Thursday, January 31, 2019

Servicing your Pool in the Winter -Some Tips to Make it Through the Season

Doing pool service and taking care of your own pool is different during each season of the year. Winter time in some areas means the pool is closed and covered. In my region and in areas where the temperatures do not get into the freezing territory the pool will stay open all year round. So, taking care of a pool in the Winter is vastly different than taking care of a pool during the Summer.

One thing that we must deal with in the Winter is the weather and the wind and rain can be an issue. The Santa Ana Winds will blow in my area from October through February and these winds can reach gust up to 60 mph making a real mess of the pools. You need to be very proactive when it comes to leaves and dirt in your pool. The leaves from the wind can easily clog your skimmer and pump basket causing your pump to work very poorly. If left unchecked your pump can even burn out due to lack of water flow. So be ready to scoop out the leaves and empty the skimmer and pump baskets.

Any dirt that gets in the pool from the wind or rain should be vacuumed out quickly to avoid any staining. If you leave dirt in the pool for long periods of time, metal in the soil could cause stains on the pool surface. I recommend getting a good automatic cleaner or be ready to manually vacuum your pool when needed. The bottom line is that even though it is the middle of Winter and no one is using the pool, you still need to clean it regularly. In fact, your pool may be dirtier in the Winter than in the Summer in most cases.

If your area gets excessive rain you may notice that the pool may overflow with water. In most cases, the pool water is safe and won’t do any damage if you have sufficient drains around the pool deck. If the water overflows and it looks like it will enter your house or do other types of property damage you will need to get a Sump Pump and have it ready to drain some of the water from the pool.

You will notice that in really cold water the pool chemicals will stay very constant and you will not be adding much chlorine, acid or base to the pool. Generally, in water temperature, less than 65 degrees the pools salt system will also stop operating. At this point simply switch to liquid chlorine and use that as your primary sanitizer. Typically in colder water, one gallon of liquid chlorine will hold a good chlorine level for 2 to 3 weeks or more.

If you service your pool in the Winter the water can be bone-chilling cold so wearing the proper gloves is essential. I like the Atlas 772 Nitrile Coated Gloves which as 25-inch-long and will protect your hands from the cold water while emptying the skimmer basket and cleaning the pool.

Cold water gloves:

If you have an automated system or a stand-alone VS pump you may notice the pool turning on at odd hours in the night and at unscheduled times. These systems have a Freeze Mode or Freeze Protect Mode so when the air temperature gets below 37 degrees the pump will turn on. This is to prevent the pipes from freezing but in most areas where we do not get freezing temperatures this feature is more of an annoyance. You can’t disable the feature so to prevent the pool from running all the time I suggest switching the pool’s start schedule to the coldest point of the night, usually, Midnight to 8 am. That way the pump is set to run anyway at that time and won’t be running all night and then the regularly scheduled runtime.

Getting through the Winter can be tough with the winds and the rains and the freezing cold water. But Spring is around the corner and then Summer when owning a pool really pays off.

Monday, January 28, 2019

My Zodiac Ranger Cleaner is Not Moving

The Zodiac Ranger is a very underrated suction side cleaner with a rock bottom bargain price point. It only has one moving part and that is the diaphragm in the head of the cleaner. If the Diaphragm gets clogged or torn, the cleaner will simply stop moving. The diaphragm is easy to change and access if you know the simple steps to get to it.

Since the Diaphragm is the only moving part it makes sense that if the cleaner is not moving then it is a problem with either debris clogged in the Diaphragm or it has a tear in it. The Zodiac Ranger is great with debris, but large rocks, larger acorns and other objects can get wedged inside the Diaphragm and stop the cleaner. I wouldn't advise sticking a screwdriver or other object in the mouth of the cleaner to try and dislodge any debris as you may damage the Diaphragm. Simply take the cleaner apart to access the Diaphragm and remove the debris.

One question that I get asked often is if it is okay to use generic Diaphragms or do, I need to purchase the OEM version? My answer to that is that in my testing the generic Diaphragms work very well. The price point is much lower and you can even get two of them for less than the price of one OEM one. Here are a few generic ones for you to investigate:

How long the diaphragm will last depend on the pool surface, run time of the pump and the type of debris you get in your pool. Typically, you will get at least one year out of it or more.

