Thursday, February 25, 2016

Zodiac "MX6 Elite" - Adding the Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit to Your MX6

The Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit was designed specifically for the MX8 cleaner but I figured it would work on the Zodiac MX6 and I was correct. This video shows you how to make your MX6 and "MX6 Elite."

The NEW MX8 Elite has these great scrubbing brushes added to the turbines so when the cleaner is moving the brushes scrub dirt and algae off of the pool surface. It is quite an ingenious and revolutionary idea.

There are no plans for an actual "MX6 Elite" and this video is all my idea. Zodiac created the Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit just for  the MX8. The Retrofit kit comes with two turbines so you will have one extra to keep or give to a friend.

I figured since the same turbine is used for both the MX8 and MX6 that the kit would work. The bottom of the cleaners are different, but the clearance is very similar. The Cyclonic Scubbing Kit fits the MX6 nicely and works very well on the MX6.

So if you have an MX6 and feel like the neglected step-child, here is a bit of good news for you. Now you too can have your mini version of the MX8 Elite.

I really like the MX6 cleaner and prefer it in smaller pools. It has less parts overall which means maintenance will be easier and the compact size is perfect for you small to medium size pool.

Just a thought for you, if you don't own either the MX8 or MX6 and you have a small to medium size pool, you can purchase the MX6 and the Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit as an affordable option to the NEW MX8 Elite. So this is just another option for you and a way to invest in a great cleaner design at a reasonable price.

The MX8 Elite is a great cleaner so if you can afford to go all out with a new cleaner you will be happy with purchasing the MX8 Elite. To learn more about the MX8 Elite see this video:

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit - Retrofit Kit for your Zodiac MX8

This is the Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit which is a retrofit kit to add two Cyclonic Scrubbing Turbine Assemblies with Brushes to your Zodiac MX8 cleaner. This is a great upgrade and will give your MX8 the same scrubbing action as the MX8 Elite.

These scrubbing brushes come standard on the NEW Zodiac MX8 Elite which is a great cleaner, you can see that cleaner reviewed in this video:

I am so glad Zodiac has come out with this Retrofit kit so as to not punish the owners of the original MX8. So no worries, you won't have to buy the MX8 Elite if you already own an MX8. You just won't have the cool see-thru plastic on the edges.

The design of the MX8 cleaner is so unique with the spinning turbines that it took only a very smart engineer to decide that adding brushes would be a great idea. These brushes are similar to those that you would find on a Robotic cleaner but the design of the MX8 allows for these brushes to spin and scrub off algae and dirt on the pool surface.

With an underwater camera you can actually hear the brushes rubbing the pool surface and see the dirt and algae lift right off. This will give your MX8 a new lease on life and take the cleaner to the next level.

The Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit is nothing fancy, just two new Turbines with the brushes attached. It takes about 2 minutes to do and all you need is a screwdriver. Very simple and easy. Any one with slight mechanical skills can do it. Watch the video below for detailed instructions.

So if you own an old MX8 cleaner pick up this kit today.

If you own the MX6 you can still add the Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit to that video. The MX6 uses the same turbine and has a similar clearance on the bottom so the kit fits that cleaner well. To learn more you can watch this video: 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Zodiac® MX8™ Elite

This is the NEW Zodiac MX8 Elite Automatic suction Side Cleaner. The MX8 Elite is the first suction side cleaner to come equipped with brushes to scrub and clean the pool surface. The Zodiac MX8 Elite sets the standard for elite suction side pool cleaners.

What this cleaner does is quite revolutionary. Based on the Zodiac MX8 design which uses rotating scrubbers, but before this version the scrubbers did not actually touch the pool surface until the Elite version added brushes to the bottom of the scrubbers. So now as the scrubbers spin, the brushes lift off caked on dirt and algae. You can actually hear them scrubbing the surface with a microphone in the water (I used my waterproof camera mic to pick up the sounds).

