Monday, November 12, 2018

Prevent Your Pump From Getting clogged up with the NEW Hole in One Basket!

I am proud to announce my first pool product! The Hole in One Basket! It took about 3 years to bring it to the market, but I think you will see the need for the product and really appreciate how well it works.

To order:

The Hole in One Basket: Keeping the Flow with the Hole in One Basket!
The Hole in One Basket solves the problem of your pump basket clogging up with debris when you attach a Suction Side Automatic Cleaner at your skimmer. The idea is simple. The hole in the bottom allows the cleaner hose to slide through the basket and connect to the skimmer line. All surface debris is trapped in the Hole in One Basket just like a standard skimmer basket. A simple solution to a big problem. Keep the flow.

You would use the same skimmer adapter or regulator that came with your cleaner. So, installation of the Hole in One Basket is easy. No complicated adjustments to get the right fit. No Vacuum Plates to adjust or install. Just line it up so that the hole is over the automatic cleaner’s skimmer adapter and put the lead cleaner hose through the hole.
The Hole in One Basket is designed to work in an in-ground swimming pool where you have a Suction side Automatic Cleaner connected at the skimmer.

The Hole in One Basket will:
Prevent Debris from clogging up your pool’s pump basket and filter
Will prevent debris from clogging up your Automatic Cleaner Skimmer Adapter
Will keep for pool water flowing at the correct rate all week long
Will prevent equipment damage caused by a clogged pump

How it works:
The design is very simple yet effective. The basket has a hole in the bottom that is designed for a 1 1/2″ Automatic Cleaner hose to slide through allowing you to retain the function of a skimmer basket while connecting your cleaner at the pool skimmer. Without the Hole in One Basket debris will flow freely into the pump basket since you need to remove your existing skimmer basket to connect the cleaner to the suction hole at the bottom of the skimmer. You can’t connect your cleaner without completely removing the skimmer basket.
So, you would connect your Suction Side Cleaner with the included skimmer adapter as usual, but the Hole in One Basket will function as if your pool’s skimmer basket is still in the skimmer.

Turn off the pool pump.
Insert your cleaner’s skimmer adapter as per the cleaner’s instructions.
Place the Hole in One Basket with the hole in the basket over the skimmer adapter.
Feed the first cleaner hose through the skimmer over the weir gate.
Place the cleaner hose through the hole in the basket and connect it to the skimmer adapter.
Turn on the pool pump.
If there is too much suction going to the cleaner turn off the pump.
Remove the cleaner hose.
Remove the Hole in One Basket.
Adjust the cleaner’s skimmer adapter per the owner’s manual to reduce the cleaner suction and increase skimmer suction.
Install the Hole in One Basket and Cleaner Hose.
Turn on pump and check cleaner suction and speed again.
Use these same steps to increase cleaner suction if it is moving too slow.

The Hole in One Basket uses a simple design which allows you to run your suction side cleaner from your skimmer without worrying about your pump getting clogged with debris. It eliminates the need for complicated vacuum plates and Vac Mates. It is a simple solution for a complicated and annoying problem – how to connect a cleaner to your pool skimmer and have the pump run effectively without a skimmer basket trapping the surface debris.

The basket:
Constructed from very strong plastic with the hole custom molded in the bottom. The basket is designed to last for years and comes with a one year no questions asked warranty.

When you want to remove your cleaner and run your pool without it, you can simply store the Hole in One Basket with your cleaner and insert your pool’s original skimmer basket in its place.

Will it Fit?
The Hole in One Basket will fit most standard skimmers. There are some exceptions so if you are unsure please contact us for assistance.
Basket Dimensions:
Bottom width: 5.56 inches
Basket Depth: 5.20 inches
Top width: 8.20 inches
Hole will fit a standard 1 ½” hose through it.
Direct Replacement for these skimmer baskets:
Hayward SPX1070E, Sta-Rite 086500007, Pentair 85014600, Pentair 85014500, Pentair 516112, Waterway WW5423240 or any skimmer basket measuring 5 ¾” X 5 3/16” X 8 ½”

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Living Debt Free is the Way to Go!

