Monday, October 19, 2015

LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit

The ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Photometer Pool
Water Test Kit is a very accurate and easy to use test kit for your pool water chemistry.

One of the best features is that it takes the guess work out of water testing. It uses a digital photometer to give you a precise readout of the test results. A photometer is an instrument for measuring the intensity of light, so the ColorQ will scan the reagent sample and that is how it gets the digital results.

This video details how the ColorQ Pro7 works and I also touch on some of the nice features of this particular test kit:

The ColorQ Pro 7 is a very versatile tester as it will check your pool or spa for all of the main test factors. So if you are a homeowner or a pool service professional it is the only test you will need. It comes with enough reagents for 144 test and 100 tablets for CYA testing. 

The price range is higher than most testers mainly because of the ColorQ unit itself. Since it is a digital photometer there are some cost involved. But it comes with a one year warranty and has proven to be very durable and long lasting - some pool guys have the same unit after several years of continuous use. I like the ease of use with this kit. It is so simple anyone can use it to get accurate test results.

This video will detail how to use the ColorQ Pro 7 as I run it through all of the test factors:

I guess the main question then is how accurate is the ColorQ unit itself? After field testing it and comparing it with another digital tester you can see it is extremely accurate. I tested the Total Chlorine and the pH against the LaMotte Tracer and the results were excellent. Near the middle of the video here you will see me matching the results of the ColorQ against the Tracer. The Tracer Total Chlorine probe has a margin of error of +/- 10%,  so in the video you can see both readings from the ColorQ and Tracer match up well. The Tracer has a margin of error in the pH probe of +/- 0.1 pH. The results also matched up good in the test.

So the ColorQ Pro 7 has many great features. It is easy to use, accurate and reliable. If you absorb the higher price point then I would suggest purchasing one for sure.

You can learn more on my website:!lamotte-test-kits-and-digital-testers/c18dj

Friday, October 9, 2015

Which Automatic Cleaner is right for my pool? Robotic, Suction, Pressure or Return Side Cleaner?

I get asked this question often on my website and YouTube channel and my answer depends on many factors which I will go over a little in this article.

 My answer will vary from person to person but  there are some general rules in choosing a cleaner.  The most pressing questions are how much will a  good cleaner cost and will it clean my pool  effectively?

 The price between the different cleaner types vary  widely so it is better to focus on the price point in  each category of cleaner. The most expensive  cleaner types are the Robotic cleaners followed by  the Pressure Side cleaners and the most affordable  cleaners are the suction side cleaners.

Robotic Cleaners:

A good Robotic cleaner with all the bells and whistles will run you over $1,500 in most cases. Quite an investment but you do get a good return for your money. Today's robotic cleaners are much improved over the 1st generation which came out a few years ago. The motors are more reliable and longer lasting, they can now clean the walls and tile line and there are added features like a programmable cleaning cycle, remote control and an anti-tangle cord swivel. Most of the higher end Robotic cleaners come with a 2 or 3 year warranty. They are that well built and reliable and the manufacturer can offer the longer warranty since it is unlikely you will have to use it.

Some of the benefits of a Robotic Cleaner are:

It runs independent from your pool system which means your filtration system stays cleaner and it doesn't matter if your equipment is old or not  functioning well.

There are no hoses to worry about and once you
are done cleaning the pool you can remove the Robotic cleaner and store it.

They clean the pool very well in most cases -the more expensive models will even clean the tile

The Hayward Aquavac 500 is great choice with 
just enough features to make it exceptional but keeping the price arond $1,000.

The negative factors are a high price point in most cases and the need to send it out for service vs fixing any problems yourself. Most now come with at least a 2 year warranty so that is not a deal breaker. They are highly reliable and effective pool cleaners.

Aquabot makes a line of affordable Robotic cleaners which retail for under $400 like the Aqaubot Rapids seen here in this video. Aquabot offers a 2 year warranty on their cleaners and
 for the price they are surprisingly well made 
and clean the pool very well. If you are on a
 budget or don't feel like spending a $1,000, 
then looking into one of these lower priced
Robotic cleaners would be a good option for you. 

 If money is not a factor then you may want to
 get a  top of the line Robotic cleaner like the Polaris  9550 Sport. This one has it all. A S
even day  programmable timer that can be set for up to 3  weeks. A remote control that is very responsive  and a very sturdy cart. The 9550
 sport cleans the  pool exceptionally well all
 the way up to the tile  line. It also has a cool function where it will come  to the side of the 
wall with a push of the button  and climb up
 to be taken out. A first class robotic  cleaner
 all around. 

Pressure Side and Return Side Cleaners:
Pressure Side cleaners are extremely effective. 
They have a large debris opening and a large bag
on top for debris. They can clean a large pool
in 2-  3 hours or less. The drawbacks are that
they need a  separate booster pump installed
and a dedicated  return line. So usually Pressure Cleaners are  installed when the pool is
constructed or  remodeled.

 Polaris makes some of the best Pressure side      cleaners on the market like the 3900 Sport.

I have several pressure cleaners on my pool route and they leave the pools spotless each week. If
 you  are having your pool built or remodeled maybe consider a Pressure Cleaner.

The Pentair Racer is the Premier Pressure Side cleaner. It works so well that it will clean your pool faster than any other Pressure cleaner on
 the market. It has a huge debris bag and is powered by an extra wide feed hose allowing
 for more water flow to the cleaner. There is an internal back-p valve so no water shooting out 
of the hose and it has extra large front tires to maneuver effectively around your pool. A great choice.

 The Return Side cleaner is a great option if you  have a newer pool with 1 1/2" threaded return  lines. This cleaner connects right into your existing  return lines and works much like a Pressure cleaner  with the exception that no booster pump is needed.  I have these on several accounts and love them.

 The Polaris 360 is the premier Return side 
cleaner  and is the most popular of them all.

The only major drawback is that since you need to   restrict one or more return jets to generate         sufficient pressure the skimming action of the
 pool is reduced. It is not a deal breaker but something to be aware of. So if you have lots
of large debris in your pool and think a
Pressure Side cleaner would work, try  a non-booster pump Return side cleaner as an
alternative to remodeling your pool.

The Hayward Poolcleaner Return side cleaner 
is a great option for you. The hoses are long lasting and it has a large debris bag on top, 
plus a well designed gear system that turns the cleaner in your pool to give you the most coverage. It is a great engineered product
that will effectively clean your pool each week. 

Suction Side Cleaners:

This is the most familiar type of cleaner to most consumers and the most popular type. A suction cleaner works off of your pools existing pump and attached to the skimmer or a side/ vacuum port in your pool. Depending on the pool and type of 
debris this can be the most effective and cost effective cleaner type for you. Most suction side cleaners retail for $400 or less.

The Voyager by IPP retails for close to $100 
and is a very effective cleaner. It is well
engineered and backed by a three year warranty
on the body.

 The Suction side cleaner is the one most popular  on my pool route as they are affordable, effective and there are a lot of different models to chose from. In most cases I will suggest a good suction side cleaner since they are also easy to set up and easy to repair when something breaks.

The Hayward AqauNaut is the top sction side cleaner on the market. It is designed based off 
of the PoolCleaner by Poolvergnuegen which Hayward purchased in 2013. It is a virtually flawless design and it will leave your pool
 spotless each week. You can also purchase
 the Hayward Poolcleaner or Hayward Phoenix 
as all three are the same cleaner with different body color and design only.

So I hope this article and the videos have proved helpful as you make a decision on which automatic cleaner is best for your pool. You can post a question and I will be happy to answer it for you.

To learn more please visit my website:!top-automatic-pool-cleaners-of-2015/ccs6