Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Water Tech Pool Blaster Battery Powered Vacuums

Battery operated pool cleaners - you can't be serious?

Here ares some comments from the internet's most popular and most honest swimming pool forum - Troublefreepools.com:

"Have had my PB Max for a couple years now and LOVE it!"

"I have the Pool Blaster Max (the blue one). Love it. Got it through ebay and Amazon (had one for a few years and the battery went...bought a second one as soon as it went!) for a pretty good deal."

"I have the rechargable Max. Use it more than my Pool Rover Jr. if there's no sticks twigs or such in the pool. And if so, I usually just dip that stuff out before firing up the Max. I use it a LOT in between times I actually really, really HAVE to vacuum. Get the little inside silt/liner bags to go with it too. It really helps capture some finer stuff. Highly recommended by me."

I picked these comments because if you know the pool forums they can be brutal. And these comments also verify my testing of the Pool Blaster line.

Water Tech:

The company behind the Pool Blaster cleaners has been doing this for a long time now. You can visit their website: Watertechcorp.com  and read about them for yourself. They have been making the Pool Blaster since 2001 and are constantly improving their product line. They offer a one year warranty on the Pool Blaster Line and stand behind their product.  I've called their tech support on three occasions just to check and each time the person was knowledgeable and friendly. Always a bonus to be dealing with a good solid company in case there ever is a problem.

Pool Blaster Product Line:

The Pool Blaster line is a unique type of pool vacuum. They use no hoses, no cords and are battery powered. Some are rechargeable and others use regular batteries. They are very convenient and handy and will help keep your pool or spa looking great every week.

In this article I will go over a few of Water Tech's more popular Pool Blaster models and you can see which model might be right for your pool or spa needs.

Pool Blaster MAX & MAX CG:

The MAX is Water Tech's flagship cleaner. It is an all around great cleaner. It has a large debris area, plenty of power and has a low enough profile to vacuum well in 1 ft of water. The MAX has a power rating of 300 and the MAX CG has a rating of 400. You can really feel the suction, just drop it in the water and stick your finger in the mouth. It will pull your finger in - it is that strong. On a single charge it will vacuum for about one hour - In my testing I got a good solid 40 minutes out of mine. I use it everyday on my pool route and it is working very well. If you are vacuuming very fine dirt or algae dust you might need a microfilter bag insert. So far I have had no problems with my units and they do come with a one year warranty in case of mechanical defects. An all around great vacuum.

Pool Blaster AQUA BROOM:

I use the AQUA BROOM a lot on my pool route. It is great for detached and attached spas and water features. I like the fact that it is compact and I can carry with me and drop it in a spa whenever it is needed. It clips right on to my pool pole so it is easy to use. The suction in pretty amazing - it makes the Spa Wand I used look like a joke. In a matter of 30 seconds a small spa will be spotless. If you have a fiberglass spa or even an attached spa that gets pretty dirty then the AQUA BROOM would be an excellent choice. Watch the video to learn more about this great tool.  It runs off of "D" batteries.

Pool Blaster Battery Powered Leaf Vac:

This is by far the best thing I have used in a long time. I have a standard Leaf Vac that is sitting in my garage. For one it is a pain to drag back since I usually will need to take my 50 ft garden hose also. In the pool I am fighting with the garden hose as I drag it across the pool bottom. 

But this Battery Powered Leaf Vac is great. It runs off of  8 "AA" Batteries and is so simple to use that I am using it like crazy. There is no garden hose to drag around, it is light weight and compact and it picks up leaves and debris very well. I can Leaf Vac a good size pool in about 10 minutes. It would take me about half that long to set-up the standard Leaf Vac. Just an all around great and handy tool. It has good power and is easy to steer around the pool, a must have if your pool has lots of leaves each week or if your pool route has some "Stinkers" on it.

Pool Blaster PRO 1500: 

This last one is for the pool professional or a homeowner who needs an external vacuum separate from his filtration system. There are many things that I like about the Pro 1500. I haven't used my regular vacuum hose attached to a skimmer since I started using the Pro 1500. Here are some of the good points:

*Light and easy to carry back to the customer's pool.
*The pool filter stays clean as the dirt and debris is trapped in the bag in side the Pro 1500.
*Battery last for the complete day and the unit comes with two batteries rated to last a total of 3 hrs.
*It comes with three different debris bags and you can vacuum up dirt and algae no problem. 
*The suction is actually very good. It picks up good size debris no problem.

In most cases it is faster than using a regular vacuum attached to the skimmer. You do need to go slower depending on how much dirt and debris is in the pool. And in some cases you will need to stop and empty the debris back and hose it off. Really not a big deal. I will usually vacuum a large pool half way, remove the Pro 1500, empty and clean the bag and drop it back in. Maybe 1 minute and 30 seconds. It is still better than dragging and hooking up the pool hoses and removing the pool hose. It does a really excellent job of vacuuming a pool. 

Is a Pool Blaster Vacuum right for you?

I think the Pool Blaster line enhances and makes cleaning your pool or spa quick and easy. They have a cleaner for just about any pool and spa need. They work great. They are durable and well engineered and are backed by Water Tech's one year warranty. You can't go wrong. To learn more and to see the other videos I filmed on the Pool Blaster line: http://www.swimmingpoollearning.com/#!water-tech-pool-blaster/c82g