The scrubbing action will put this cleaner a the top of the list in choices for your pool. It picks up large debris, leaves and dirt very well. This is almost a flawless cleaner in every respect. It does have trouble with long stringy leaf debris as that can jam the turbine. But most pools do not have this type of debris in it so that should not be an issue. And with the easy open top it really is not a game breaker, simply snap open the top and remove any debris that may be jamming the cleaner.

The wall climbing ability of the MX8 is unsurpassed by any cleaner on the market. The MX8 is saying, "walls, what walls?" It scales the walls as if it were just strolling along on the bottom of the pool. Now with the brushes it not only climbs the walls but scrubs them for you. So your pool will get full coverage from top to bottom.

It also has a very wide cleaning area so as it is moving on the pool it is cleaning very efficiently. For a large pool that is a definite bonus, it can wipe out a small pool very quickly too.

I wasn't a fan of the locking hoses at first but after a few years now I see that this hose type is very durable and long lasting. The MX8 elite comes with 12 hoses or 39 feet of hose, so plenty for a large pool. The hoses are very durable and long lasting too so you won't need to worry about them at all.

The parts on this cleaner do wear out like any other cleaner, but they are easy to change and are not expensive. This cleaner is constantly moving and turning so it does wear out the gears so expect to be changing parts every year or two. Not a huge game breaker considering how well this cleaner works overall.

So the MX8 Elite is loaded with great features. From the Cyclonic Scrubbing to the extreme wall climbing, this would be a solid choice for your pool. I would recommend it.

I dropped the MX8 Elite in a pool with a lot of algea on the bottom and sides to see if the Cyclonic Scrubbing Action worked as advertised. It did amazingly well in the test pool. It took the algae right off the walls before my eyes. Here is a short video of it working in that pool:

If you have an older MX8 they sell a retrofit kit also called the Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit which comes with two new turbines with the brushes attached. You can see how to add this to your existing MX8 cleaner from this video:

If you have an MX6 I also made a video on how to add the Cyclonic Scubbing Kit to the MX6 cleaner turning it in to a mini MX8 Elite. You can learn more by watching this video:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Pool Service Cart by T.Dula Specialties

This is the pool service cart by T.Dula Specialties. If you are a pool service professional a service cart is must have. A service cart will save you time and effort which translates into an easier day. Having a service cart eliminates carrying heavy loads back and forth to your service accounts and also will save you trips back to your truck for an item.

I have been using a T.Dula Service Cart since I started in the business way back in 1988. My cart was so worn out  (they eventually do wear out over several years) that I just dropped it off at my local Superior and let the guys there have it.

So I am very familiar with the durability and quality of this Service Cart.

If you mount it correctly as shown in the video, you will never need to lift it on or off the hitch which makes life all the more easier. I don't know how guys get through their day without one. The Service Cart can hold so many things that it will be a rare occasion to have to go back to your truck for something.

You can also customize the cart by adding a bottle rack and a trash can type holder to it. If you live in Orange County T.Dula specialties will add these for you or a local welder can also customize the cart for you. It comes standard with a holder for a 5-way test kit, but you can also special order one that will hold a Taylor test kit.

The rugged wheels will allow you to take this cart anywhere on your route. It is also skinny enough to fit through most backyard gates.

You can get it in coated steel or stainless steel and they can also make a custom color for you if you like.

In this video I also go over the parts you will need to mount the Service Cart to your truck. It is pretty easy to do, the only part you will have to find or have made for you is a custom Shank for the Dula II Hitch. The Dula II Hitch needs to be installed with the bottom of the hitch about 16 inches from the ground. This will allow you to easily slide the cart off and on without lifting it. Since every truck brand varies in height for the receiver a custom Shank must be made for you. T.Dula does carry Shanks and if you live in the Orange County area of California they can make one for you. But a local welder or muffler shop should be able to make one for you. So the three things you will need is a Class III 2" receiver mounted to the bottom of your truck, a custom drop shank and the Dula II Hitch. That is it, Pretty simple.

So if you don't yet have a Service Cart, look into getting one of these from T.Dula Specialties. You can order one at your local Superior or SCP Distributor.

