Monday, January 1, 2018

UPair One Drone 4K Camera & 7" FVP Screen, GPS, 1/2 Mile (1,000 m) Range all for $350!

The UPair One 4K Drone by GTEN (G10) Drone is a very solid drone with an amazing price point. You can find the UPair One 4K drone with the build in 7” FPV screen for around $350.00 here in the US. It has the same range as the DJI Phantom 3 Standard but with a better camera and the monitor for about $150 less. Strictly speaking this is not a DJI Phantom Clone but a very solid and reliable drone with very similar design and features.

I wanted a good 4K drone for my personal use and the Upair One seemed to have the features I wanted for a price I felt comfortable with. The reviews of the 2.7K version were mixed but I did see some very good reviews for the 4K version. This is not the the UPair 4K Plus version which has a Follow Me Mode and Flight Route Planning. This version doesn't have those features but with the built in screen it eliminates the need to connect to an APP and use your phone to view the FPV footage. So there are two versions of the 4K Upair drone. The 4K version with the 7 inch monitir and the 4K plus versions. The 2.7K versions are also available but for a few dollars more I would suggest getting the 4K verison.

The UPair One drone has great power and is really stable to fly. It is a pretty heavy drone but once the motors start up this thing really takes to the air. It has a maximum speed of 31 MPH and this thing really moves once you push the throttle. It has a vertical velocity of 10 MPH and you can really feel the power of this drone while flying it around.

The range is also fantastic. It is rated to go about 1,000 meters (3,000 ft) or over ½ a mile. I've taken it to over 1,400 feet without any issues and in the mountains I have gotten it to about 800 ft up without any issues (there is no built in altitude restriction like the DJI Phantom). It is super stable in the air and with the Position Hold Mode engaged it hovers as if it is sitting on the ground. You can see from the video how stable it is while hovering in one position.

I think the build quality is very good. I have yet to crash the drone but it feels well made and sturdy. As far as the operating software it hasn't had any errors and it picks up at least 15 satellites in my area for each flight. It takes about 2 minutes for it to acquire the satellite signals in the city and less time out in an open field. The Return to Home toggle switch works flawlessly and it will land withing a couple of feet of where you launched from. It doesn't move backwards back to the launch location but rotates and comes back facing forward.

The Remote with the 7” screen is really top of the line. The screen displays a lot of useful information like distance, height, battery voltage, the drones direction (indicated with an arrow), a compass and the number of satellites that the drone is connected to. I have taken it over 1,000 ft away in the middle of my neighborhood and the signal was still very solid. You just have to play with the antennas to keep the screen clear, sometimes it will get static but most of the time it is pretty clear. The FPV monitor is rated to 800 meters. I took someones advice and moved all the antennas to the outside part of the drone to increase the range and reception.

I think the UPair One 4K drone is a very solid drone. I have flown it now for 2 weeks with at least one flight per day and so far it has preformed exceptionally well. It is very easy to fly, has plenty of power and comes with a great remote with a 7” FPV display built in. The price is much less than the DJI Phantom Standard 3 and you get a lot of bang for your buck. It is worth looking at if you are going for a more professional type drone.

To order it on

    4K UHD Video Recording and Camera.Perfect for shooting video or taking photos
    Intelligent 5400mA rechargeable battery is capable of flying up to 19 minutes
    Long distance: HD Live Video transmission distance up to 800m, controller up to 1000m away
    Outstanding control performance: Position Hold Mode, Headless Mode and Altitude Hold Mode switched easily. Three RTC methods: Auto One key Return to Home, Auto Low-voltage return to home, Auto Signal-lost return to home

    Total Weight: 1350g (3 lbs)
    Wheelbase: 355mm
    Max flying distance:1000m (3,280 ft) .62 miles
    Max video transmission distance(in open filed): 800m (2,624 ft)
    Max flight height: 1000m (3,280 ft)
    Propeller:9450,match DJI Phantom3 propellers
    Motor: 2212
    Flying duration Full-load( 1350g): approx.19mins
    Packing List: 1x UPair Quadcopter
    1x Remote controller+ FPV Monitor(Transmitter)
    1x Gimbal+ Camera
    1x Aircraft Battery
    1x Charger
    1x RC battery
    2x set Propellers
    1x User Manual
    1x Quick start guide Please prepare a Class 10 high speed 16G TF card by yourself.

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