Getting to the Diaphragm is relatively easy if you follow these steps.

1)      Turn the pool pump off and make sure it will not be turning on at the time you have the cleaner out of the pool.

2)      Reach in a grab the hose and pull the cleaner head to the pool deck.

3)      Once you have the cleaner head out of the pool simply loosen the nut on the Extension Pipe  - this is right below the wheel deflector.

4)      Now unscrew the Diaphragm Chamber. This is part of the Outer Extension Pipe. Grab the Outer Extension pipe and twist it counter-clockwise with one hand on each end. It will unscrew.

5)      Now you can access the Inner Extension Pipe. Pull that out and you will see the Diaphragm attached by a white retaining ring.

6)      If the Diagram is clogged, simply remove the debris at this point. If it is torn, you can replace it. It will not work with a tear in it.

7)      Reverse the steps to get everything back together.

The Zodiac Ranger is a very easy cleaner to work on and you will find replacing the Diaphgram very easy the next time you need to do it.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Dogs and your Swimming Pool

In this article, I will address all the aspects of Dogs and your pool from dogs swimming in the pool to dogs pooping in the pool and everything in between. We love our dogs and they are a big part of our families and lives. Pools can be fun and dangerous for our pets.

Dogs swimming in the pool
I have many service accounts where the dogs love to use the pool and I have walked back to find them swimming around and living it up in the pool. I have heard that one dog is equivalent to 20 people or 10 people swimming in the pool and while I think those numbers have inflated a dog using the pool does affect the water chemistry. Get a pool with 3 or 4 dogs swimming in it at once and chances are the water will get swampy quickly. They have more body oils then us, the fur can clog the skimmer basket, pump basket and just about anything in the pool. The dog hair to me is the biggest issue. If enough hair gets into the pool pump it can shut things down pretty fast and create poor circulation. This in turns contributes to that cloudy dog water you often see after your dog or dogs have been swimming at length. So be vigilant about the dog hair clogging things up at your pool.

Your pool tile will also suffer from the oil in the dog’s skin. One thing you may notice is a scum line around the tiles at the waterline and over time this can really build up. What I use is a product called Pool Perfect which has an enzyme in it that breaks down the oils that build up on the tile line. Generally, I use 8 oz a week and this really helps keep the scum line down. After a good rain storm when the water level is over the scum line, I add extra Pool Perfect to the pool to remove any lingering scum line.

If your dog is going to swim in the pool just make sure the chlorine level is high, 5.0 ppm at least and that the pool is running long enough each day to keep the water clear. If the water starts to get cloudy on you set the pool to run longer and check the chlorine level to make sure it is a strong 5.0 ppm. The dogs seem to have no issue with the chlorine in the water and many of the dogs on my route who swim live a normal life span. I’ve been doing some pools long enough to go from puppy to 12-14 years old so I can really track this.

Bottom line, if your dog or dogs plan on swimming all season long keep the pool running longer, the chlorine level higher, keep the pump and skimmer baskets clean and clean the filter regularly. I can’t tell you how many filters I have taken apart to clean and it looks like Chewbacca has been living in it.

There is also the danger of your dog drowning so if you have very small dogs, older dogs or your dog just can’t swim well, think about installing a mesh safety fence to keep your pet from drowning.

Dogs that Attack
Yes, I have been bitten several times by my customer’s dogs. A couple serious bites but nothing that I needed to get stitches for. It just doesn’t feel good to have a dog come after you and take a bite out of you. This is an area where you need to really tread lightly. If you bid for a service account and the dog appears to be violent, chances are it will eventually get out and possibly attack you.

One way to avoid getting bitten it to use some common sense around dogs. If the dog is trained to attack or just vicious, this is a service account you should pass on. It is really not worth it in the long run. Even with dogs that appear to be friendly you never want to let your guard down. Don’t kneel down and put your face in the dog’s face when you pet it. Never reach behind a gate or dog run to pet a dog.  Don’t reach out to pet an unfamiliar dog. Just ignore the dog if you can.

Last, try not to ever let the dog out. Some dogs are great escape artists and if you give them even a crack they will be gone. It is no fun chasing a dog around for an hour. Worse if you lose the dog and can’t find it.  Always make sure the gates are latched and secure when you leave and if the dog has a habit of bolting bring a treat to distract it so you can enter without it escaping.

