while out in the field and still have plenty of power left over. It has a massive amount of stored power at 42000mAh as compared to a typical smart phone with a 3100mAh battery. The real benefit to me is the ability to charge up my AC plug in devices. It has two sockets so you can easily charge or power 2 devices or appliances at the same time. This would be great for anyone who works out in the field all week long and doesn't have time to charge up at home or the office.

  • 42000 mAh Ultra Large Capacity- 42000 mAh/200W(Max) power capacity provides sufficient power supply for daily use, travel, picnic, short periods of outdoor activity, and even for power failure, or emergency.
  • AC Outlets 2 Fast Charging USB Ports 4, 2 AC Outlets(110V) can be used. 4 USB fast charging ports are compatible with laptops, cameras, tablets, smart-phones and other appliances. Please pay attention to the max current before charging and kindly note that this AIVANT Power Bank WON'T BE WORKING WHEN RECHARGING IT.
  • Well-made Portable Carrying Case- High quality carry case stores a charging adapter, and also the unit itself, easy to grab and go. Perfect for travel, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • High Speed Charging For for Rapid Recharging of the Power Bank- DC15V Input makes it fast to get fully charged in 6~7 hrs, providing sufficient power supply anywhere, any time with short time full charge capacity.
  • Well-built Quality & Safety Guaranteed- Durable AC/DC Power Bank packed in waterproof carrying case. Error Indicator twinkles with red LED lights once the unit works with over-current, over voltage& over temperature, which guarantee user’s safety with error alarms.

To order the model shown in the video from


Capacity: 42000 mAh
(LWH)Dimension: 200*46*145 mm
Weight: About 1.5KG
Circle Life: >500 Times
Charging Power: DC15V/2A
Charging Time: DC15V : 6~7 Hrs
DC Power: DC9~12.6V/10A (Max)
AC Output: AC100V/60Hz Or 220V/50Hz
AC Power: AC Continuous Power Output: 200W, Peak Power Output: 250W
USB Output: USB1+USB2 5V/3.1A (Max), USB3+USB4 5V/3.1A (Max)

Working Temperature: -20℃~60℃

What Would You Get:
1× Portable AC/DC Power Bank
1× Home Charger
1× Instruction Manual
1× Carrying Case

What AIVANT Can Assure You:
---Service and Warranty Instruction
30-day Money-back & Replacement Guarantee for any reason
12-Month Warranty for quality-related issues

Monday, October 9, 2017

All Aabout Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaners

In this Podcast I interview Steve Andrews of Aqua Products and we spend some time discussing their line up of Aquabot Robotic Cleaners. The Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaners where the first robotic cleaners on the market and they are still manufactured right here in the USA. To learn more about Aquabot you can visit their website:

To date I have tested and filmed over 12 of their robotic cleaners and you can find all of these videos in this playlist:

The shear variety of cleaners that are available means that if you are in the market for a robotic cleaner you will find one that fits your needs. They make models that climb the walls and scrub the tile line and models that only clean the floor and do not climb past the cove (slope of the pool wall). The price point is as low as $300 up to $1,300 depending on your budget and needs. You can get one with scrubbing brushes, scrubbing jets are no brushes and jets. Depending on your pool needs will determine which cleaner to purchase.

The Aquabot cleaners filter down to the finest microns of any of the robotic cleaners on the market today. Most will filter down to 2 microns which is better than a D.E. Filter. Some have the traditional bags on the bottom while others have top loading debris trays. One benefit of the bottom loading debris bags is that they hold a lot more dirt and debris then the top loading trays. But depending on your preference you can decide which type of debris chamber you like.

As the cleaner is running in the pool it is also filtering the water. Some pump as much as 80 gallons per minute and others less, but all will filter the water while running in the pool. This means you can run your pool less as the cleaner is operating. You also save on your filter as all of the dirt and debris is trapped in the robotic cleaner themselves. They have a self contained pump and filter (debris chamber) and operate independently of the pool filtration system.

Most of the Aquabot cleaners come equipped with a cord swivel. This swivel will prevent tangling as the cleaner is operating in the pool. Aquabot swivels are some of the best in the industry in my opinion. You can also get various cable lengths from 40 feet up to 75 feet depending on your pool size and needs. The cable is made out of a very strong material and will last a very long time. I also like the power units that come with the cleaners. All or very simple and user friendly.
Aquabot offers many warranty choices depending on the cleaner. All come with at least a one year warranty. Some come with a two year bumper to bumper warranty and they also have some units with a three year warranty. If you purchase the cleaner at a brick and mortar pool store the warranty is usually 2 or 3 years. Being manufactured here in the US means that Aqaubot has many warranty centers all across the country.