My Pool Guy and Gal Coaching Site and being debt free are two thing that I am very proud of. The coaching site came about two years ago when I was thinking of a way to connect one to one with other pool professionals besides emailing and posting comments on YouTube. I saw a need in the industry that needed to be filled and being debt free allowed me the time and resources to pursue and create the coaching program.

Being financially independent frees me to create my content and work on my sites without the time constraints of a 9 to 5 job. I don’t have a mortgage debt, a credit card debt, a car loan or any other kind of financial burden that would take my focus from the job of creating my content. Outside of my weekly pool route this allows me to have the time and resources that I need to host something like my coaching program. I get many text messages and phone calls each day and I am available to help those in the program in real time with their questions and problems.

We took our journey to become debt free over 10 years ago and we used the plan set up by Dave Ramsey. His method is so simple and straight forward and if you really work the program you can pay off all your debts. Being debt free is the best way to live. You are not beholden to any bank or financial institution. I had my moment of clarity one morning as I was getting ready for work. Putting on my boots at 6 am I realized that all my hard work was going to the bank. My mortgage, car payment and credit cards were being paid for by my hard work. The fruits of my labor were that I was making the banks richer and richer.

Think about it for a minute. Add up all the interest payments for your home, car, credit cards and student loans. If you were like me the amount was surprisingly staggering. If I remember correctly mine was close to $30,000 a year. So, I was essentially getting up everyday and going to work to pay the bank. I didn’t own my house. I didn’t own my car. The bank owed them, and I was paying the bank to lived in and use those things.  It was quite a turning point for us to realize that we didn’t own anything.  If we stopped paying the bank would come and take everything from us.
So, we got extremely focused and started to pay off everything as fast as possible. We started a written budget every month.  To jump start our attack on our debt we stopped taking vacations for the first 3 years. It was quite a battle and we had a lot of obstacles in front of us, but we did it! After almost 10 years of working the plan we finally finished, and we were debt free with 3 paid for houses.  So, I am telling you that it can be done. You just need to get started.

Back to the coaching program that evolved out of my other online sites. With the free time that I have and the work experience that I carry, I am able to spend my time helping others expand and improve their pool service business.  The rates for the program are extremely low, for $10 a month you can text me in real time and for $20 a month you call me in real time. I am able to keep the rates so low because of my financial situation. But I can’t work for free since the information and experience I am passing on has value.  You can learn more and sign up for my coaching program here:

Not only am I available to help you with your service business but I can also help you with the business end. Marketing, how to set up your invoicing and more, and if you need advice on your finances I am here to help.

Being debt free is the best way to live. Give it a shot. Try it for 6 months and if you don’t like it, you can stop and continue to work for the banks.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Riptide SL Revised Vacuum System

This is the new updated and revised version of the Riptide SL Pool Vacuum System. The Riptide vacuum uses a 30 lbs. thrust motor to spin a propeller on top and suck large debris into the debris bag on top. I have been using the Riptide SL on my pool route and for over 2 years now and it works exceptionally well.

The Riptide Vacuum System is an essential tool if you service pools that get destroyed by the winds, or if work in an area where the pools get a lot of large debris all season long. For the homeowner or service tech who doesn't want or need the SL cart, you can now order the Riptide Vacuum Head with just a Battery Box, the Riptide XP.

Riptide has recently revamped the power switch and plug on the SL Cart and the XP Battery Box. To say that the power switch and plug has been upgraded would be an understatement. The new design has been tested thousands of times making it the most reliable plug in the industry. I doubt if the switch or plug will wear out for years, it is that good. It literally takes both hands to plug the vacuum in, I feel like Dr. Frankenstein starting up the reactor every time I plug the vacuum in – “It’s alive!” You can rest assured that whenever you plug the vacuum in it will turn on and it will never get pulled out when vacuuming a pool.