Dog Waste in the Pool

If you noticed dog waste in the pool, there are some steps to follow to make sure the poop does not spread disease. Chances are it is innocuous but there is a risk for bacteria so follow these simple steps. Scoop out any large chunks with a leaf rake. I prefer this than vacuuming it into the filter. Then bring the chlorine level up to 10ppm or more. Run the pool for 24 hours if you can. Allow no swimming for 48 hours. This is a bit of overkill, but it is better to be safe than sorry. After the 48 hours has passed the pool will be safe to swim in. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Premium Pool Pole Comparison: Primate Pole, Skimlite Dually 9000 Series and the Piranha Power Pole

One of the things that make your life easier out there on your pool route is using a premium pool pole. I carry three different poles in my truck, and I will go over them here in detail for you so that you can choose the right pole for your use. I really can’t pick one over the other as I like the features of all three, but they are all different and they are all excellent poles.

This is probably the most unique 3-piece pool service pole (Tri-Pole) that I have ever used.  The Primate 3X Pole is also the most compact and lightweight pole that I have used also. It collapses down to 6 ft and extends to 15.6 ft and weighs only 2 lbs. 4 oz.  Oh, and it is made from Carbon Fiber making it 3 times stronger than a standard aluminum pole.

For me, the main selling point of the Primate 3X Pole is how light this pole is! It weighs just 2.4 lbs. so you barely even feel like you are holding a service pole. It is amazingly light and easy to carry and use.  After using it for a week I feel like I couldn’t go back to a standard pole because of how light the Primate pole is. I feel like something this light can’t be strong enough to use day and day out, but the Carbon Fiber Material is deceiving.  The pole is 3 times stronger than an aluminum service pole making it a great choice for everyday pool service use. The manufacturer doesn’t claim it is indestructible, but it sure feels like it, especially with the reinforced first section of the pole.

The unique Lever Lock is another feature that makes the Primate Pole stand out. It is the same locking device found on tree trimmers and the like and it makes closing and opening the 2nd pole section a breeze. Simply snap open the Lever Lock, slide the pole out and lock it in place. In most cases, you will be using only the first 2 pole sections in skimming and brushing a pool, so this makes extending the pole quick and easy. It is truly a unique feature on a pool pole and the Lever Lock works great.

Primate Pool Tools:

Skimlite Dually 9000 Series:
I have been using the Skimlite pole since 1988 so I have the longest history with this pole. For me it is the longest lasting and most useful pole on the market because it can extend from 6 ft to 18 ft or if you want the larger version from 8 ft to 24 ft. If you do large pools or Commercial pools on your route this is the pole for you. You can easily vacuum most poles just from one side of the pool making this a very convenient pole to use.

EliptiLock™ with its patented design builds the lock into the tubes. There are no parts to fall out or
break! The outside tube is formed slightly out of round and the inside tube is equally out of round which creates the friction for the lock. The Eliptilock has become an industry favorite of many professionals and outsells any of our other poles.

Outside Lock has been an industry favorite since 1959 and is made of the strongest plastics ever made. the nylon male fitting is pressed onto the outside tube with a ton of pressure so it won't fall off. The female and ferrule fittings are easily replaced when worn. The tubes are made of the strongest American made tubes in the industry.

Patented Internal Cam poles are made with a unique cam plug that has been pressed into the inside pole and has a cam or shoe that is easily replaced when worn. This lock comes in all Dually poles as well as 5009 and 5096.
Nylon Internal Cam or NIC is Skimlite's newest design of locks. Designed to work like conventional cam locks yet stronger and more durable.
Piranha Power Pole
This is by far the best and strongest 2-piece pole on the market. It extends from 8 ft to 16 ft and the unique level-lock keeps the 2nd piece firmly in place. The pole is also "Micro-Extruded" reinforced to make it extremely durable. Something that is really cool is that the pole has a flap inside it that allows the 2nd section to extend and be immersed in water without filling up with water. This allows the pole to stay lighter while you are vacuuming or skimming the pool bottom. It is made out of clear Anodized Aluminum to prevent all types of corrosion and is just very well made. 

The grip is mounted with machine screws so it won't slip off while in use or fall off during transport. The Rear Channel or second piece has built-in glides to prevent the tube from slipping or twisting while extended.  The Lever is spring loaded and is a replaceable part. It also features an interior stop to prevent the pole from separating on you. There are also extra holes on the front to make attaching any tool quick and easy. 

I really like how firm the 2nd section is held in place. You can rest assured that this pole will never collapse on you while using it. The level-lock can be a bit noisy, but the ease of use makes this a fantastic pole. This is one of the most user-friendly poles on the market and you will be very pleased with the performance of the Power Pole.

Piranha Pole (The Smart Company):

So, stop using those cheap and frustrating poles from Walmart and Home Depot and pick up a quality premium pole this week. Any of these three poles would be a great choice.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Setting Goals for your Pool Business in 2019

Setting goals in life are critically important for success. If you have no idea where you are going, chances are you will not get there. Like a pilot who sets a course to the next destination, in business you need to set the course of your business to arrive at the desired destination. I will go over several things here to help you set those goals for the new year.

I will be focusing on goals for your pool service business specifically in this article and there are certain things you need to have in place to be successful. If you don’t have these things in place your likelihood for success will be limited at best. You also will want to look back to the previous year and take an honest look at what you did well and what you need to improve upon. There is always room for improvement and setting goals to reach each year is a way to ensure improvement.

Having a basic website makes you look legitimate and you can direct potential clients to your website for pricing and services. You can also use your website to run Google Ads to advertise your business online in your area. Google Ads if you’re not familiar with it are usually the first 3-4 listing in a Google Search. For your pool business, you can pay Google to place you in the top 3 searches in your category. If your goal is to expand your business a website is a must.

Liability Insurance
If you are walking into anyone’s backyard and you do not have General Liability Insurance you are gambling with not only your business but with your personal assets. You wouldn’t drive around without auto insurance so why would you ever work without the same type of coverage for your business? Having insurance will give you peace of mind and allow you to expand your business into the Commercial field allowing you to acquire hotels, apartments and HOA Association pools.

CPO Certification
A lot of states require you to be CPO Certified even when you service residential pools and you need to be CPOP Certified to service Commercial Pools in every state. The CPO Certification allows you to also promote your business since you are a Certified Pool & Spa Operator. Basically, the course will teach you about chemistry and potential pathogens making you more secure in your business. The classes are offered in almost every state and major cities all year long.

Health & Fitness
This is a very physically demanding job and if you are out of shape you will feel it right away. One thing that I do to stay in shape is take in less sugar each day. Sugar is a big drain on my energy level and although I love sugary snacks, I make an effort to avoid them all week. I probably should do more walking and other physical activity but watching my diet is a big part of staying in shape for me. If your huffing and puffing out there all day long and are eating the wrong things, make a commitment to get in shape this year and stick to it. You will feel better and be able to do more work and that translates into more money.

Spiritual Health
Although we do a lot of physical work, there are metal demands as well. We mainly work alone and if you suffer from depression this can add to it if you’re not working on your spiritual health. There are also problems with customers and problems on the job and you need the right support. I am a big believer in groups and I highly suggest you join your local IPPSA trade group or join mt online for my coaching program. You need something that keeps you in contact with those in the industry to help you through the tough times and give you solid advice. Read books that will lift you up and encourage you and join a group.

Financial Plan
You need to have a solid financial plan moving forward. If you make a lot of money and don’t know where it is going, you are not going to be financially successful. Most millionaires have a plan and stick with it. Get with a good Financial Planner and seek out a good CPA to help you set up an investment plan you feel comfortable with and invest your money wisely. Later in life, you want

Monday, January 14, 2019

Yuneec Typhoon H Drone Review for 2019

If you're looking for a professional quality drone with a great list of features for a really great price point the Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Drone is for you. If you search around and purchase the drone at the right time you can get a real bargain. I got mine from Amazon on Cyber Monday for $599.00. The retail price is $899.00 but you can certainly find it for less if you shop around and are patient.

I can’t say enough about how awesome this machine is. The real bonus is the controller with the built-in 7” 720p Android Tablet so there is no need to use your cell phone. It is also loaded with some unique features like retractable landing gear and the ability to spin the camera around a full
360 degrees to get great panoramic shots. Not to mention the 6 motors and blades making this one of the most failsafe drones on the market today.

Unlike some of the negatives of the DJI drones, the last firewire update for the Typhoon H was in 2017 so you are not constantly updating the drone or controller. Both are virtually perfect right now with the ability to do so many things. The no-fly zones are not as strict as with the DJI drones, but the altitude is set at 400 maximum here in the US per FAA requirements.

The range of this drone is incredible in my opinion. It is rated for about 1 mile and I have gone out .8 miles or over 4,000 ft with no loss of reception on the screen. I am using aftermarket range extenders which really do make a difference and the Patch antenna vs the Mushroom one. With the Patch, you get better range with the monitor, but you need to have it pointed at the drone. The Mushroom antenna is a multi-directional antenna with less range overall. I am very impressed with the range of the Typhoon H and the clarity of the screen is just phenomenal.

This is the base model of the Typhoon so it only has collision avoidance in the front. The Plus is a better model with collision avoidance all around the drone plus a better 4K camera, but it is twice the price of the standard Typhoon H., In my opinion, the Typhoon H is more than enough drone for most and it takes professional photos and videos.

The Typhoon H has a range of autonomous flight modes, where it does most of the flying without being controlled allowing you to focus on the camera operation. The Orbit Me mode, for instance, enables the drone to orbit around the controller while keeping the focus on the operator. The Point of Interest mode allows the drone to orbit around a location set by the GPS coordinates on the controller screen. Other autonomous flight modes include Journey, Curve Cable Cam, Follow Me, and Return Home. The Return Home mode will land the drone with a few feet of where it launched from. It is not as precise as other drones, mainly for safety reason as it is a large and powerful drone.

Speaking of the large size, this is not a drone for hiking or for using it far from your vehicle. In the backpack with the accessories, it comes in around 5 lbs. Both the drone and the controller as massive so if you're looking for a portable drone the Typhoon H is not the drone for you. But if size is not a concern the Typhoon H is just a completely underrated and comes loaded with so many great features, not the least of which is the controller with the build in screen.
FLIGHT TIME           Up to 25 min
SIZE   20.5x18x12.2 in (520x457x310mm)
TAKE-OFF WEIGHT            368.8oz (1950g )
BATTERY      4S 14.8V LiPo Battery (POWER 4)
BATTERY CAPACITY / VOLTAGE          5400mAh 4S/14.8V79.9Wh
CHARGER    SC4000-4
TRANSMITTER        ST16 Personal Station Ground
MAXIMUM FLYING HEIGHT       122m(400ft) agl (Restricted by FAA )
MAXIMUM SPEED IN FOLLOW ME MODE       43.5mph (70km/h)
EFFECTIVE PIXELS 12.4 Megapixels
CAMERA LENS        14mm/F2.8
FOV    98 Degree
ELECTRONIC SHUTTER    1/30s--------1/8000s
VIDEO UHD 4K 30fps
Ground Station          
OPERATING SYSTEM        Android™
VIDEO TRANSMISSION DISTANCE/RANGE (OPTIMUM CONDITIONS)     FCC Compliance: Up to 1.6km/1 mile CE Compliance: Up to 1.6km/1 mile

Thursday, January 10, 2019

What is on my Pool Service Truck in 2019

In this Podcast, I go over some of the equipment that I carry on my pool truck week to week.  I do a lot of product testing, so I carry more stuff than most and more stuff than I need each day. Let me run down the equipment for you here in a list form so you get some idea of what essential equipment for your service route would be.

Primate Pole: this is a 3-piece pole that is made of carbon fiber and weighs just 2 lbs. I am testing the durability and use of this pole and so far, it is great. The price point is high due to the carbon fiber material, but you can’t beat the lightness of this pole. It uses a lever lock which is convenient for sliding out the pole and makes it very fast to adjust.

Skimlite Pole: I have been using the Skimlite Dually Tri-pole since I started in the business. This is a very versatile pole that expands to 18 ft. It is very durable and long lasting, and it is my go-to pole. It is easy to lock into place and the extra length is great for those deeper pools. You can also vacuum an entire pool just from one side.

Pirahna Power Pole: this is a 2-piece pole that has a unique clip in place mechanism that I really like. It is shorter than the Skimlite pole but very strong and a solid choice for a pole. It can be a bit loud, but the quick lock is really a great feature.

Leaf Rakes
I use the Red Baron Rag Bag leaf rake pretty much exclusively now. I like the Rag Bag material because it makes for very easy dumping of the debris. The net is a good size and it is very strong and durable, and you can also easily skim coins and rocks off of the bottom of the pool. For finer debris, I use a fine mesh bag also from Purity pools. But for day t day use the Red Baron is always on my pole.

For me, the Pentair Pro Vac is the best vacuum head. It is heavy and has bearing wheels and is extremely well made. I like the swivel for the handle and the way it just glides over the pool surface. The weights keep it flat on the pool surface and also allows you to vacuum up the walls to the tile line if needed. For the hose, I like the Smooth Bor brand which is extremely durable and reliable. It won’t kink or break on you and last for years. I also like using the Pentair Leaf Trap as my In-line canister.

Portable Filter
I don’t take this all the time on my truck but when needed I use the PORTAVAC by Advantage Manufacturing for cleanups and very dirty pools. The PORTAVAC is a portable filtration system on a dolly that hitches to the back of my truck. It has a 1.5 hp pump and a 150 sq. ft cartridge filter. It is basically pool equipment on wheels. Good to have for sure and something I recommend you purchase as a tool for clean-ups.

I am pretty much hooked on the Sweep Ease brushes. Ever since I started using them, I haven’t really picked up my A&B Brushes. I will probably be testing some other brushes this year but if you are looking for a great brush the Sweep Ease brushes are the best. Designed to create more force as you brush, you can really feel the difference between these brushes and a regular brush.

Vacuum System
I am a big fan of the Power Vac but I have been using two Vacuum Systems on my route as a way of testing them. The Power Vac is a well-proven machine and they have bee around now for over 15 years. So, I have been using the riptide Vacuum and the Bottom Feeder Vacuum. The Riptide is very user-friendly and does a great job with large leaf debris. The customer service over a t Riptide is top of the line. The Bottom Feeder is a unique vacuum system that is compact and weighs just 12 lbs., including the battery. It is not quite as powerful as a full vacuum system, but the size makes it convenient. Both are exceptional products.

Water Tech
I carry 3 of the Water Tech cleaners on my truck. They are all portable re-chargeable battery operated cleaners. The Precision 2.0, the Volt FX-8 and a smaller vacuum that I use for spas -currently the Volt. The Precision 2.0 is great for spot vacuuming pools and water features and each battery last for 1 hour (it comes with 2 batteries). The Volt is great for vacuuming out pools also and it is a good started vacuum. The Pulse is great for spas and I use it on all of my above ground spas.  

Test Kits
I use a combination of the Taylor K-2005, LaMotte Color Q Pro 7 and test strips on my route. The Taylor kit is great for everyday testing and the Color Q Pro 7 is perfect for those monthly test factors. Test strips are a good way to verify the readings and a great way to spot check the chemistry on your route. I also like the HACH digital Salinity Meter and use this on all of my saltwater pools.

So that is a quick look at some of the essential equipment that I carry on my truck day in and day out.

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Western Pool & Spa Show 2019

Trade shows are a great place to learn about the Pool Industry and a great way to get educated on all aspects of the pool industry. The premiere show on the West Coast is the Western Pool & Spa Show. I attend the Western Show every year and you will find me walking the Exhibit Hall on Friday and Saturday afternoon. If you see me come up and say hello as I always like meeting those of you who follow me on YouTube.

One thing to note is that the show is not open to the general public, however, if you are wanting to get into the pool service business you can register as your future pool company and certainly walk the Exhibit Hall and attend the seminars. Registration for the Exhibit Hall is free, and you can register directly on their site:

Here is more about the show on their website:
“Located alongside a picturesque harbor on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, Long Beach is small enough to call your own for any number of days, yet offers the experience, diversity, and variety of a much larger city.

The Western Pool & Spa Show and the Long Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau encourage you to make the most of your time in Long Beach. On the pages of this site, you will find useful information and resources to help you plan a memorable visit. Long Beach truly has it all - the best of Southern California dining, entertainment and culture - all within an easily accessible area. 
The Western Pool & Spa Show has chosen the beautiful area of Long Beach to host its show. If you are not acquainted with this lovely area, here are just a few of the attractions that can make your trip more enjoyable... 

