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I am the creator of the #1 Swimming Pool Channel on YouTube with over 30 million video views and 55,000 subscribers. I also write the Poolman Dave Blog which has over 1 million page views and growing. I am the host of the popular Pool Guy Show Podcast. I am also the Founder of the group Swimming Pool Service Pro Association SPSPA & the lead Instructor of the Pool Guy Coaching site.

I am the creator of the Channel Swimming Pool Tips and How To. I have over 54,000 Subscribers and 30 Million Video views. With over 800 videos it is the ultimate source for all things swimming pool. I started my YouTube Channel in 2012 to help homeowners and pool service professionals learn the ins and outs of all things pool related. 


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The Program:
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At the $10 and $20 levels you will be able to receive Liability Insurance at a group rate of $53.10 per month. Employees are $35.10 per month (Silver Program). This is a 2/1 policy. 1 million per occurrence and 2 million total for the life of the policy. By being part of the group, you also get the $100 application fee waived and the annual renewal fee of $100 waived. Each Certificate of Insurance is $25.00. If you need a larger policy, you can get the Gold or Platinum Policy (1/3 and 2/4) and receive 10% off your monthly premiums each month. This policy is offered thru SPPA.

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I write Blog articles that matter. They are current and the information in these articles will save you money as well as helping you keep your pool sparkling every week. With over 1 Million page views it is one of the top Blogs in the Swimming Pool Sector.


I am the author of “Swimming Pool Care the Essential Guide” which comes in two formats. There is a 230 page eBook version with over 500 video links and a 170 Page print version with over 50 video links. Both books would be a great resource for your pool care needs.

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I am the host of the popular Pool Guy Podcast Show where every week I tackle a subject that you can relate to in the pool business or as a homeowner. On the Podcast, I unpack each subject in detail so that you can learn about pool care and business management in depth. The Podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

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Pool Guy & Gal Coaching: for .33 cents a Day get Real Time Help!

One thing lacking in the Pool & Spa Industry is the availability of on the job training. It is non-existent. So, to better the industry and provide a safety net for those who are starting out in the pool service business I created my online coaching group. The coaching program allows you to reach out to me in real time to answer your questions while you are in the field and to direct you as you bid for services and repairs. This is the next best thing to having me right out there with you.

About me:
I am a Pool Service Professional with over 20 years of practical experience. I currently maintain a pool route with about 80 accounts. I have extensive experience in water chemistry, automatic cleaners, pool filtration, pool equipment and automated systems. I am the creator of the #1 Swimming Pool YouTube Channel with over 55,000 Subscribers and 31 Million Video views. I am also the Author of the book, "Swimming Pool Care 'The Essential Guide' Pool Care Made Easy"
I created this group so that you can grow in knowledge as a pool professional and have the ability to get one-on-one help on the spot while you are out in the field. With over 150 Members and growing, we are here to help each other grow as a business and as a professional trade.  I am available to help you with every aspect of the pool service business. 
The Program:
For as little as .33 cents a day ($10 per month), you can have a personal coach in your back pocket. I can answer your questions while you are out in the field in real time and help you with many aspects of your pool business. If you are just starting out this is a perfect way to avoid costly mistakes and at the same time to get your questions answered on the spot. If you’re thinking of getting into the pool business join now and I can help you get set up. 

At the $10 and $20 levels you will be able to receive Liability Insurance at a group rate of $53.10 per month. Employees are $35.10 per month (Silver Program). This is a 2/1 policy. 1 million per occurrence and 2 million total for the life of the policy. By being part of the group, you also get the $100 application fee waived and the annual renewal fee of $100 waived. Each Certificate of Insurance is $25.00. If you need a larger policy, you can get the Gold or Platinum Policy (1/3 and 2/4) and receive 10% off your monthly premiums each month. This policy is offered thru SPPA. 

Also get a free listing on my website for your pool service business. My website generates leads for many service companies listed there and I will create a FREE link for you to send customers directly to your website.

At the $10 and $20 level you are invited to join the #GroupMe text thread. There are over 100 pool guys texting each other each day with questions about pool chemistry, equipment, business practices and more.

I can also help you set up a marketing plan for your business with my consultations thru Patreon.

Receive a FREE copy of my NEW eBook "Swimming Pool Care The Essential Guide." This eBook contains over 500 video links and 200 pages of helpful articles covering everything you need to know about pool care.

For $10.00 a month receive the above benefits plus the ability to text message me for real time answers to your problems. This level is geared towards pool service professionals and some homeowners who may feel they need this type of assistance.  Space is LIMITED.

