Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Pool Guy Show Podcast Episode Index - A list of my Current Podcast Episodes

The Pool Guy Podcast Show is a weekly Podcast where I talk about everything Swimming Pool Related. I cover Swimming Pool Chemistry, Basic Pool Care, Swimming Pool Equipment as well as tips and tricks for the Pool Service Professional. I also conduct interviews with those in the Pool Service Industry and do Product Reviews. You will find everything you need right here on my Podcast Show. You can listen from this Website and I hope you Subscribe to my Podcast on iTunes or Google Play to get the newest episode sent to you. I release a Podcast Episode once a week on Mondays. I also post an audio only version of my Podcast on my YouTube Channel each week. See index below for the link to the YouTube Version as well as the the link to listen online.

YouTube Video Version and Podcast Link SEASON 1:

Podcast AUDIO ONLY -Episode 1: Introduction and Basic Pool Chemistry: https://youtu.be/Ya4du0tgFZ0

In this episode I introduce my Podcast to the listener, share a little about my experience and background and cover basic pool chemistry for you.

Listen to the Podcast:

Podcast AUDIO ONLY -Episode 2: Starting a Pool Service - Interview with Erik Taylor of Chlorine King: https://youtu.be/zgGORD6DFkk

In this Podcast I touch on what it takes to start a pool service business. What better way to talk about this than to interview a pool guy who has one year under his belt. In this episode I interview Erik Taylor of Chlorine King Pool Service in Seminole Florida. Tune in to see if you have the right stuff to start your own pool service business.

Listen to the Podcast:

Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 3: All About Salt Water Pools & Salt Water Generators: https://youtu.be/4q8mTxi0HCI

In this Podcast I go over everything related to a Salt Water Pools and Salt Water Generators. I talk about various salt water systems and go over all the details related to salt water pools. And I answer the question, is it worth upgrading to salt? New Podcast Intro by Steve Guiles (Youtube: Mr Gee Rocks). This Episode is brought to you by Riptide Pool Vacuum Systems: https://www.riptidevac.com/

Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 4: Suction Side Pool Cleaners & My Top 5 Cleaners for your Pool: https://youtu.be/WNkkwmHAn4k

In this episode I go over Suction Side Pool Cleaners and briefly describe how they work. I also go over some tips and tricks for your suction side cleaner. This Podcast includes a discussion of the Top 5 cleaners fro your pool. If your thinking about getting an automatic cleaner listen to this Podcast first.

Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 5: PoolRx Explained, an Interview with Fred Schweer of PoolRx: https://youtu.be/lv9CTO4j6W4
In this Episode I interview Fred Schweer, VP Major Accounts for PoolRx Worldwide, Inc. He explains in detail the use of PoolRx, the benefits and some of the cautions when using the product. PoolRx is an effective way to eliminate algae and prevent algae in your pool or spa.

Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 6: Portable Filtration Systems by Advantage - Interview w/ Lyann & Josh: https://youtu.be/2iiHqf0KvF4

In this Podcast I interview Lyann Courant the CEO of Advantage Manufacturing and Josh Hall the VP of Operations. We discuss their Portable Filtration Systems, Advantage's pumps & motors and their new UV System. To learn more go to: https://www.advantageman.com/

Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 7: Riptide Pool Vacuum Systems, Interview with Matt Lopez VP of Riptide: https://youtu.be/3ldv9U7PskE

In this episode I interview Matt Lopez the Vice President of Riptide Pool Vacuum System. He goes over the Riptide Vacuum System and the features of their Commercial Cart and their new SL Cart. I highly recommend a Pool Vacuum System to help you save time and energy on your Pool Route.

Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 8: Purchasing a Pool Route, Interview with Charles Baird CEO of NPRS: https://youtu.be/tXlWQrv27YI

In this Episode I interview Charles Baird the Founder of National Pool Routes Sales about starting a pool route by purchasing an existing established pool route through National Pool Route Sales. bit.ly/nationalpoolroutesales - National Pool Route Sales bit.ly/CBconsulting - Charles Baird consulting If your thinking about starting a pool business, this is one option available to get into the business and Charles will explain all of the aspects of buying a pool route.

Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 9: Pool Help & Resources for Homeowners & the Pool Service Professional: https://youtu.be/c-aH3CGtJfg

In this episode I go over the various resources that I have created to help the homeowner and pool service professional with all of their pool care needs. I discuss my YouTube Channel, Website, eBook and Patreon Site in detail for you. YouTube: http://bit.ly/2hyJBBg WEBSITE:http://bit.ly/2hxa7Ln Blogger: http://poolmandave.blogspot.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mrdgvb1 Join me on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2yFjtg4 eBook: http://bit.ly/2y6SoW1
Podcast AUDIO ONLY -Episode 10: SPPA General Liability Insurance for your Pool Route: https://youtu.be/i0MaCtqYW5s

I cover General Liability Insurance for your swimming pool route in this episode. I interview Danielle Bahr, President of SPPA. We discuss Liability Insurance in Detail and the policies SPPa offers. To learn more: http://thesppa.com/ Join me on Patreon for the group rate: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4251655 Sponsors: Riptie Vacuum Systems: https://www.riptidevac.com/ INYOPools.com: www.inyopools.com?utm_source=Swimming-Pool-Learning

Podcast Audio Only – Episode 11: All About Pressure Side and Return Side Cleaners: https://youtu.be/gSvapjuGBTg

In this Podcast I go Pressure Side and Return Side Pool Cleaners. I share the pros and cons as well as give you my recommendation for the best Pressure Cleaner for your pool. Vacuum Systems: https://www.riptidevac.com/ INYOPools.com: www.inyopools.com?utm_source=Swimming-Pool-Learning

Podcast Audio Only - Episode 12: Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief, Interview w/Charles Baird of NPRS: https://youtu.be/iMu6KV4tjYo

In this Episode I talk to Charles Baird the Founder of National Pool Route Sales who spent 2 weeks volunteering in Houston helping clean up after the devastating effects of hurricane Harvey. We discuss his time in Houston as well as some tips for the Pool Service Professional on how to handle clean-ups after a disaster. All Hands Volunteers: www.hands.org National Pool route Sales: bit.ly/nationalpoolroutesales bit.ly/CBconsulting- Charles Baird consulting Riptide Pool Vacuum Systems: www.riptidevac.com Advantage Manufacturing: www.advantageman.com Visit Inyopools.com
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 13 - Pool Service Equipment 101: https://youtu.be/Jy25Wg4yAi8

In this episode I go over some of the pool cleaning equipment you will need of you have a pool service business, are thinking about starting a pool service or maintain your own pool at home. For one on one help join me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4251655
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 14 - All About Aquabot Robotic Cleaners, Interview with Steve Andrews: https://youtu.be/cTQWE7PmrDc

In this Episode I Interview Steven Andrew of Aqua Products. We discuss in detail the Aquabot Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Podcast Audio Only: Episode 15 -Swimming Pool Skimmer Help: https://youtu.be/8V1jxgOfcLU

In this Episode I go over products that will enhance your pool skimming. Some of the products I cover are the PoolSkim, Solar-Breeze NX, Skim Devil, SolaSkimmer, Skim Doctor 2.0, Skimmer Motion and the Gator

Podcast Audio Only: Episode 16 - Interview with Tal Millican Owner of Multi-Tork filter sockets: https://youtu.be/044L5heOjDk

I talk to Tal the owner/operator of Multi-Tork. Multi-Tork makes filter socket sets and other tools that will speed up your filter cleanings. Learn more at: http://www.multi-tork.com/

Podcast Audio Only: Episode 17 - Tips on Cleaning your Pool After a Wind Storm: https://youtu.be/xX_MvkCry30

In this Episode I touch on some things to do if your area gets hit by a major wind storm. Wind gusts of 50 mph or higher will create a real mess in your pool. I go over the steps to take before the storm and offer some clean up tips for you.

Podcast Audio Only: Episode 18- All About D.E. Pool Filters: https://youtu.be/V1nBX4HCSdM

In this Episode I cover all of the aspects of a D.E. Pool Filter. I go over exactly what a D.E. filter is and cover some of the benefits and drawbacks of a D.E. Filter.
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 19 - Buying Pool Parts Online, Interview with Matt Simmons Inyo Pools: https://youtu.be/1Ht8XZN9FVk

In this Podcast I discuss buying Pool Parts online with an interview with Matthew Simmons of Inyo Pools Inc. We discuss the services the Inyo Pools provides and Matthew discusses the benefits of shopping online for your pool care needs. Visit Inyo Pools at: www.inyopools.com?utm_source=Swimming-Pool-Learning

Podcast Audio Only: Episode 20 - Interview with Guy Erlich, President of Water Tech Corp:

In this Episode I Interview Guy Erlich who is the President of Water Tech Corp. Water Tech manufactures battery powered vacuums for you pool and spa. These self contained portable vacuums are ideal for pool and spa owners as well as pool service professionals. Water Tech also makes Robotic Pool Cleaners.

Podcast Audio Only: Episode 21: Taylor Test Kits, Interview with Wayne Ivusich: https://youtu.be/5wz6dwSstYA

In this Episode I discuss the line up of Taylor Test Kits with Wayne Ivusich who is the Director of Education at Taylor Technologies. We touch on the pool test kits available for both the homeowner and the pool service professional. We also discuss the training courses offered by Taylor Technologies.

