Monday, November 28, 2016

Volt FX-8Li Battery Powered Vacuum by Water Tech - NEW Features for 2017!

The Volt FX-8Li is now the premiere Water Tech Pool Blaster Unit on the market for 2017. It also sports some nifty new features which I cover in detail in the video for you. Bottom line, if you are looking to purchase or upgrade your Pool Blaster cleaner, the Volt FX-8Li would be a great choice.

The FX-8Li is a retail pool store cleaner and cannot be purchased online. Over 600 retail locations should stock this cleaner, and if not, your local pool store can order you one. As a reward for supporting your local brick and mortar pool store, Water Tech will give you a 2 year warranty on the FX-8Li.

Let me start with the two major upgrades that the Volt FX-8Li comes with. The twist plug and charging port have been completely redesigned. It is now a simple on/off button and the charger never has to actually enter the motor/battery chamber, which means there is a complete water seal with this cleaner. It is an awesome improvement and eliminates user error which could cause water to enter the battery compartment and thus ruin the cleaner.

The charger itself has been redesigned in order to charge the cleaner without having to open the charging port. It has two prongs that will sit on the on/off switch and charge the cleaner quickly and easily. Expect about 35-45 minutes of run time between charging which is pretty standard for all of the Pool Blaster cleaners.

Another great improvement is that the power rating has gone up from a respectable 350 to a spectacular rating of 500. The power rating is basically the suction of the cleaner. Compared to the Max CG which is their Commercial cleaner with a rating of 400, the new FX-8Li has 20% more power. It is very noticeable in this pool that had pine needles and pine branches. The FX-8Li had no trouble at all with sucking them up. So this is one powerful battery powered cleaner.

The Vacuum Head on the Volt FX-8 is just huge. With the added power and the large vacuum head, this cleaner has a very wide cleaning path. It is suitable to vacuum a large above ground pool, your larger spas and to spot vacuum a pool. The power and large cleaning path makes this cleaner the most versatile of the Pool Blaster line.

Also included is a unique vacuum hose and attachment that fits onto the nose of the cleaner. This can be used to get into areas that the FX-8Li cannot reach, such as the top steps or maybe a shallow water feature. This is a great extra addition since the cleaner needs to be submerged in order to work and the attachment works in water as shallow as 1 inch. This is an excellent attachment and one that works really well in my testing.

Also included are two filter bags. One is the Extreme Filter bag which is excellent for dirt and debris. Also included is a standard bag for larger leaf type debris. I also would suggest getting the sand silt bag as this bag is super long lasting and will pick up very fine sand, silt and dust. You can order the one for the Pool Blaster Max as it will fit the FX-8Li also:

You can also order the specific Sand/Silt bag directly from Water Tech:

I think both bags are the same size, just one has a blue rim vs a black rim. It is an essential bag.

Even though the FX-8Li is much larger than the Pool Blaster Max cleaners, it is not much heavier and is designed very well so that it remains well balanced on the pool bottom. It does taking a bit getting used to as it is larger than most of Water Tech's line of cleaners.

There is no doubt about it, the FX-8Li is in my opinion the best Pool Blaster model yet. Yes, you have to drive to a retail pool store to purchase one, but it is well worth the trip. You can learn more at your local pool store or by contacting Water Tech directly:
l 800-298-8800 or email

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

T-Bar Mount: Connect Two Pool Service Carts to Your Truck at the Same Time

The T-Bar Mount is designed for pool service professionals who wish to connect tow service carts to their truck at the same time. The T-Bar mount was created by T.Dula Inc., in order to make it easy to mount two service carts to your truck. The T-Bar is quick and easy to install and is also less expensive than having two receivers welded onto your truck frame.

The T-Bar mount can be ordered directly from T.Dula Inc and it runs around the $250 price range. It is less expensive than leaving your truck all day at the welder to have two receivers welded on. All you need is a standard Class III Receiver mounted to the bottom of your truck.

To order the T-Bar mount contact T.Dula directly thru their website:

The anti-wobble bolt is pretty effective, I also had my welder shimmy a piece of metal into the Receiver to help make it even more stable. I also have a piece of wood taped on between the T-Bar Mount and my truck bumper to eliminate all wobble. Wobble is bad for the carts as it will wear down the hitch over time. You can even have your welder install an anti-wobble bolt similar to the ones that come on T-Bar Mount to your Receiver.

Wood jammed under bumper
Metal Shim in Receiver

There are several companies that make service carts but I think T.Dula is the best. My last service cart was from them and it lasted almost 20 years. The hitch is also superior and built to last virtually forever. I also use a Power Vac on my pool route and the T-Bar Mount is perfect for it also. So no matter the situation I have both my Service Cart with my manual vacuum and my Power Vac on my truck at all times.

If you are serious about servicing pools I highly recommend a service cart. Once you get one you will wonder how you survived without one. It just makes your day that much easier. And the T-Bar Mount is the best way to mount your service carts.

A bit about my service truck and how the T-Bar mount is fairing after about 8 months now. My truck is a 2005 Nissan Frontier with a good towing capacity and a maximum hitch tongue weight of 800 lbs. With the T-Bar mount and two carts I would say the total weight is around 200 lbs. So mounting the two carts is no strain at all on the frame of my truck
The T-Bar Mount has held up extremely well as I park my truck outside and I have already had a couple of chemicals spilled in it. This thing is well made and virtually indestructible. With that said, if you have a very small service truck, check with the manufacturer to see if you can safely mount two carts to the back with the T-Bar Mount as every truck is different.

Also, since every truck has a different height from the receiver to ground, you may need to have a custom shanks made in order to mount your service cart. The Power Vac cart has a very adjustable hitch so that was not an issue. T.Dula does make a shank for their service cart and in my case it was almost the perfect height so that I could just role the service cart up to the hitch without having to lift it. I go over this in more detail in the video I filmed on the service cart.

Pool Service Cart by T.Dula Specialties:
Electric Vacuum Cart (12 Volt Cart):

So if you are interested in having two service carts on your truck, the T-bar mount is the way to go.

To learn more you can contact them also on their website:

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Kreepy Krauly VTX-3 Australia Market ONLY

This is the Kreepy Krauly VTX-3 which is only available in the Australian pool market. If you live outside of Australia you will not be able to purchase this cleaner. Which is too bad because this is a great suction side cleaner made by Kreepy Krauly AU.

Kreepy Krauly AU holds the patent for the Kreepy Krauly cleaner but only in Australia. You may be familiar with the Pentair version which is sold in all other regions. The difference is that Kreepy Krauly AU has kept refining the Kreepy Krauly cleaner making changes here and there until their models work great. They also make their cleaners to last much longer and the VTX-3 comes with a one year full warranty and a 10 year warranty on the drive system.

The VTX-3 would be ideal for a Vinyl or Fiberglass pool, although it can be used in all pool types. I prefer the VTX-7 for plaster pools but the VTX-3 will also work fine. The parts are very long lasting and the silicone seal will last for at least 3 years and is specially designed for the AU market where pool water temperatures are usually very high in the Summer. The silicone seal material is both heat and chemical resistant.

The VTX-3 is basically a condensed version of the VTX-7. It smaller and lighter and the main body is designed to be compact so it is ideal for small to medium size pools. It scrub the floors and walls and pick up sand, dirt and debris with no problems. The VTX-3 uses vortex technology which allows large debris to be sucked up into the cleaner without jamming it.

The hoses for the AU Kreepy Krauly are more advanced than the Pentair counterparts. They are wider and more flexible allowing the cleaner to get better coverage of the complete pool. They also lock together in a tighter fashion so no air leaks between hose sections are possible. The color is also a nice aqua blue which looks good in all pool types.

The benefit of these bouncing type cleaners are that the design is very simple – there is only one moving part. Also the bouncing movement will knock debris down to the bottom to be vacuumed up allowing the surface to stay much cleaner. The VTX-3 is also designed to climb the walls up to the tile line.

 All in all the VTX-3 is an all around great cleaner. If you live in the Australian market, check out their website to learn more.

To learn more visit Kreepy Krauly AU:

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CelaPool™ Diatomaceous Earth Low Dust Swim Pool Filter Aid

This is CelaPool™, a revolutionary new low dust diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aid by EP Minerals. CelaPool is a form of DE that produces very little dust, in fact none at all in my testing.

It is a relatively new product and it is not widely available yet. PoolCorp (SCP & Superior) will be stocking it sometime in 2017 for the pool service professional. Leslie's Pools should also stock it for the retail pool customer so check with your local pool store. Since it is new it is rather expensive online but available:

It should retail for about $25 for a 24 lbs bag. The smaller bags will be less. Comparable to the price of a regular bag of DE.

Here is what I like about the CelaPool DE powder. There is no dust. The dust from regular DE is a an industrial hazard. Meaning if you use it frequently,(like us pool guys), and inhale the dust which you shouldn't, it will cause lung issues and possibly cancer. The CelaPool solves that problem and makes DE very safe to use.

The amount of CelaPool you will add to your pool is the same as for regular DE. Here is the dosage amount for quick reference:

For complete filter charging with the Aladdin 300 DE E-Z Scoop:

24 sq ft filter: 4 scoops
36 sq ft filter: 6 scoops
48 sq ft filter: 8 scoops
60 sq ft filter: 12 scoops
72 sq ft filter: 14 scoops

45 sec to 1 minute filter backwashing with the Aladdin 300 DE E-Z Scoop:

24 sq ft filter: 2 scoops
36 sq ft filter: 3 scoops
48 sq ft filter: 4 scoops
60 sq ft filter: 6 scoops
72 sq ft filter: 8 scoops

You can make a slush with some water and mix the Celapool in a bucket before pouring it into the pool skimmer or you can add it directly. It quickly dissolves and will coat the grids just like your standard DE.

The bag that the CelaPool comes in sets it apart from your standard DE. No longer will you need to worry about the paper bag of DE tearing or DE leaking out everywhere. The Celapool bag is made of durable plastic and is thermally sealed. It is also weather proof so if the bag gets wet, no worries.

CelaPool will come in three different size bags. A small 6 lbs bag will be available for your small filter, a 12 lbs bag for larger filters and a 24 lbs bag for multiple uses or for the pool professional. These bag sizes will make using Celapool very convenient.

EP Minerals decided to develop CelaPool in response to the complaints about the high dust levels in the pools using Celatom DE. Since it is a relatively new product it will take a little time for it to be widely available. I will post an update when it is more widely available for early 2017. I highly suggest switching over to CelaPool DE and to stop using more traditional DE due to the health risks from the dust.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pentair DORADO™ Set Up and Installation

The Pentair Dorado is a fairly easy cleaner to install in your pool. If you have a Kreepy Krauly Great White, follow these same instructions. I will touch on some of the installation problems you may run into below.

All the parts that you will need to connect the Dorado to your Skimmer or Side Port/ Vacuum Port are included in the box. I really like Pentair's Vacuum Regulator as it can be manually set for the optimal suction with ease. It is also a bonus that Pentair also includes a Vacuum Port Fitting.

Also included are 12 one meter hoses with one being the lead hose. It is a pretty easy to determine how many hoses you need, simply stretch the cleaner out from the point of connection, either the skimmer or vacuum port to the furthest point in the pool. For the ideal hose length you should have 4 feet of hose sticking out onto the deck. If you have a little bit more tha nthat, you are fine. This will allow the Dorado plenty of slack to get out of corners and to get the best coverage of the pool.

I thing the main obstacle that you will encounter is getting the suction adjust properly. Fortunately Pentair includes a handy flow gauge for just that reason. So getting the exact suction should be easy form both the skimmer and vacuum port. You can play with the suction a bit also to help the Dorado get the best cleaning pattern. I find that closer to the maximum suction works best.

If the Dorado is climbing out of the pool, just adjust the suction down. It should get up to the tile line and then fall back down without sucking air. It does a great job of climbing and cleaning the walls.

As far as the vacuum port/ side port installation, the manual is seriously outdated. Pentair is using an old Kreepy Krauly Classic manual, and that shows removing the skimmer basket and installing the regulator with a cap on top. Most pools built after 1990 do not have the skimmer and vacuum port connected on the same line. So there is no need for this step in the majority of the pools. Simply attach the Dorado to your vacuum port and adjust it with the valve by the equipment. You can leave the skimmer as is and with the basket installed – there will be no need to insert the skimmer regulator.

A few things that will slow the cleaner down are a dirty pool filter or a clogged pump basket. To prevent the pump basket from getting clogged with debris I suggest purchasing a in-line canister. Of course Pentair makes a good one with their R211084 186A which you can purchase on

I also like the Hayward canister which is also a solid choice:

If your filter starts to get dirty you will notice the cleaner slowing down. Simply clean or backwash the filter to solve this problem. If the cleaner stops moving completely something may be stuck in the mouth of the Dorado. Simply pull it to the side and with the cleaner underwater, remove any stuck debris.

Not much else will stop the cleaner beside a system wide vacuum leak. This is caused by air getting into the system and you will notice the cleaner start and stop often. You will also notice the filter pressure dropping when the cleaner is connected. To fix this simply find the air leak and seal it – usually by the pump.

If you have any other installation questions please feel free to leave a comment for me.

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