 For $20 a month get all of the above benefits plus the ability to call me for phone consultations. This is an excellent way for those starting in the business to get hands on tips as well as business management and consultation help from me. I have over 20 years of experience and can coach you thru various problems that you will encounter. This includes all aspects of the business from pricing, billing, expanding your service and website design.  Possible Face Time or Google Hang Out video calls. SPACE IS LIMITED.

You can also get 10% off of the NEW Riptide Vacuum System once you join me on Patreon.

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Riptide SL Transport Rack Overview

The Riptide Transport Rack is a work of some very fine engineering. It is probably the best Vacuum System Transport Rack on the market today. Not only is the Riptide Transport Rack secure and durable but it is very easy to install and use.

The Riptide SL comes standard with the Transport Rack and this is all you will need to connect the Riptide SL cart to the back of your truck or van. You can adjust the height of the Transport Rack very easily when you mount it. So, if your truck rides very low you can raise it up higher off the ground so that the cart will clear dips and shallow customer driveways. If you need to raise the cart up beyond the adjustable height of the Hitch Riser you can order the Curt Manufacturing 45794 Trailer Hitch which extends the height by four more inches.
You can learn more and order that here:

The Transport Rack is also shipped with an Anti-Wobble Bracket which helps to keep the cart stable as you are driving. This part is a great addition and it will make your Riptide cart extremely stable in every driving condition. I like these little added touches that Riptide includes with their products.

I also like the fact that you can easily secure your Riptide SL cart with a padlock at the top to prevent theft. There is a dedicated slot for a padlock giving you added piece of mind while you are working or when you park your vehicle for the night. The padlock will also act like a safety pin keeping the cart from accidentally coming unhitched during transport if the locking mechanism were to ever fail (which is highly unlikely).
The ease of use is the biggest thing I like about the Riptide Transport Rack. Simply use the orange release handle to get the cart off and on the Transport Rack. It is so easy to get the cart on and off that you will love using the Riptide at all of your service accounts.
Here is more about the Riptide Vacuum System itself:

Which Riptide Vacuum should I choose? We offer 2 models the Riptide SL and the Riptide XP. All utilize the same industry leading 24" vacuum head. The Riptide SL is our most popular vacuum. It is small and light and ultra-portable and is a breeze to pull the cart through grass, gravel, dirt and sand. The SL includes a hitch mount to transport on the back of your truck or trailer. The Riptide XP is an ultra-portable pool vacuum. There is no cart, simply grab the head and the battery box and vacuum head and carry to the pool. This is perfect for routes with hard to access pools, however this same battery box can also be used with the Riptide SL allowing you to leave the cart on the truck if you only have a few of these pools on your route.”

To learn more about the Riptide Vacuum System:

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Tips on Making your Pool Service Website

Although I don’t consider my self an expert in website building, I have built several business websites over the years and have learned what works and what doesn’t. I have also reviewed over 100 different pool service websites and I have gathered the most effective points that I think will make your website stand out.

If you don’t feel comfortable or tech savvy enough to design your own website, I have partnered with a local web designer who specializes in business websites. For about the same cost as and you can have a site professional designed and hosted for your business. I think the best two sites to build your website with are and and I have used both to build websites. They are fairly easy to use, and the prices are decent.

You can learn more about the website builder at his site Clear Pool Products:
Here are the costs to have a website professionally built.
First year fees:
$150 for design and development. 
$200 for annual hosting. 
A total of $350 for your first year.

Each Additional Year:
$200 per year, includes hosting and domain renewal.

I consider the following things listed here as the most basic things you need for your website and your Homepage which will get the most of the page views on your site (80% of users don’t go past a websites Homepage).

Logo – have a business logo designed for yourself or use a logo building website online. is probably a great place to have a simple logo designed. The logo will distinguish your service from a competitor.

Business Name – I have reviewed several sites that think the domain name is enough and the business name is not clearly displayed in the home screen banner. Make sure your business name appears clearly on the top.

Your Name & Phone Number- I think posting at least your first name next to your phone number allows the customer to more easily reach out to you. When I call someone, I like to know their name as it simply makes the initial conversation more personal. If you have a cell phone that has an area code outside of your service area, think about getting a Google Number with an area code for your service area. Most people will not call a number outside of their area code.

E-mail Address - The contact box on a website is great but adding your e-mail address right under your phone number is very effective. I like to e-mail directly and don’t like the contact box.

Service Area – There are so many websites that I have reviewed where the service area is not clearly noted on the Homepage or anywhere on the site. This is very critical and often left off. Clearly list your service area and post a Google Map Page highlighting your service area.

You should also have at least two more webpages, one an About Us page and the other a page where you list your service prices. No one know who you are so an About Us page is a great way to introduce the customer to you and your company. List why you got into the pool business along with some other notable facts that you think the customer should know about you and your business.

A pricing page is very important. When I go to a site, I like to see the price of services clearly listed. You wouldn’t shop for long on Amazon or Best Buy if they didn’t list the prices of the products. The same goes for your pool service. The prices can be average rates with a note indicating prices will vary depending on pool size, number of service days and other factors. But a good average price listing for services and repairs is very important.

So why build a website at all? A website makes your business more legitimate and most customers expect you to have one. When you hand out a business card it is easier to say, “Go to my website for more information.” Rather than, “Call me if you have any questions.”
Also, for a banner on your truck it is easier for most people to look up the website rather than call you. If you decide to advertise online with Google Ads you will need a website and a lot of services will list your website for free. Without a website you can’t do any of this.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Auto-Fill Failure: Constant High Water Level - How to Fix with the Float Tec Float Valve

If you notice that your pool’s water level is constantly high, and you have on In-Deck Auto-Fill, chances are the float valve inside has failed. Over time the plastic will wear out and it will develop a slight hole in it. The extra weight makes it constantly float low in the basin, just like what happens in the back of your toilet at home when the plastic float fails. The good news is that it is an easy repair and one you can do in less than five minutes.

I am featuring the Float Tec Float Valve Control here in this video because of the great design of this product. You can learn more and purchase it on their website here:

Here is more about the Float Tec Float Valve from their website:

“Why Float Tec ?

Save Money
Decrease the number of tile cleanings and the amount of times you refill your pool by accumulating multiple hard water lines before cleaning.

Avoid replacing damaged tile due to heavy calcium build up in one spot.
Bypass the need to replace cut-rate float valves.

Save Water
Reduce the amount of times you drain your pool by decreasing tile cleanings.

Save time
No tools needed.
One hand operation.
Accurate water level the first time with easy adjustment and over size float.”

The main thing when you are replacing the float is to turn the water off to the auto-fill. You may have trouble finding the valve that shuts off the water to the auto-fill but most of the time it is directly behind the auto-fill or in the equipment area. If you can’t locate the valve you may need to turn off the main to the house from the street. A special tool is required in some areas so make sure you have the right tool to turn off the main to the house. In newer homes the main should have a shut off at the front hose spigot or sometimes in the garage. You cannot change it unless you turn the water off so NEVER remove the old broken one unless the water is off, or you will have a continuous water flow out of the auto-fill.

The float is just threaded in and should be hand tight. Simply turn it counter-clockwise to unscrew it and remove it. Note that there are two sizes of these float valves, one 3/8” and one ½” so make sure before you start you have the right size replacement float. Currently Float Tec only makes the 3/8” version but you can contact them for a ½” reducer adapter for your particular auto-fill if needed.

Once you replace the float you may have to wait a week or two before adjusting the float as the water level may be very high in the pool at the time of replacement. The really nice thing about the Float Tec valve is the adjustment knob which sits right on top which you can easily turn to adjust the water level. This allows you to fine tune the water level in your pool and to date this is the best replacement float on the market.

If you notice your pool’s water level is very high and you have an In-Deck Auto-Fill, replacing the float will solve the issue in most cases. There is one exception and that is if the water pressure to your house is out of balance and it is extremely high. This can sometimes activate the float valve mechanism and it will add water all day long as the high-water pressure forces open the valve. A plumber can check your home’s Water Pressure Reducing Valve and replace it if needed.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Some Tips for Manually Vacuuming Your Swimming Pool

Manually vacuuming your swimming pool and spa with a manual vacuum head and pool hose sounds like something that is very simple and easy to do. Simply attach the vacuum head and hose and you are good. But it can be a little more complex than that. I will be going over some do’s and don’ts in this article for you so that you can avoid making some typical mistakes.

Let me lay out some of the most critical don’ts so that you won’t damage you pool or equipment. When you submerge the vacuum head and pool hose make sure all the air is out of the hose. This can be achieved by using a hand over hand motion and pushing the hose down into the water.  You want to connect the hose to the skimmer suction line without any air in the hose. Air can cause the pump to lose prime and if you let it run for several minutes without water in the pump basket area known also as the wet end, this could cause air leaks to develop in the system. Air leaks then lead to water leaks and a loss of pool suction.  Making sure there is no air in the pool hose when you connect the vacuum is essential and while you are vacuuming try not to lift the vacuum head out of the water when you are moving around obstacles or getting around the vacuum hose. When you lift it up out of the water it will suck large amounts of air in causing the pump to lose prime.