So listen to the Podcast and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Solar-Breeze NX Overview - 5% discount code

The Solar-Breeze NX Robotic Surface Pool Cleaner is the latest generation of the Solar-Breeze cleaner. This was the first cleaner of this kind and it has been on the market now longer than any other similar product. This is a great way to keep the surface of your pool free of debris and give it that glass like look all day long.

If you purchase it directly from Solar-Breeze you can use my discount code to save 5% and also receive free shipping. With the 5% discount I think this will be the lowest price available to you, but also check as the prices there tend to go up and down and you might just catch it on a down week.

Discount code: mrdgvb1

It is also available on

The Solar-Breeze automatic pool skimmer is a smart robot, powered by the sun. Without you skimming or netting your pool, the Solar_Breeze NX removes 90-95% of all debris, including leaves, pollen, dust and suntan oils from the surface of your pool before it sinks to the bottom. It has no hoses or cords, all of this is done from the solar panels on top which power the Solar Breeze NX.
Using the Solar-Breeze NX means that less debris needs to be cleaned from the bottom of your pool and less bacteria grows in your pool during the day when most people have their filtration system turned off. Solar-Breeze NX owners are able to reduce their pool pump run time by as much as 1/2 to 2/3. This results in a lot of money saved in your electricity bill as your pool pump accounts for 40% of your Summer energy use.
A rear paddle powers the unit through the water, while a front paddle scoops the surface debris into a collection chamber. It filters the water through an ultra-fine nylon mesh, preventing 90-95% of dust and debris from re-entering your pool. Powered bumper wheels on the front corners of the Solar-Breeze NX rotate and re-direct the unit each time it connects with the pool wall.

The Solar-Breeze NX can operate in all sizes and shapes of pools. Sensors and software allow the robot to know when it is no longer making forward progress and instructs it to backup and turn slightly to extract itself. There is also a programmed back-up cycle to ensure that the robot covers the entire surface of the pool every 2 hours. Recent software improvements include a Hunt-for-Sun modification to reduce the amount of power drawn by the motors creating greater energy efficiency.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Pool Service Equipment 101 - Cleaning Tools and Equipment for your Pool Route

In this Podcast I cover the cleaning equipment you will need if you have a pool cleaning service or are a homeowner maintaining your own pool. I always suggest professional quality equipment even though the price might be initially higher, this offsets the frustration of having cheaper equipment constantly breaking on you. I go over the basic cleaning equipment as well as the more advanced tools that I use.

 Listen to the Podcast:

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You can survive with just the basic cleaning equipment and it will not be a huge investment overall. A good Leaf Rake, Brush, Pool Pole, Manual Vacuum Head and Vacuum Hose are the  basic tools of the trade. Of course a good test kit is also essential, and with this you are all set. I use specific equipment on my route and here are some video links to what I use on a daily basis.

Purity Pool Scoops & Leaf Rakes - Product Overview:
Purity Pool TSQC Tile Scrubber with Quick Connect- How to Assemble:
Purity Pool Red Baron 20-Inch Professional Leaf Rake:
Skimlite 9000 Dually Series Three Piece Pool Pole:
SweepEase® AquaDynamic 18" Pool Brush – Review:
Algae-ZILLA 10" Stainless Steel Algae Brush by SweepEase:
Advanced Pool Guy (Gal) Tools, Testers & Equipment:
Pentair R201276 Pro Vac #214 Commercial Vac Head – Review:
Pool Route: Basic Supply & Equipment List:
Caddy Box - by TK Pool Products:

For my leaf rakes I use the Purity Pool brand with the Red Baron Rag Bag model as my go to net. For my poles I prefer the Skimlite models, specifically the 9000 Series Tri-Poles. Manual vacuum head, I only use the Pentair Pro-Vac. And for the vacuum hose only Smooth-Bor hoses. The SweepEase brushes are the best in my opinion and I use those exclusively on my route.

As far as test kits I use a Basic 5-way test kit, the Taylor K-2005, Taylor K-2006 and the ColorQ Pro7. I will cover test kits in a separate Podcast and article. Suffice to say that a good test kit is a must.

If you service pools and have a growing pool route I would look into getting some more advanced cleaning tools. For starters a pool service cart is an essential item. I prefer the T.Dula or Advantage Carts and with a service cart you can transport your pool hose, vacuum, chemicals and other essential equipment back to your service account with ease.

Pool Service Cart by T.Dula Specialties:

If you work in an area where you get a lot of leaves and debris on the pool bottom then investing in a Vacuum System would be a good idea. I prefer the Power Vac or Riptide models and I have used both on my pool route. They are an excellent way to clean up a pool rapidly and a tremendous time saver. A must have in my opinion.

Riptide playlist

Power Vac playlist

One excellent tool I have started using is a Portable Filtration System. There are a couple of manufacturers of these but I prefer the Advantage Manufacturing brand. I have use two of their models and both are excellent, the Portavac and Mini Vac II. These are self contained units on a specially constructed dolly with a full size pump on the bottom and a cartridge filter on top. Simply plug them in and manually vacuum up a pool separate from the pool's filtration system.

Advantage Portable Filter playlist

That is a quick look at the equipment I use on my pool route. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them here.

Visit my Website:


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Jandy JXi Pool & Spa Heater

The JXi Pool and Spa Heater is the best new pool heater on the market today. This is the most energy efficient heater you can purchase with Jandy's patented VersaFlo Integrated Bypass technology which bypasses the water flow to the heater when it is not being used, increasing the return flow and thereby reduces your energy cost by up to 20%. It also has the best manual control panel of all the heaters I have come across on the market today.

The JXi is the complete package, a small 2 feet by 2 feet footprint, a top that can be rotated 180° degrees so you never need to rotate headers. Drop install for replacing a Pentair Master Temp or Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm heater without having to do major re-plumbing. And it is made right here in Vista California from the ground up (I took a tour of the JXi manufacturing facility in March of this year).
The high-efficiency, low-NOx JXi pool and spa heater is available in three BTU sizes, 200K, 260K, 399K, and is offered in both natural and propane gas models.

A pool heater is a great way to extend the swimming season and essential if you have a spa attached to your pool. There is nothing better than firing up the heater on a cold Winter night and sitting out in your spa watching the stars. So it is important to choose the right heater, one that is easy to use and will give you the fewest problems in the future. Jandy has excellent quality control and every JXi heater is checked at the factory for defects. You will get a quality product made in the USA.

Here are some of the great features of the JXi heater:
- Ultra-compact, 2'x2' footprint for small space requirements and maximum installation flexibility.
- Lightweight design, weighs less than 126 pounds, for easy maneuverability and transport.
- Retrofit option, no plumbing adjustments required for quick and easy replacement of Mastertemp® and Max-E-Therm® heaters.
84% thermal efficiency rating and low-NOx design surpasses strict DOE energy-efficiency requirements.
- VersaFlo Integrated Bypass technology for JXi available installed from the factory (select models) or as an easy retrofit to any JXi on site.
- Automatic actuation of flow bypass valve is based on call for heat and does not require human interaction.
- The flow bypass valve is integrated into the JXi's header, requiring no external plumbing modifications.
- The hydraulic savings of VersaFlo make it the perfect complement to Versa Plumb®, which reduces plumbing costs and maximizes energy efficiency in the smallest footprint available.
- Flexible Installation - 180° rotatable top so you never need to rotate headers.
- Versa Plumb-Ready - Installation in the Versa Plumb system reduces plumbing costs and increases energy efficiency, all using the smallest footprint available. Sweep elbow included in all JXi models.
- Easy Access - Electrical panel flips up for ease of service.
- Sidewall Ventilation - Provides versatility and ease of installation.
- High-Efficiency Gas Train and Heat Exchanger Design
- Copper fin heat exchanger tubes for efficient heat transfer
- Single stainless steel burner with robust design
- Blower-driven gas and air mix for reliable performance
- Hot surface ignitor for consistent start-ups
- User-Friendly Control - Digital interface for effortless temperature control and diagnostics with run-time and cycle meter.

If your looking to have a pool heater installed or want to upgrade your existing heater, I would definitely look at getting the Jandy JXi heater. I have it installed at my own residence and it is a quite, efficient and easy to work with.

To order or to learn more:

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief - Interview with Charles Baird of National Pool Route Sales

Hurricane Harvey left a wake of destruction in the Houston Texas area. In this Podcast I talk to Charles Baird of National Pool Route Sales on his personal effort to help with the Hurricane clean up. Charles Baird the Founder and CEO of National Pool Route Sales. This is a firm that specializes in selling pool routes to those who want to get into the pool service business. We discuss his two week stay in the area as well as talk about pool service companies faced with a clean up after a disaster.

To learn more about purchasing a pool route you can visit their websites directly:
To Learn more about the charity Charles worked with, All Hands Volunteers: National Pool Route Sales Charles Baird consulting

The one thing lot of us can't do, Charles did by donating 2 weeks of his time. He is at a place in his professional career where he can not only give money to a cause like Hurricane Harvey, but he can give his time too. Most of us couldn't and maybe wouldn't go down and spend two weeks cleaning up mold infested homes and trudging through bacteria infested water just to help those in need. When I heard about Charles Baird doing this I had to get him on my podcast. You can read more about his trip to Houston in this article also:

For those in the service industry who live and work in Hurricane territory the clean up after a storm can be very dramatic and have a large impact on your business if you are not prepared. There are some great clean up tools available to help clean up the pools and below is a list of videos on several of them. For a homeowner or relief organization you will find this products very useful in cleaning up after torrential rains, winds and flooding.