Long Beach is just a short drive from all of Southern California's major attractions: Hollywood Boulevard, the Getty Museum, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios and CityWalk, Magic Mountain, Catalina Island, the Santa Monica Pier and 3rd Street Promenade, the Long Beach Aquarium and much, much more. It's plain to see there is plenty to do besides getting the best pool education package in the world. 

With a rail-system and major airports, as well as the Long Beach transit system, getting to the show and these attractions is made easy. 

Location: For more information about Long Beach contact the Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau at 301 E. Ocean Boulevard, Suite 1900, Long Beach, CA, 90802. Or call them at (800) 452-7829.

Questions & Answers
The Price! $75.00 (Sign Up Online Until Feb 3rd) - $85 (Until March 3rd) - $95 (After March 3rd and onsite) What does it cover?
You can attend as many seminars as you wish during the 3 days of the show, as well as the Exhibit floor.  

What is the certificate program? $10.00 Extra Fee
The program provides you with a record showing the specific technical and or business seminars you attended and the total number of education hours you acquired.  

Why Pre-Register for seminars?
It will save you money and save time at the registration booth.  

Why do I need to register if the exhibit floor viewing is free?
To screen out the general public, assist our exhibitors, and allow you to enter the prize and truck drawings. Pre-registration online speeds the badging process onsite. There will be an onsite badge fee of $5 if you don’t pre-register.  

What if I would like to exhibit?
Email us at or call 1-800-746-9772 for information. 

What are the Exhibit hours 2019?
March 21, Thursday 6:00pm - 9:00pm
March 22, Friday 2:00pm - 6:00pm
March 23, Saturday 1:00pm - 6:00pm

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Friday, January 4, 2019

How to Start a Pool Service Business - What you Need to Know

When I first started in the pool business back in 1988 there was not really any help or information on starting a pool business effectively. There wasn’t much technology back then, so you basically just got a truck and equipment and started. No YouTube, no online forums, no real trade publications (except for Service Industry News). Fast forward to 2019 and we have all the information at our fingertips, but still knowing how to start a pool business is still a mystery to many.

I will just go over some of the basics for you here so that you will at least know where to begin. The first step is to make sure that this is something that you want to do as a career. Note that you will be working outside in the elements and it can get cold, hot and very windy making the job not as glamorous as it appears. It is also physical work and you will be doing some heavy lifting as well as a lot of walking. And last, you will need some good interpersonal skills as you will be dealing with customers on a regular basis.

The actual start-up cost for a pool service is low and you can get all of the necessary equipment and supplies for less than $2,000. Then you would need a reliable truck or van and you are all set to go. Well, except for the licensing in your area and certification. These are the things that not too many people think about and are needed to start your service legally.
In many cities and counties, you will need a business license to do pool service. Depending on your state they may require you to be CPO (Certified Pool and Spa Operator) or at the least certified through the state. You won’t be able to get a business license until you are CPO Certified and, in the states, where the certification is not needed for residential pools, you will need it for Commercial Accounts.

To learn more about the CPO and how to get certified you can go to the NSPF website:

Some counties also require you to pass a background check and a Live Scan and some cities will require you to have a Home Occupational Permit to work out of your home. Each region is different so check with your local city and county of the requirements for a Pool Service Business License.
There is also a limit on doing repairs in most states, here in Ca. the limit is $500 in total cost without a license. The license you will need is called a D-35 and you can get this contractor license after you have 4 years of experience and a contractor or like person sponsors you. You can certainly do small repairs and installations as part of your service and many pool service companies simply refer out the larger repairs anyway. So, this is not a critical aspect nor should it deter you from starting your pool service business.

You will need a business license to open a wholesale account at your local pool wholesale location. In my area, this is through Pool Corp with the branch warehouses are known as SCP and Superior Pool Products. PEP or Pool & electrical Products are also in a lot of areas. Leslie’s Pool Supplies will also let you purchase products at a wholesale price. Just check in your local area for the nearest pool wholesale outlet and open an account to get wholesale pricing.
You may also want to join my coaching program where I can help you further as you set up your pool service business and I can answer your questions on a more one to one basis. Since there are many aspects of starting from taxes to billing the coaching program I have set up will better assist you if you are serious about moving forward. To learn more about my coaching program you can go to this site: