Thursday, March 28, 2019

Pool and Spa Water Test Kits Overview: Test Strips, Reagent Testers and Photometers

There are several ways that you can test your swimming pool water or spa each week. The most common methods are test strips and reagent test kits. Not as common but growing are the photometer testers or digital testers. Here is an overview of the different testing methods.

Test strips are not only popular but very easy to use. Many different manufacturers make them like AquaChek, Taylor, and LaMotte to name a few and you can find them just about everywhere from your grocery store, hardware store and local pool store.  You can purchase them online as well and there are many different types of strips available for testing everything from chlorine, borate to copper in the water. The ease of use of test strips makes these great for beginners. Just dip them in the water sample and match the color of the strip to the guide on the back of the bottle. I find that the color matching is accurate, and it will give you a good range of the chemistry level in your pool or spa.

The drawback of the test strips is that you will not get an exact color match every time. So, it is open for user interpretation and this can sometimes give you the wrong results. For instance, you may think the color indicates the Alkalinity is at 160 ppm but it at 120 ppm because you didn’t match the color correctly. Basically, you are only getting a ballpark reading with a test strip and not a spot-on reading that you would get with a Photometer tester which I will cover later.

The Reagent Test Kits use a drop test and when the reagent solution is entered into the water sample a color change takes place. Taylor is the leading manufacturer of these reagent test kits and you can also purchase a basic Pool Master Kit at your local pool store. The reagents can test for all of the basic test factors like Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, pH, Calcium Hardness and CYA (Conditioner). These kits are easy to use and a great way to test your pool and spa water each week.

The drawback of the reagent test kit is user error. If you don’t add the correct number of drops, you will get a false reading. If the reagents are expired, you will also get a false reading. Like test strips, you are matching colors to get your reading so if you are not good at distinguishing colors you will have trouble reading the correct results.  But these are minor drawbacks and as you gain experience with the Reagent Test Kits you will get better and reading the correct results. Some popular test kits are the Taylor K-2005 and K-2006 which I use on my pool route.

Photometer Testers are gaining popularity and they are the only test kit that will give you a spot-on reading of the test factors. The LaMotte Color Q Pro7 is a very popular photometer test kit and the new Pool Lab 1.0 is also a great test kit. These kits operate when an electronic photometer is used to read the color spectrum of the reagent or tablet color in the water sample. Since the photometer is able to read the exact color of the water sample it can give you an exact digital reading of the test factor. If you are doing a pH test, for example, it will give you the pH down to the exact level, like 7.5. This can’t be done with either the test strips or the reagent test kits. These are great for Commercial accounts or for the homeowner who struggles with color matching.

The drawback with the photometer testers is the price point. Since they are more advanced the price point is typically 3-4 times that of a premium reagent test kit. But if you are looking for the most accurate test results without having to guess at the actual reading a photometer tester is right for you.
One of the most advanced Photometer Testers is the LaMotte Spin Touch Mobile which does 10 test factors in one minute! The price point is close to $1,000 and each disk is $2.50 but it can do all of these tests in less than a minute and give you a digital readout of all of them: Free Chlorine (DPD) 0-15 ppm, Total Chlorine (DPD) 0-15 ppm, Bromine (DPD) 0-33 ppm, pH 6.3-8.6, Calcium Hardness 0-800 ppm, Total Alkalinity 0-250 ppm, Cyanuric Acid 5-150 ppm, Copper 0-3.0 ppm, Iron 0-3.0 ppm, Salt 0-6000 ppm, Phosphate 0-2000 ppb

Digital Testers can also be used to give you readings that are unavailable with test strips and reagent testers such as Salinity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) ORP, Temperature, pH as well as other factors. These are a great and accurate tester and can expand the different test factors you can do in your pool and spa.

So do your research and see which testing method is right for your pool and spa care needs.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pleatco Advanced ULTRA: Best Replacement Filter Cartridge

Pleatco has been working on creating the best replacement cartridge filter and this year they have come out with the Pleatco Advanced ULTRA Filter Cartridges. The Advanced Ultra is only available at your Brick and Mortar retail store or from your pool service professional. These cartridges have a new feature called Pure Pleat technology which keeps the pleats rigid without the need of any bands across the center of the cartridge.

Here is what Pleatco has to say about the Advanced ULTRA cartridges:
“Over the past 5 years, Pleatco Advanced Technology has become the new standard in pool & spa filtration.

We stand behind the honest fact that all our filter cartridges featuring Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabrics & Free Flow Core Technology hold more dirt, are easier to maintain, provide greater flow, save energy and last longer... and we have the research and results to prove it.

Our mantra is ‘constant improvement’ and we have continued to develop new products that leverage and enhance our 100% unique and exclusive technology.”
The Pleatco Advanced ULTRA features three of their innovative technologies all in one filter.

Point Bonded Filtration Fabric
Pleatco 4oz Point Bonded Filtration Fabric contains more fibers per unit area offering far greater volume dirt holding capacity than other filtration fabrics. With reduced pore size distribution, the fabric provides impressive turbidity reduction via unique cross filtration flow, easily and efficiently capturing dirt particles to achieve a deeper level of cleanliness and clarity than ever before. Due to uniformly placed weld spots, our unique Pleatco Point bonded fabrics are strong and robust, and return to a high state of original performance after cleaning, meaning greater usability, longer cleaning cycles, and less service time.

Free Flow Core Technology
Pleatco Advanced Filter Cartridges are constructed with precision engineered Free Flow Cores. Our cores allow for the even flow of water through the entire cartridge which increases filtration, uses all the Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded Filtration Fabric, and makes it easier for the pump to move water through the entire cartridge. Pleatco’s Free Flow Cores are designed to be efficient, robust and save energy, money and the environment.

Pure Pleat Technology:
Pure Pleat Depth – Optimal use of the fabric surface area
Pure Pleat Stability – Ultra-strong pleats that are evenly spaced for unprecedented filtration efficiency
Pure Pleat Performance – Reliability and longer filter cleaning cycle times
Pure Cleanability – Super easy to clean and a time saver

By combining all of these features into the Advanced ULTRA cartridge, you can see why you are getting the best possible cartridge filter on the market today.

To learn more visit Pleatco:

Thursday, March 21, 2019

PoolRX Explained: Best Way to Keep your Pool and Spa Algae Free

PoolRx is a simple way to keep your pool algae free all season long. It is also effective in cleaning a green pool and a side benefit of the product is that you will use less chlorine in the pool all season long.  In this Podcast, I talk to Fred Schweer VP of Sales at PoolRx Worldwide about using PoolRx at the beginning of the season and to clean up a green pool. He also offers tips to pool service professionals on how to market and sell PoolRx to the customers on your route.

PoolRx is a Mineral Technology does two very simple things when used in your pool or spa; it eliminates all algae and will allow you to use less chlorine during the pool season. The active ingredient is Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (chelated).

What Chelated means is that the metals in the PoolRx have been bonded to form two coordinated bonds similar to what Metal Sequestering Agents do. This means that the Metal Ions will remain in the PoolRx unit with no metal ions being introduced into the pool or spa water. PoolRx is Chelated so the metal ions stay within the PoolRx unit itself.

Make sure that you choose the right size PoolRX unit so that the treatment will be effective. You can place it either in your skimmer or pump basket. When you first insert the unit run your pool for 3-4 hours. Then run it the normal cycle to get at least one full cycle of water from the pool, into the filter and back into the pool again. The PoolRx unit should last 4-6 months.

PoolRx eliminates all algae fast. Even microalgae that you can't see but uses up the chlorine in your pool.

PoolRx is ideal for a saltwater pool also. It will extend the life of your salt cell as you run the system at a lower output while PoolRx is present in the pool, typically 50% less output. PoolRx minerals also include a de-scaler that will prevent scale from attaching to the salt cell meaning less cleaning of the cell is needed. Also since it is generating less, the pH won't rise as high requiring less acid to be added to the pool. 

You can also use PoolRx to clear up a green pool. Fred goes over the process in detail in the Podcast
and I have done this myself so I know it is very effective. Just remember that a lot of the minerals will be used up in clearing up the pool so a Booster Pack will be needed.