PORTAVAC: Portable Filtration System by Advantage Manufacturing - Overview:
PORTAVAC Portable Filtration System - Set Up and Use Video:
Pool Vacuum Systems & Portable Filtration Systems:
Mini Vac II Portable Pool Vacuum System by Advantage Manufacturing:
Riptide SL Pool Vacuum System Review & Overview:
Power Vac Large Service Cart for PV2100, PV220 & PV2500 Vacuum:

Here is a little about National Pool Route Sales:

National Pool Route Sale's customers are supported by ongoing marketing and management consulting. This free consulting is available to our clients via telephone, e-mail or through our website. We answer questions and assist customers with the best practices for maximizing growth and profitability. This is accomplished through the Charles Baird Consulting program. We take pride in providing professional and enthusiastic support.
A few words about us
Charles Baird is the Founder for National Pool Route Sales, LLC. (NPRS), a brokerage for pool service and repair companies. Mr. Baird has sold and consulted for more than 15,000 pool service companies over the past 40 years. He is the author of The Millionaire Pool Man Program which includes: The Millionaire Pool Man Management Guide and The Millionaire Pool Man Marketing Guide, both are considered the premier business tools for an individual entering the pool service and repair industry. Mr. Baird is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in multiple states.
CA Broker, Roy Moss, Licensed Real Estate Broker 01488246
FL Broker, Russell Bieber, Licensed Real Estate Broker 3377575

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to Add D.E. to a QUAD D.E.® Cartridge Style Filter

Adding D.E. Or Diatomaceous Earth to the Pentair Quad D.E. Filter is a pretty straight forward task. But if you strictly follow the manual which is basically a cut and paste job from the Pentair FNS Plus filter, I think you will be adding too much D.E.. So I go over how much D.E. I add to the Quad D.E. Filters on my pool route.

I have a few Quad D.E. Filters on my pool route and I add less D.E. than the manual calls for. Since the inception of the Quad D.E. Filter I haven't had any issues with them and I think a lot of problems will stem from overloading them with D.E.. The Quad D.E. Filter has cartridge type “grids” inside. This means that the overall design of the filter is more like that of a cartridge filter. The cartridges are pretty similar in size to your standard cartridge filter but the Quad D.E. Filter cartridges are made out of a more similar material to the standard vertical D.E. grids. They are more cloth like then paper like.

I should explain why I use less D.E. in the filters on my route. First, my supplier was the first to test these filters when they first came out. He suggested that they need less D.E. than the manual called for. The Pentair Rep at the time also insisted because of the design the Quad D.E. needed less D.E. to run effectively. And last, evidence from years of charging the Quad D.E. Filter with less D.E. And the clarity of the pool water. Also the cartridges seem to last much longer when less D.E. is used.

For measurement purposes I am using the Aladdin 300 DE E-Z Scoop which is equivalent to a 1 lbs. Coffee can. Each scoop filled to the top is ½ lbs. of D.E.. This is because the dry weight of D.E. makes it lighter, so it takes 2 scoops of the Aladdin DE E-Z Scoop to equal 1 lbs. of D.E.. Confusing I know, but it is a fact that has been verified by the D.E. Manufacturer.

Here is a link for the Aladdin DE Scoop:

So Pentair calls for 6 lbs of D.E. for a 60 sq ft Quad D.E. filter which would be 12 scoops of D.E. from the Aladdin E-Z Scoop. I go 1 or 2 lbs. lighter so I only add 8-10 scoops. It is not a dramatic difference but from my experience going lighter makes these filters run much better. An 80 lbs. Filter requires 8 lbs. or 16 scoops and a 100 lbs. Filter needs 10 lbs. or 20 scoops. These are the manufacturer recommendations and you can add these amounts, but like I said, going lighter is much better.

I like to add the D.E. to a bucket and then mix it pour it into the skimmer while the pool is running. You can add it directly scoop by scoop to the skimmer, but I find the Quad D.E. does better if the D.E. is mixed in a bucket first. It seems to coat the cartridges better this way. If you decide to backwash your Quad D.E. filter you can recharge the D.E. with 1 or 2 lbs of fresh D.E.. I don't like backwashing these filters for two reasons. One is that it is pretty easy to take the lid off and just clean them off. And second, backwashing will shorten the life of the cartridges. The replacement cartridges are not inexpensive so the longer they last the better.

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