To learn more you can contact them also on their website:

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pool Cover Pump #92395 by Superior Pump

This is the Pool Cover Pump by Superior Pump. The Pool Cover Pump #92395 is a great way to pump the water off of your swimming pool cover after a rainstorm or after snow on top melts. It pumps 2100 gallons per hour and will drain down your pool cover in no time.

This pool cover pump is extremely well balanced and sits firmly in place on the pool cover. Although it looks large and bulky it is actually quite light and the extra large handle makes grabbing it very easy, and there are two more handles along the pump bottom.

It is backed by a 5 year warranty which is an extremely long warranty for any product. So along with a quality product you are buying peace of mind.

It comes with 25 ft of cord which is plenty of cord for any pool cover. It is made of Thermoplastic which keeps it lightweight and at the same time durable.

The design of the pump with the wider bottom not only keeps it balanced, but allows for a large screen on the bottom to pull in water rapidly and avoid getting clogged with large debris. A smaller pump with a small intake often will get clogged with debris. The screen on this cover pump is spread out allowing it to work without getting clogged.

It comes with a 1" discharge with a 3/4" adapter to connect a standard garden hose. The nice thing about the pump is that it works in as little as 1-1/2" of water. It also has an internal automatic vertical float switch so it will turn itself off when the cover is drained.

If you have a pool cover then you may want to consider this cover pump by Superior Pump. It is a new product so it is currently available online at this store:

More stores will soon carry it.

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To learn more about Superior Pump visit my website:!superior-pump-sump-pumps/s5rqt

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Draining Down Your Swimming Pool After Heavy Rain

You might need to drain water off after heavy rains to prevent the water from spilling out of the pool. Or you might need to do a partial or complete drain of the pool if your Cyanaric Acid level (CYA), Calcium Hardness or TDS numbers are high. Along with a Sump Pump I show various other methods you can use.

The first method is very effective but it requires having a hose bib or spigot installed into the pool plumbing. If you are having your pool built I suggest having one plumbed in. You can plumb one in after the pool is built but that takes some effort. If you have the hose bib, simply connect a garden hose and then turn on the pump and the pool will drain down as it is running. Very easy to use.

A submersible pump is also a great way to drain water out of your pool. These are self contained pumps that you drop into the pool. Simply attach a garden hose or pool hose to the pump and plug it in. Depending on the HP of the pump depends on how fast it will drain water out of your pool. If you are going for a partial drain or full drain down, a Sump Pump is the way to go. The other methods I show usually will require you to stop draining the water when the level drops below the pool skimmer  since it uses the pool equipment to operate. A Sump Pump or Utility Pump are not limited by this and thus you can drain all the water out of your pool with one of these.

If you have a Sand Filter or D.E. filter with what is known as a Multi-Port Valve, you can use the "Waste" setting on the valve to bypass the filter and drain water out of the pool. Again, in many cases once the level drops below the skimmer you will need to stop. But this is very effective in draining out rainwater from the pool. If you have standard D.E. filter with a rotor backwash valve or a push/pull type, it is unwise to use this to drain the pool down. Any backwashing longer than a couple of minutes can damage the grids inside the filter. So only use the backwash feature to backwash the filter and not to drain water out. If you have a cartridge filter, there is no valve to drain water out at all.

The last thing I show is an in pool drain system. This is installed when the pool is constructed and will keep your water level steady for you. It is great to add to your pool when you are having it constructed if you live in an area where you get a lot of rainfall. Just be sure to keep it free of leaves as they tend to get clogged.

If you are balancing your pool and find the CYA level over 100 ppm you can do a partial drain of the pool with a Sump Pump, depending on your pool size anywhere from 2 feet to 4 feet of water will do the trick. If your Calcium Hardness or Total Dissolved Solids level (TDS) is really high, a complete drain with a Sump Pump and refilling with fresh water is the only way to fix this. So having a Sump Pump or Utility Pump is something most pool owners should invest in. They are relatively inexpensive and will last a very long time. To learn more on Sump Pumps you can visit my website:!superior-pump-sump-pumps/s5rqt