For step by step instructions in clearing up a green pool:

If you are a homeowner purchasing PoolRx for your pool will save you money on all of your chemicals including chlorine (liquid or tablets), clarifiers, Phosphate Removers, and Shock. The price of the PoolRx unit will pay for itself over the course of the season and as a bonus, your water will remain algae free. So the $60-$90 investment is well worth it and to get your money's worth to add the PoolRx right at the beginning of the season.

For the Pool Service Professional PoolRx is something that you would add on and charge your customers for. Customers differ and some may want a detailed explanation of what PoolRx does and is while others will not mind at all. To help in this PoolRx has a section on their website dedicated to Pool Service Professionals. You must register first and then you will have access to documentation and form letters that you can send to your customers.

If you are a Pool Service Professional and need the form letters to help sell PoolRx to your customers go to their website and register your business or use the password below.

Password: Profits

PoolRx is a great way to keep your pool and customer's pools algae free all season long.  It is easy to use and comes in different sizes for all your pool care needs.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Taylor Test Strips for your Pool or Spa

Test strips are a great way to get a snapshot of your pool or spa chemistry levels. They are easy to use, coinvent and inexpensive. Taylor now makes a whole new family of test strips for your pool and spa and for service use.

Here is a breakdown of the different test strips Taylor now carries.

Pool Test Strips 50 count test for (S-1331):
Free Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, CYA

Spa Test Strips 50 count test for (S-1332):
Chlorine/Bromine, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness

7-Way Test Strips 50 count (S-1335):
Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine/Bromine, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, CYA w/ mobile app 

Salt Test Strips 10 foiled wrapped strips (S-1341):

Borate Test Strips 25 count (S-1342):

Service Pro Test Strips 100 count test for (S-1351):
Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine/Bromine, pH, Alkalinity

When using the Taylor test strips it is highly recommended that you use a water sample bottle and get the sample 18 inches down in the water away from a return jet to get the most accurate reading. Then dip the strip in the water sample for the time indicated on the bottle and hold it flat without shaking the excess water off. Then wait the recommended time indicated on the bottle and match the color with the color chart on the back. Failure to follow the proper steps will result in an inaccurate reading.

Also, note that when using test strips, in general, the color matching will not be exact at every reading. This means that there is some variations of shades and the user will need to decide which color matches closest. You will not be getting an exact reading with test strips but a range. So, if you need an exact reading of a test factor you can use a digital tester or a photometer tester.
In most cases, the test strip will be enough in determining the range of the chemistry in the pool or spa but again you will not be able to tell if it a pH of 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 or 7.4. You will know it is between 7.0 and 7.4 which is fine if you are adjusting the pH up or down in your pool or spa.

I think the ease of use really sets test strips apart from reagent testers and digital testers. You don’t need any experience to read the results of the test strip and if you follow the usage steps correctly you will get a good idea of the chemistry levels in your pool. If you want to verify the test strip reading a reagent test kit would be a good investment. The Taylor K-2005 or K-2006 would be my choice for the best reagent test kits.

Test strips can also test for things that reagent or photometer testers can’t test for like the salt level and borate levels. If you have a saltwater pool the Taylor Salt Test Strips would be a good way to verify the salt level in your pool. If you add a borate product to your pool the Borate Test Strips are a great way to see if you are at the recommended 30 ppm of borate in your pool or spa.

These are two test factors that can’t be done with reagents.
To learn more or to order you can go directly to Taylor:

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Hayward OMNI VS Pumps with Smart Pool Control

The VS OMNI Variable Speed Pumps with Smart Pool Control is the easiest way to fully automate your entire equipment pad. I am not just talking about controlling the Variable speed Pump from the OmniLogic App but controlling every piece of equipment from the pool and spa lights, heater, cleaner booster pump, water feature pumps, salt system, spa booster pump, spa air blower and more. The Smart Pool Control can automate everything on your existing equipment pad. The OMNI VS Pump and Smart Pool control is backed by an industry leading 4-year warranty (TriStar 950)!

I suggest getting a Hayward Service Tech to do the installation for you and after these 6 easy steps your equipment will be fully automated and half the cost of purchasing a full complete automated system.