The Riptide SL is a great vacuum system and the manufacturer is always looking for ways to make it better. The Riptide now comes standard with the Steering Knuckle. This makes the Riptide Vacuum much more maneuverable in a pool and it will allow you to easily turn and pivot the vacuum head while pushing it along the bottom or on the step area of a pool.  The Steering Knuckle takes the Riptide to the next level.

The SL Cart can hold up to a class 27 100 Ah battery which gives you about 6-8 hours of vacuuming time with the Riptide. I prefer a 55 Ah or a 35 Ah battery to make the cart a bit lighter. You will get less vacuuming time but the battery is easy to charge each day so it is not a major drawback to use a smaller battery.

The cart also features large rugged rubber wheels that are ideal for rough yards and step areas. This is a very light weight cart and even with the battery in the bottom, the wheels make it effortless to pull the cart over any terrain. It is also very well balanced and even pulling it up hills it is very steady. The handle on top is adjustable, so you can turn it at an angle for different heights, making it even easier to pull.  

I think a vacuum system is essential if you are servicing a full pool route. It will save you so much time in your pool route that it will pay for itself in just a year or two in time savings. With more time you can service more pools and a vacuum system like the Riptide will allow you to service pools that other companies would pass on. Those accounts with a lot of leaves each week on the bottom are no problem for the Riptide. I think purchasing equipment that will save you time and make your job easier is well worth the investment.

Riptide Videos:
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Riptide Battery Box: Riptide XP Optional Accessory or Stand Alone Purchase with Vacuum Head:
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Thursday, November 1, 2018

All About Swimming Pool Tips & How To YouTube Channel

I started my YouTube Channel back in March of 2012 basically to help people with their pool care needs. It has grown organically to 54,000 Subscribers and 30 million video views over the years. I have over 800 videos and this library is growing each year. If you haven’t subscribed to my Channel, subscribe today to receive more great content each week.

When I started in the business YouTube of course didn’t exist. It is a great resource for pool owners and pool pros. To have videos on how to care for a pool is really awesome and I hope you find my videos helpful. I spend a lot of time on YouTube myself whenever I have a problem with my computer or something around my house.  Most of the time I can find the solution which is great and also a great a money saver. So, I put a lot of time working on each video to make sure it is edited and contains the content that you need for your problem or question.

One of the resources that I have created along the way is my YouTube Video Index where I list all of my YouTube videos in alphabetical order so that you can easily find the video you are looking for.  With over 800 videos I am sure I have filmed what you are looking for, you just need an easy way to find it.

Here is the link to the video index:

So, my videos cover every subject in the pool industry from chemistry to equipment and product reviews. No one pays me to review their products and I don’t work for any manufacturer, so I try to keep my reviews as unbiased as possible. One thing that I also do is that if I get a product that doesn’t work as described I will not film it. I let the manufacturer know and they usually appreciate the feedback and make changes. I have also done beta testing for many manufacturers and with my testing they have really improved on their product.

I really like filming the how-to videos and I think I have the most extensive online library of filter cleaning videos, pump repair videos and automatic cleaner repair videos. I also have filmed many videos on programming your automated system and other pool devices. If you’re a pool owner I think you can learn everything about pool care from my videos. For the pool professional you can basically start your business by just watching my videos. It has been done many times from the feedback I have gotten.

Another great benefit of my YouTube Videos is the chance to ask me a question directly in the comment section. If you are leaving good clean decent feedback or ask a legitimate question I will answer you. I make it a point to answer every question that is posted by a viewer on YouTube. So, if you watch a video and need more help I am here to help you.

If you have any video ideas for me for future content feel free to post it here and I will be sure to film something for you. There are so many aspects of pool care that it can be overwhelming. But the basics still apply for each pool, keep the water balanced, keep the pool and filter clean and you will be fine all season long. I know that sounds easy and with the help of my videos it can be done.