Podcast Audio Only: Episode 22 - All About Pinch A Penny Pool Stores, Bob Slaughter: https://youtu.be/Dgb1kEsaF0s

In this Podcast I talk to Bob Slaughter, Chief Business Development Officer for Pinch A Penny about the Pinch A Penny Pool stores. We discuss the locations and services that Pinch A Penny provide
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 23 - Basic Cleaning Equipment for Cleaning your Own Pool: https://youtu.be/iQUTM_dB_XY

In this Podcast I go over the basic pool cleaning equipment that you will need to clean and maintain your own pool. The equipment is actually very basic and I go over everything you will need.

Podcast Audio Only - Episode 24: Cleaning Tips for Pool Service Co. After a Santa Ana Wind Event: https://youtu.be/ax9BlboBEP4

In this Episode I go over some things to do if you service pools in the Southern California area and your service accounts get hit by a Santa Ana Winds and Ash from the fires that often are produced by these winds.

Podcast Audio Only- Episode 25: All About the FlowVis Flow Meter, Interview with Paul Hackett: https://youtu.be/OiVWmsekUvk

In this Episode I interview Paul Hackett of H2Flow Controls and we discuss the FlowVis Flow Meter. A Flow Meter is a device that you install on your pool plumbing to get an accurate reading of the GPM (Gallons Per Minute) so you can set your VS Pump to the optimal setting to maximize your energy savings.

Podcast Audio Only - Episode 26: Swimming Pool Filter Types Overview: https://youtu.be/20ABB9OBeMw

In this Podcast I go over the 3 most common filter types for your swimming pool. I touch on the pros and cons and offer tips on D.E. Filters, Cartridge Filters and Sand Filters.

Podcast Audio Only - Episode 27: Should You Clean Your Own Pool Or Hire a Pool Service Company?https://youtu.be/ZCqpX5K5-7k

In this Episode I give you practical advice to help you decide if servicing and maintaining your own pool is something you really want to do or if hiring a pool service company to do it for you would be a good idea.  

Listen to the Podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/624021-episode-27-should-you-service-your-own-pool-or-hire-a-pool-service-company

YouTube Video Version and Podcast Link SEASON 2:

Podcast Episode 28 Audio Only: LaMotte Pool & Spa Testers (ColorQ Pro 7) -Interview with Rich DeMoss: https://youtu.be/FX5M6LU660E

In this Podcast I discuss in detail the Lamotte ColorQ Pro 7 and the other pool and spa water testing products manufactured by LaMotte. I interview Rich DeMoss who is the Global Pool Business Director at LaMotte Company. 

Listen to the Podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/626059-episode-28-colorq-pro-7-and-other-lamotte-water-testers-interview-with-rich-demoss

Podcast Audio Only - Episode 29: All About the LaMotte Spin Touch, Interview with Rich DeMoss: https://youtu.be/IsOgvLITDMg

In this Episode I interview Rich DeMoss of LaMotte and we discuss the Mobile WaterLink Spin Touch in detail. This is a digital water tester for your pool and spa that does 10 test factors in one minute: Free Chlorine, Total chlorine, Bromine, pH, Calcium Hardness, Total alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Copper, Iron, Salt and Phosphates. 

Listen to the Podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/626261-episode-29-all-about-the-lamotte-mobile-waterlink-spin-touch-interview-with-rich-demoss

Podcast Audio Only - Episode 30: The SkimDoctor 2.0, Interview with the Inventor Ron Smith: https://youtu.be/3djMF7ZswfM

In this Podcast I interview Ron Smith who is the creator of the SkimDoctor 2.0. The SkimDoctor is a device that attaches to your pool skimmer basket and will increase the velocity of the pool surface allowing more debris to be trapped in the skimmer. It is a great product that really works.

Podcast Audio Only - Episode 31: AquaSuite Pool Route Management Software - with Cameron Craig: https://youtu.be/sXvkJnPfbnM

In this Episode I interview Cameron Craig who is the creator if the AquaSuite which is a powerful Management software for your pool service business. AquaSuite will allow you to manage, track, record and invoice your service accounts. AquaSuite does everything to make your pool service company successful and easy to run. To learn more go to www.useaquasuite.com

Podcast Audio Only - Episode 32: Pleatco Filter Cartridges, with Abhi & Rich Pleatco Engineers: https://youtu.be/FM4ChiHQGgc

In this Episode I interview Abhi Pillai Director of Research and Development and Richard Medina VP of Engineering and Research at Pleatco, LLC. We discuss the Pleatco Filter Cartridges in detail and go over the benefits of the Pleatco Advanced Cartridges.

Listen to the Podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/110832/644171-episode-32-pleatco-filter-cartridges-interview-with-abhi-pillai-rich-medina-pleatco-engineers