1. Mount Wiring Base Unit and Control Pad.
2. Replace pump. Detach power from the filter pump (or other high-powered equipment) and make wiring connections to the Wiring Base Unit. Run the supplied 6-ft whip from the Wiring Base Unit to the equipment.
3. Replace the existing light switch with Omni Smart Relay or install Smart Relay in line with controlled equipment.
4. Connect control wires from the controlled equipment—including Control Pad, Smart Relay comm cables, VS pump comm cables, sensors, and actuator cables—to the Wiring Base Unit.
5. Pair Wi-Fi® and configure the Control Pad.
6. Download and install the OmniLogic App on your phone or device.

That is it. No big box to install at the equipment area. One thing that you may need is an extra Smart Relay and two Valve Actuators if you want the Smart Control to turn the valves automatically from Pool to Spa Mode. This is the one must have feature for the homeowner – the ability to easily put the system into spa mode, turn on the heater and the spa light with a push of a button. And you can do this with the Smart Pool Control by programming in a Spa Party Theme. Just press the Spa Party button on your Smart Phone from anywhere – at work, on the train on your way home or coming back from a long road trip. The Pump will turn on, the Valve Actuators will turn the valves into spa mode, the heater will turn on to your pre-set temperature and the spa light will turn on. When you arrive home, simply jump in the spa and you are ready to go. It is that easy.

There are 4 different OMNI VS pumps to choose from. The TriStar 950 is the top of the line version with 2.7 total HP and the latest version comes with reversible voltage. This means that you can wire it at 110V or at 220V. This is great if you have an older pool without a standard 220V connection that most Variable Speed Pumps require. Just note that if you do wire it at 110V the total HP of the pump will be throttled down to about half the 2.7 HP that it is rated for. This is the pump that I would recommend for most pools that are medium to large in size and of course for those who are running their pool equipment on 110V. You can also purchase the TriStar 900, Super Pump Vs 700 and the MaxFlo Vs 500 with the Smart Pool Control.

No matter which OMNI VS pump you choose the Smart Pool Control is a real game changer for the industry.

The ability to program in Themes is the best feature of this system. Besides Spa Party you can do a Pool Party Theme, a theme featuring the pool and spa lights, a theme featuring the outdoor deck lights, just about whatever you can think of combining into a single one-touch button you can do with the Smart Pool Control. It also works with Amazon Alexa and there are several voice commands that you can use to activate the equipment and themes with Alexa.

Here is some more about the OMNI VS Pumps by Hayward:
VS Omni™ pumps reduce your customers’ energy costs by up to 90%, saving
up to $1500 annually.

Featuring new EnduraDrive® technology, VS Omni pumps provide longlasting performance. An advanced, chemical-resistant Viton® seal offers
an added layer of durability.

VS Omni pumps reduce operating noise as well as energy consumption,
creating a backyard environment that’s instantly more peaceful and relaxing.”

Here is more on the Smart Pool Control:

Control Pad can be wall-mounted, features
an intuitive touchscreen interface and
maintains pool pad control even without
internet connection

Wiring Base Unit offers connections for both high and low voltage wiring for easy configuration with different types of equipment

App offers total control from anywhere on iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™

Smart Relay converts existing equipment,
such as Hayward® single-speed pumps and
lights, for use with VS Omni (, can connect up
to three Smart Relays for additional control)

Monday, March 11, 2019

Water Tech, Aquarium Maintenance System, Water Filtration, Sand/Gravel Washer, Water Changer

The AMS Aquarium Maintenance System is a game changer in the Aquarium Industry. Water Tech has really done a great job with this hand-held portable vacuum and it is by far the easiest way to clean out your aquarium.  No more priming hand help pumps, this thing is battery operated and has excellent suction and filtration.

The AMS comes with several parts and can be used as a vacuum or as a siphon. Here are the parts that come in the box:
2 Suction Pipe Assembly pieces
1 Nose Cap
1 Cleaner Body
1 Syphoning Adapter & Hose
2 Filter and Frame Assembly
1 Battery Chamber cap with gasket
1 Battery Chamber cap with gasket

I’ve used the larger Water Tech products on my Pool Route to vacuum everything from full-size pools down to small spas and they work exceptionally well. You will find the same tech in the AMS vacuum but on a smaller scale. The AMS has great suction, much more than any hand-held pumps that I have used in the past. It also features two very large fine filters on the side which are also lined with carbon on the inside to trap the smallest particles. You will find the power and ease of use of the AMS exceptional.

Designed and Engineered in the United States by Water Tech.  Water Tech has won numerous awards for its Pool Blaster Battery powered pool cleaners that are used to cleans pools, ponds and large fish tanks around the world.  Water Tech knows how to vacuum underwater and have used 17 years of technological know-how to deliver this breakthrough patented product.   The vacuum has an adjustment knob that allows you to control the vacuum power so you can clean fine sand/gravel or can clean heavy gravel or rocks.

-Safe Battery Powered, not plugged into an outlet
-Easy to Use-Does not need Hoses or Buckets
-Fully Submerge works in the depth of 5 inches to 15 feet
-Extends time between water changes
-Adjustable Strong Vacuum Suction
-For use in all Aquarium Sizes
-Includes Aquarium Hose Siphon to remove water without requiring a complete water change
-Unique 2 Stage Micro-Filter can remove the finest of debris
- Patented Micro-Filter can hold Activated Carbon to remove Organic Pollutants, Odors, and Toxins while you Vacuum
-No Assembly Required
This vacuum was designed from years of experience and can-do things the other vacuums on the market can not do.  Can be used with fine sand, fine gravel, soil, very heavy excrement, and large stones.  Designed for small to large aquariums, for freshwater or saltwater aquariums.

WARRANTY: 1-year limited warranty
MSRP: $39.99

*Requires 3 “C” cell batteries

Friday, March 8, 2019

Keep Your Pool Surface Clean - Invest in a Solar Powered Surface Skimmer like the SolaSkimmer by Remington Solar

Surface debris can usually be handled fairly well by your pool’s skimmer. But in many cases, you may have large trees over the pool or maybe small particle debris and pollen during the season that your pool skimmer can’t handle. Also, if you are running a Variable Speed Pump you may notice quite a bit of surface debris while it is running on lower speeds. One solution to keep your pool surface clean is to invest in a solar-powered surface skimmer.

This video features the SolaSkimmer Solar-Powered Surface Skimmer by Remington Solar. The SolaSkimmer is very effective and the best part is that the MSRP is $499.00.  This makes the SolaSkimmer the most affordable Solar-Powered Skimmer on the market today.

USE COUPON CODE: Solar20 to save 20% at check out!

To order from Remington Solar:

Here are some of the features of the SolaSkimmer:
Uses 110V charger or the Sun to charge the cleaner
Requires about 4 hours of full Sun per day yo run in Solar only
Operates for about 8 hours per day on a full charge
Designed to run from Dawn to Dusk
Large debris tray on the bottom (equivalent to about a one-gallon trash can)
Battery indicator lights
Easy one button operation
4 infrared sensors that detect corners and sides
Water jet to turn cleaner away from pool sides and corners
UV Resistant PVC
The nice light gray color scheme
Weighs just 17 lbs
Easy to insert and remove from the pool
Pre-Programmed back up cycle every 5 minutes
12-month warranty

Remington Solar is a leading manufacturer of Solar Products. They manufacturer Solar Attic Fans as well as the Solar Sun Shock Pool Ionizer that I have reviewed also on my Channel.
Remington Solar Chlorine-Free “Sun Shock” - For an Algae Free Pool:

The SolaSkimmer is designed to be very simple and basic. There are no apps that control it and the design is overall very simple. The two paddles rotate in the water and move the cleaner along and debris is drawn in and is trapped by the debris tray along the bottom. Simple yet very effective. This design allows the SolaSkimmer to move very slowly around your pool making it highly effective in picking up the tiniest of debris. It will trap very small bugs like ants as well as pick up large leaf debris.

I like the simple design of this cleaner. As it approaches a corner or a pool edge the infrared sensors will detect the edge and a jet in front will activate. This jet of water will spin the cleaner and thus keeping it from getting stuck. I found that these sensors were very effective in detecting the pool edge and the cleaner did not get stuck anywhere in the pools I tested it in.

It is better to run the SolaSkimmer with the pool pump off. This will prevent the cleaner from getting hung up in the skimmer as the pump draws water in. This will also allow you to maximize your pools skimming time as the cleaner will skim the pool all day and you can run the pump at night to continue skimming with the pool's skimmer.  If you have a variable speed pump the SolarSkimmer will allow you to run your pump at a lower speed for longer periods of time and will help reduce your energy cost.

The gray color scheme is also very nice and will be perfect for those pools with darker colored plaster. It is also very easy to put in your pool and remove from the pool when you want to go swimming. To start the cleaner just hit the very simple silver button. This button will also turn the cleaner off. The gray color scheme is also very nice and will be perfect for those pools with darker colored plaster.

It only takes about 4 hours of direct Sunlight to fully charge the SolaSkimmer or if you like you can plug it in and charge it. I think it is a great option to be able to charge the cleaner on cloudy days or those long Winter days without sunshine. This is also a great option f your pool remains in the shade most of the day.

Bottom line, this is a great affordable Solar-Powered pool surface cleaner that you will be very happy with. You can purchase it directly from their website or from

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Spring Time and Your Pool: getting Things Ready for Summer

Spring is the time to get your pool ready for the upcoming Summer months. If you don’t prepare your pool right for the Summer months ahead you will be battling all kinds of problems like algae, poor filtration and maybe even a green pool. So, in Spring you need to do several things to get your pool ready for the Summer months ahead. As you open your pools to start the season be aware of these things below.

The first thing you will notice in the Spring is that the water temperature begins to rise. It all depends on your area but by late April or May, the water temperature could already be at Summer levels. This means that the chlorine level will not hold steady as it did in the cold water of Winter. Now is the time to make sure the pool chlorine level is at 3-5 ppm to avoid problems with algae. I suggest at this point to start checking the pool chemistry once a week at least in the Spring.

One thing that you should be doing in the Spring if you have a DE or Cartridge filter does clean the filter to get it ready for Summer. I clean all of my filters in March and September so that the pool flow is at it’s best for the start of the season. If you have a single cartridge filter you may want to start cleaning it once a month at this time going forward into the season. The pool flow is critical for the warmer water temperatures and the hot Summer days ahead. If your cartridges are old or if the grids are old you may need to replace them before the season starts.

This is also a great time to upgrade your pool equipment so if you were thinking about a new filter or a new Variable Speed pump this is a great time to upgrade. You also want to make sure that everything is running at peak performance so if you have any air leaks or water leaks now is the time to get them repaired. You don’t want to be limping it the Summer months with poor running equipment.

If your pool was closed all Winter, you may have opened up to a mess if it wasn’t closed correctly. It may be green and stained so the first thing to do in that case is to get it back in shape. You can hire a professional to get your pool in shape or you can try to do it yourself. If you have a fiberglass pool there will sometimes be organic staining on the surface. A good way to treat this is with Ascorbic Acid Treatment. This will remove all of the organic stains on fiberglass and a vinyl lined pool. If your pool is green you can do a green to clean and get it back in shape.

One thing that I like adding in the Spring is the PoolRx Mineral Treatment. This is a great way to prevent algae in your pool and a great way to enhance the chlorine in your pool. I usually put the PoolRx in the pool right before the Summer season so April and May are ideal months to insert the PoolRx. You can usually find the PoolRx on sale right before Summer so the Spring is the time you want to purchase it. Once you try the PoolRX you will be amazed at how effective it is.

Last you will want to make sure your pool chemistry is balanced going into the Summer. Check your pool’s conditioner level to make sure it is at 30-50 ppm. Make sure your Salt Level is at 3100 ppm to 3400 ppm to get the Salt Water Generator active and producing chlorine. You also want to balance your pH and Alkalinity and of course, make sure your chlorine level is at 3-5 ppm. If you do all this you will have a very relaxed Summer season with weeks of enjoyment of your pool and spa. The Springtime is the best time to get things ready for the Summer months.