The next thing you never want to do is place the vacuum head directly over a main drain cover. What could happen is that the suction from the pump along with the vacuum head attached to the top of the drain cover could cause it to get stuck on top of it. If you try to pull it off the drain cover, you could crack the plastic around the screwed down area and inadvertently break the cover off. This will turn into a very expensive repair so if you accidentally set the vacuum head on top of the main drain cover, do not try to pull it up and off. Instead turn off the pump and then move the vacuum head off the main drain.

Using a cheap hose and vacuum head can also contribute to vacuuming frustration. A cheap hose will cavitate due to the pump’s powerful suction which will cause the pump to lose prime. You will know this is happening when you see the walls of the pool hose twisting and collapsing in on itself when it is attached to the pool skimmer. If this is happening, I suggest upgrading to a professional quality pool hose like a Smooth Bor brand or other professional hose.

If your vacuum head is constantly getting stuck on the pool bottom it could be that you are using an old or cheap vacuum head. A professional quality vacuum head is designed not to get stuck on the pool surface and is a worthwhile investment. I use the Pentair Pro Vac on my route and not only won’t it get stuck on the pool surface, it is so well built that it will last you for years to come. I think the key for a successful experience is using professional grade equipment.

The best way to vacuum the pool is to follow these steps:

1. If the pool is off turn it on. Make sure all the suction is directed at the skimmer which means turning off the main drain if possible.

2. Skim the pool surface at least two times around the entire pool and attached spa. Any leaves that fall to the bottom during skimming can be vacuumed up.

3. Submerge the vacuum hose and vacuum head and evacuate all the air from the hose.

4.  Use an in-line leaf canister for best results and connect the canister and pool hose to the suction line (usually the back hole in a two-hole skimmer or directly to the skimmer hole if there is just one hole).

5. Vacuum the pool in an easy to follow backwards and forwards motion, like when you vacuum your carpet or floor in your house. If you have good suction and a good vacuum head, you should be able to vacuum up the sides of the wall and steps. Try to vacuum the walls as high up as you can.

6. If there is an attached spa you can quickly lift the vacuum head out of the pool in a swift motion and drop it down into the spa. The pump will lose suction briefly so wait about 30 seconds before you continue to vacuum.

7. When done remove the hose from the skimmer and replace basket and lid.

8. Use a pool brush to brush down the walls and step areas to remove any streaks of dirt that you may have missed. The pool will have a very uniformed clean look to it now.

Here are some things to also note before you vacuum out your pool. If the pool has a large amount of leaves or larger debris, manually vacuuming out the pool may be difficult. Sometimes it is better to skim out the large debris and leaves and then vacuum another time when there is less debris. The opening on the vacuum head is small and can get easily clogged.

If the pool pump is running poorly or if the pool filter is very dirty, vacuuming the pool will be very difficult. You will have very little suction or no suction at all. Clean the filter and get the pump running correctly before attempting to manually vacuum the pool.
. This will stir up the dirt and is counterproductive.  If you brush the pool first you will need to wait 20-30 minutes for all the dust to settle properly before you start to vacuum. This is not a recommended method.

Manually vacuuming a pool takes some effort and there is a learning curve. If you follow these tips here, you will have a successful experience.

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Riptide Vacuum System Steering Knuckle Upgrade!

The Riptide Vacuum System now comes standard with the Steering Knuckle for the Vacuum Head. This added accessory makes the Riptide Vacuum much more maneuverable in a pool and it will allow you to easily turn and pivot the vacuum head while pushing it along the bottom or on the step area of a pool.  The Steering Knuckle takes the Riptide to the next level.

 I have used the Riptide for about a year before the Steering Knuckle and it was not hard to maneuver to begin with. The Steering Knuckle does add a new layer of mobility especially if you want to change directions while you are moving the vacuum head forward and backwards in a single motion. It allows for you to simply turn your pool pole to change the angle of the vacuum head instead of stopping and lifting the vacuum head up and then turning it. It also makes vacuuming the step areas easy as you can adjust the vacuum head without lifting it up.

With the Riptide’s extra wide vacuum head, being able to steer it while in motion makes for a much quicker clean-up. The Steering Knuckle comes standard now when you order the Riptide SL or Riptide XL Vacuum System. Here is some more about the Riptide Vacuum System:

The Riptide Vacuum System is an essential tool if you service pools that get destroyed by the winds, or if work in an area where the pools get a lot of large debris all season long. For the homeowner or service tech who doesn't want or need the SL cart, you can now order the Riptide Vacuum Head with just a Battery Box, the Riptide XP.

Riptide has recently revamped the power switch and plug on the SL Cart and the XP Battery Box. To say that the power switch and plug has been upgraded would be an understatement. The new design has been tested thousands of times making it the most reliable plug in the industry. I doubt if the switch or plug will wear out for years, it is that good. It literally takes both hands to plug the vacuum in, I feel like Dr. Frankenstein starting up the reactor every time I plug the vacuum in – “It’s alive!” You can rest assured that whenever you plug the vacuum in it will turn on and it will never get pulled out when vacuuming a pool.

The SL Cart can hold up to a class 27 100 Ah battery which gives you about 6-8 hours of vacuuming time with the Riptide. I prefer a 55 Ah or a 35 Ah battery to make the cart a bit lighter. You will get less vacuuming time but the battery is easy to charge each day so it is not a major drawback to use a smaller battery.

The cart also features large rugged rubber wheels that are ideal for rough yards and step areas. This is a very light weight cart and even with the battery in the bottom, the wheels make it effortless to pull the cart over any terrain. It is also very well balanced and even pulling it up hills it is very steady. The handle on top is adjustable, so you can turn it at an angle for different heights, making it even easier to pull.  

Riptide SL Pool Vacuum System
Riptide SL Transport Rack (Hitch Mount)
One Pole Coupler
One Leaf Rake/Brush Adapter
One Steering Knuckle
One Standard Pole Adapter
One Standard Bag

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Riptide SL Pool Vacuum System Review & Overview:
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Monday, December 3, 2018

How to Fix an Err 0002 on a Pentair SuperFlo Vs Pump

The Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed pump is a great choice for a Variable Speed Pump. I like the fact that it can down convert the voltage and be used at 120V as well as at 230V. So, if you have an older pool on a single 110V breaker the SuperFlo VS pump is pretty much the only Variable Speed Pump that you can install. It is very reliable and will give you years of great performance. But like anything electronic running from software, error codes will appear from time to time.

If you see that your SuperFlo VS is not running as scheduled, flip open the top and see if there is an error code of some kind. The screen will display an error code as Err and then display a number. The most common one is the Err 0002 and it is usually caused by the impeller getting clogged and the pump is unable to prime. It is probably a built-in failsafe so that the pump doesn’t overheat and become damaged. The Err 0002 will prevent the pump from running until you clear the blockage.

So, if the pump is on, hit the start/stop button to turn it off. There are two ways to clear the blockage. The method I always use is to remove the pump lid and pump basket, then I spin the impeller with a screwdriver. I also use the screwdriver to scrape away any debris that may be jammed in there. Once the impeller spins freely the blockage has been cleared.  Fill the pump up with water and put the lid back on.

The second method is to use a ¼” Allen Wrench and insert it into the back of the pump. Gently turn it back in forth until the impeller begins to spin freely again. It may take a bit of effort. Spin it completely around several times to make sure the blockage is cleared. Doing this may free the blockage.

Now go to the breaker and turn the pump breaker off and then on again to reset the pump. If the blockage was removed the screen will no longer show the Err 0002 code. You should be able to press the start/stop button to start up the pump. It will then begin to go into the priming mode and then start up. If the Err 0002 code is still on the screen, try the above steps one more time and reset the pump again.

The Err 0002 can also indicate a wire is loose in the pump or a poor connection. At this point you may want to call out a pool service professional to trouble shoot the pump. But more than likely when you clear the impeller jam the pump will start up and run like normal. You should not need to do any other troubleshooting unless the Err code does not clear after one or two resets.

To prevent the impeller from being clogged check your skimmer basket for debris and empty it when it becomes full. Also make sure both the skimmer and pump basket do not have rips or tears which could allow debris to get through and into the pump impeller. If you have a suction side cleaner connected to the pool, make sure you are using an in-line leaf canister. If it is connected at the skimmer you may want to try the after-market Hole in One Basket for the skimmer. If you get really fine particle debris, you can insert a filter sock or filter saver in the skimmer basket to trap the smaller particle debris that can fit through the pump basket and enter the impeller.

The Hole in One Basket: Connect a Cleaner at the Skimmer and Prevent Debris from Clogging the Pump!: