Monday, January 8, 2018

EVER BOOTS "Ultra Dry" Men's Premium Leather Waterproof Work Boots Review

The Ever Boot “Ultra Dry” is the perfect waterproof boot for outdoor use for hiking as well as for a work. I use them on my pool route and they are very comfortable and long lasting. The fit is also great as these boots are wide and don't restrict your foot like other boots I have tried. And the best part is that these boots retail for under $60.

They off a 30 day money back guarantee on the waterproofing of these boots. These are very long lasting boots and I typically will get 4-5 months out of them with everyday heavy use. The boots use a Seal-Direct construction to make them very weatherproof and I can attest to the fact that these boots are very waterproof. I am around water all day long and these boots are a lifesaver out there. Everyday I go home and my feet are dry which helps prevent foot related problems. If you work around water you know how miserable it is to have wet socks on all day.

I like that these boots are also very light weight. The steel toe is left off making this boot very light. They are also a wide fit which is important to me as I like the extra space these boots provide. I have tried other boots and my feet just feel very cramped as the day goes on. The light weight and wide fit make walking in these boots all day very easy on you.

The soles are slip resistant and are fairly good. I think the Wolverine Boots I used to wear had a better grip then these, but they are of course twice the price. Not that the “Ultra Dry” boot is slippery, but from my experience as compared to other boots they are just in the good category. I haven't slipped in these out in the field so that is a good litmus test.

As far as how long they last, you can see in the video my older pair and how they wear out. In my case I am kneeling down a lot on the job and the front wears out on mine before the soles wear out. I think every use will have different wear on these boots but for me if I can get 4-5 months out of a work boot that cost $60 it is a win-win. The laces are actually very solid and I haven't had one break yet on 3 different sets of boots. Bottom line, these boots will take a beating and still hold up for months.

Comfort is a big issue for me as I am on my feet all day or driving in traffic when I am on the road. So when I decided to switch over from my Wolverine boots which are ultra comfortable to these boots I was worried about long term all day long comfort. But I must say that they are almost as comfortable as the $120 boots I used to wear. I think the wide fit and breathable leather are what make them comfortable for all day use. I haven't had any issues with my feet feeling sore or getting blisters while wearing the “Ultra Dry” boots.

If your looking for a solid and affordable waterproof boot for work or hiking give these a try. They are available on so if you don't like them simply return them within 30 days. 

You can order them with this link: