Monday, February 26, 2018

Controlling a Salt System or Booster Pump with the AUX Relay in a Jandy 2 Hp Vs Pump

The Jandy 2.0 HP Variable Speed Pump (VS pump) has a built in Auxiliary Relay which can be used to control a secondary device as long as it does not exceed 11 Amps. This is ideal for a Salt Water System or Booster Pump and this is a great way to control another piece of equipment through the VS pump. The Jandy VS pumps not connected to an automated system requires a separate controller and I prefer the Jandy iQPUMP01 interface over the older JEP-R controller.

How the AUX Relay works is that you would wire the device power source according to the manual as a shared power source. A licensed electrician or licensed pool service technician should do this for you. Once the device is connected to the AUX Relay on the pump you can control that device by simply setting a higher RPM that will activate the AUX Relay. Any RPM above 1725 RPM will give power to the AUX Relay and activate the secondary device (Salt System or Booster Pump). So if you set your VS pump to run at 1400 RPM for 8 hours per day and set a program at 2100 RPM for two hours the Booster Pump or Salt System will then turn on.

This is a great way to insure that your Salt System will only be running when there is enough flow to the cell to generate chlorine. If you run your salt system with to little flow it can cause damage to the system. The same goes with a Pressure Side Cleaner Booster Pump. Many times I have stopped by a service account where the Booster Pump is running when the main circulation pump is off. Over time the Booster Pump will burn out. It is designed to only run when the main circulation pump is running. So by wiring either of these to the AUX Relay on the Jandy 2.0 HP VS pump, you are insuring safe operation of the device.

The Jandy TruClear Salt System shown in the video uses only 1 amp of power. It can easily be connected to the AUX Relay as it is well below the 11 amp limit. A Polaris Booster Pump gives off about 6 amps when connected as a 230V device. This also is safe to connect to the AUX Relay on the pump. I wouldn't connect another full size pump or anything that gives off more than 11 amps of power, otherwise the GFI will likely trip. But a Salt System or Polaris Booster Pump can safely be connected.

If you have any questions as far as wiring configurations you can call Jandy Tech Support directly. Every pool system is set up differently so wiring configurations may vary. The manual of the Jandy VS pump shows some accepted wiring configurations that you can use. You can see the manuals here:

Jandy FloPro VS Pump (page 14):

Jandy VS PlusHP Pump (Page 11)

So the AUX Relay on the Jandy 2.0 HP Pumps is a great way to power a secondary device and control it with the iQPUMP01 by setting the pump RPM at a threshold above 1725 RPM. It is like instant automation of the secondary device. If you are using it with a booster pump then there is no need for a secondary timer or time clock. This makes for a very clean and convenient install of secondary equipment.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pleatco Advanced - The Best Cartridge Filter Replacement Media Without a Doubt!

Pleatco is the leading manufacturer of replacement filter cartridge media and it is the brand of the cartridges that I use on all of the pools on my pool route. I have used and tested every brand over the years and the Pleatco Advanced brand is the best. In this Podcast I interview Rich Medina who is the VP of Engineering and Research at Pleatco and Abhi Pillai who is the Director of Research and Development. They go over in detail why Pleatco Advanced is the premiere replacement filter cartridge media.

Listen to the Podcast:

The first thing we cover is when you need to replace the cartridge in the pool filter. This is important for a number of reasons and I think many pool owners let the cartridges ride too long before changing them. Abhi points out that it should be cleaned when the PSI is 8 PSI over the clean mark when cleaned last. So if it started at 20 PSI and is now at 30 PSI it needs to be cleaned. This is especially true of the single cartridge filters that are all over Florida in particular. He referred to them as the One Up Filters, we call them Single Bullet Filters in my area. Theses single cartridge filters can wear out pretty quickly in my experience. So if you notice a reduction in flow or the pressure rising right after cleaning the cartridge, you probably need to replace the cartridge or cartridges.

Pleatco Advanced Filter Cartridges are uniformly bonded filtration media driving super-charged cleaning performance, superior to anything that has come before. They use a 4 oz bonded media verses the 3 oz media used by other manufacturers and this allows them to trap a greater volume of dirt. It also has smaller pores in the fabric and can capture more dirt giving the pool or spa water a greater level of water clarity. The weld spots on the advanced bonded material makes the cartridges very strong and durable and will last much longer than standard cartridges. The Free Flow Core technology allows the filter to run at a lower pressure resulting in higher water flow rates even when the filter gets dirty which also extends the life of your pool pump. So there are many advantages in replacing your old cartridge with a Pleatco Advanced Cartridge.

Four years ago when the Pleatco Advanced came on the market I filmed a series of videos, two in which I compared the Pleatco Advanced to three other leading manufacturer brands. By far the Pleatco Advanced Cartridge preformed better than the other brands. You can watch those videos here and see for yourself the results of my testing.

Who Makes the Best Replacement Pool Filter Cartridges? Part One of Two:
Who Makes the Best Pool Filter Cartridges? Part Two of Two:

I also loaded a 320 sq ft Clean & Clear filter with 10 lbs of D.E. to see how the Pleatco Cartridges held up and you can see that video here:

Pleatco Advanced Pool and Spa Cartridge Filter - Test & Review:

I also did a short video on the PureStart Disposable Sentiment Filter and show you the set up and use of those:

Pleatco PureStart® Disposable Sentiment Filter - for Pool and Spa Filling:

To learn more listen to the Podcast I recorded with Rich and Abhi as they go into great detail on how the Pleatco Advanced Cartridges work and why they are the top choice in the industry.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Easiest Way to Save Thousands of Dollars on your Pool Cost - Install a Variable Speed Pump!

Several years ago when Variable Speed Pumps first appeared on the market – if I remember correctly I ran into my first one in 2007, I thought they were really ineffective in keeping the pool clean and a standard pump was superior. I will admit that I was wrong in my original judgment and my opinion has shifted 180 degrees. Far enough that two years ago I installed one at my own pool. Bottom line, Variable Speed pumps will save you a ton of money, last longer and run quieter then any standard speed pump.

I am going to focus here on the money savings that a Variable Speed Pump (VS) can help you with and you will be amazed I think of the amount of money you can save each year on your pool care budget. The pool pump can be the highest energy hog in your house, passing your Air Conditioner and Refrigerator just by the shear amount of hours it runs each day. If you have a 1 ½ or 2 HP pump installed and you run it 8 hours per day, not to get into complicated conversions of kWh (Kilowatt Hours) and how you are charge each month by your Electric Company, just imagine it as having on Twenty 100 watt light bulbs every hour it is running. That is a lot of electricity each day and if your bill is tiered by usage, meaning the more you use the more you are charged, your bill can get very high very quickly. On average a pool pump will be about 40% of your total electricity bill each month.

So the best way to save money is to cut into your monthly electricity bill and that is exactly what a VS pump does. Simply put, your standard pump runs at 3450 RPM (Rotations Per Minute) which is about 1800-2000 watts. A VS Pump can be set to different RPM and at every lower RPM the total wattage used is lowered. So just lowering the VS Pump down to 2100 RPM, it cuts the watts down to 685 watts. At 2100 RPM the water will appear to flow just as strong as a standard pump running at 3450 RPM. Cut it down even lower to 1200 RPM and you are down to 165 watts. So instead of having twenty 100 watt light bulbs running you only have a little over one light bulb running each hour. This is the reason your electric bill can be cut almost in half by simply installing a VS Pump.

In the video I show you my electric bill and the dramatic reduction after installing the VS pump in my house. In most cases my electric bill was reduced almost by half every month. Roughly $40 less each month since I put in a VS pump at my house. Saving close to $500 a year in my pool care cost is huge. If you have an even larger pool and replaced a bigger pump your savings can be even higher, over $1,000 per year. And each subsequent year you are using the VS Pump translates into savings. So after 10 years in my case, I just put $5,000 back into my pocket. It really pays for itself to have a VS Pump installed.

In the video I am featuring the Jandy VS pump and that is the one I have installed at my house. The main reason I like Jandy is because of their iQPUMP01 interface. It makes scheduling and checking on your pump savings very easy. The iAquaLink APP allows you to use your smart phone to control and program the pump speeds and it couldn't be simpler. So many homeowners struggle with setting up their VS Pump and in the process actually lose money but not refining the run time and RPM of the VS pump. I have other models on my pool route like the Pentair Intelliflo and the easier to program Superflo VS Pumps but the iQPUMP01 is the clear winner with ease of set up and use. It is something to consider when purchasing a VS pump and programming it later.

To restate a simple fact, a VS Pump whichever brand will save you money so when your old motor burns out or you are remodeling or having a pool built, I highly recommend going with a VS Pump. I am a believer.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

AquaSuite Pool Route Management Software - Free Trial and 20% Discount Code

AquaSuite is a powerful Pool Route Management Software that tracks, manages and invoices your customers and service accounts. This is an affordable solution that will speed up your business accounting and allow you to earn more by preventing loss due to missed billing of parts and services. The time savings and more effective billing will more than pay for the monthly subscription.

AquaSuite starts at as little as $20 per month depending on your route size. It makes invoicing as simple as one press of the button and easily syncs with Quickbooks and Freshbooks. Here are some other great features of the software:

Track Service Stops:
Ditch the route book and gain quick, complete access to all your service stops while being able to easily notify your customers of when you service their pool via email.

Automatically Bill Your Customers:
Using data already collected in the field, invoice all your customers with the click of a button. Know when you get paid, and who is behind on their bill.

Track Repairs From Start To Finish:
Easily notify and receive approval for repairs your customers need and track the status from start to finish.

I recorded this Podcast with the creator of AquaSuite Cameron Craig and he goes into great detail on how to use the software and how it can help manage your pool service business.

Listen to the Podcast:

AquaSuite is very easy to use and set up. Once you have entered all of your accounts you can easily track your chemical readings from week to week, parts that you have installed that month and any upcoming repairs and charges that are needed. This is a great way to stay on top of things and an easy way to log your activity out in the field. If you have employees this is also a very easy way to check to make sure that your customers are getting the best possible service.

AquaSuite is also a great way to keep track of repairs and it allows you or your repair technician to input the amount of commission or payment to to them so that they always get paid fairly and in a timely manner. If you sub out a lot of repair work to different technicians you can easily loose track of who did what and when. With AquaSuite everything is logged in the software and you can easily pull it up to check it at anytime.

There are just so many ways that the software can help you manage your Pool Business and save you time and money that it is worth a look. You can try it for free and see if it is something you would like to implement to manage your accounts. Cameron can also be reached on the site with the chat button if you have any questions while using it. For those looking for a better way to manage and log their service account a software program like this one is a good place to start.

To save 20% for the first three months enter promo code: SPL1

AquaSuite Website:

Monday, February 12, 2018

Is The Threaded Wall Fitting of your Polaris or Legend Cleaner Stuck in the Wall? Here is a Trick to Remove it Safely

One thing that often happens over time is that your Polaris or Pentair Pressure Cleaner will no longer connect to the wall fitting. What happens is that the tabs in the threaded part of the connector break off so the only solution is to remove the 1 1/2” threaded wall fitting. But more times then I can remember the threaded fitting is calcified into the pool wall and it becomes impossible to thread it out without breaking it. Here is a very easy solution and one that I have used successfully on many occasions.

The Polaris cleaner is connected to the pool return line with a 91009001 UWF Connector Assembly Wall Fitting 9-100-9001 and the Pentair Legend uses the Pentair LXW22 White Complete Wall Fitting. This part is usually very long lasting, but it is the tabs on the threaded fitting that fail over time. So how do you get it out if you try to turn it and it doesn't budge? You can try a specially designed tool by Polaris, but this tool requires the two small tabs to be intact – which they rarely are, otherwise you wouldn't need to remove the threaded fitting in the first place. So that will not work in a case where the tabs are snapped off.

What I used to do is use a pair of Channel Locks and carefully turn it out – but many times the plastic wall fitting would crack and break and then it was near impossible to remove it. The problem is that while the wall fitting is hollow and you are turning it,, you can't get enough force on it to turn out the threaded parts from the wall. The solution is to re-insert the Quick Disconnect (or Pentair LXW22 depending on your cleaner) back into the wall fitting. You will have to hold it with one hand as without the tabs it will fall right out. With the Quick Disconnect back in the wall fitting it will allow you to then grip the threaded wall fitting with the Channel Locks and turn it out.

It's just basic physics. When the wall fitting it hollow there is no resistance and instead of turning it out it snaps and breaks instead. With the Quick Disconnect back in, the sides of the wall fitting are beefed up and solid again. In this solid state the Channel Locks can grab the wall fitting and now easily turn it out. It actually will thread out quite easily in most cases.

To prevent the wall fitting from locking up in the wall due to calcification when replacing it wrap some Teflon tape around the threaded part. This will make changing it the next time the tabs break off very easy. Or what I tend to do is not thread it in all the way, it just needs to be tight and there is no need to put it all the way into the wall. Either way, you want to prevent the new one from locking up on you. If it breaks off in the pool wall it is very hard to remove so for an easier task in the future try these two methods.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

The SkimDoctor 2.0: Turbo Charge You Pools Skimmer

I have been using the SkimDoctor on my Pool Route for over 3 years now. Last year they updated the SkimDoctor and relaunched it under the name of the SkimDoctor 2.0. In a nutshell what this product does is increase the surface skimming velocity by channeling the water into the skimmer. You can also listen to the Podcast interview that I did with Ron Smith the inventor of the SkimDoctor 2.0 as he goes into great detail about the product and it's features.

Some of the features of the SkimDoctor 2.0 is the ability to unscrew the top to empty out the debris. This makes for very easy cleaning of the pump basket. It also has two gates now instead of one so if you have a 1.5 hp or 2 hp you can adjust the gates so that the pump will not suck in any air as the SkimDoctor 2.0 increases the surface skimming volocity. The original SkimDoctor worked so well that with only one gate it would pull in too much water causing the pump to also pull in air. Another nice feature of the SkimDoctor 2.0 is that there is a Vac Attachment or Vac Plate that can be screwed on top for manual vacuuming or for attaching a suction side cleaner to the skimmer.

To order the SkimDoctor 2.0:

There is an included flange for larger skimmer baskets, most of the skimmer baskets here in Ca. are of the larger variety and require the flange. It is an optional part that is included and I recommend using it if you are unsure or if the SkimDoctor 2.0 doesn't fit snug on top.

Here is briefly how the SkimDoctor 2.0 works:

"First, the slots in the inner tube of SkimDoctor 2.0 is partially responsible for speeding up the flow of water, precisely the flow of surface water, in your skimmer. By forcing water to flow through SkimDoctor’s narrow slot, SkimDoctor increases the top surface speed In more technical terms, when water moves from a wider channel to a narrow channel, the volume of the water that moves a given distance in a given time period does not change, however, the speed of the water increases. This phenomenon is called the Bernoulli principle and explains why water flows quickly in white water rapids when rocks narrow the width of the water channel. In addition, the SkimDoctor 2.0 tube itself forces water to flow around the tube in two directions, thereby narrowing the water channel, and creating a three-fold Bernoulli effect."
The SkimDoctor 2.0 is compatible with almost all modern skimmers and will fit the following baskets:
Hayward SP1082 skimmer basket; Hayward SP1070 skimmer basket; Swimquip/Sta-rite U3; Intex 18949; Baker Hydro B136/51-B-1026; Pentair B43/513036 Basket; Skim Pro (all 3 models); Pentair Pac Fab Bermuda; Astral 05280R0400; Waterway 542-3240; Waterco S75; Waterco SP5000; Poolrite S1800.

They also make a new white glove edition with the basket included. This version comes with a Hayward SPX1082 basket and is completely assembled for you on the basket. You can simply take out your old basket and drop the SkimDoctor 2.0 right in – no assembly required.

To order this version:

Monday, February 5, 2018

Zodiac MX6 Not Moving Part 3: Changing the Cyclonic Turbine (Scrubber Assembly R0525000 )

In this series of videos I go over replacing parts in your Zodiac MX6 if it is not moving in the pool or not turning. The thing I really like about the MX6 vs the MX8 is how easy it is to work on. Not that the MX8 is difficult, but there are less parts in the MX6 and it just is compact and easier to work on. You will also be able to isolate the problem easier on the M6 and get it up and running like new again in a matter of minutes.

One of the drawbacks of the MX6 is all of the moving parts wear out over time. Fortunately the parts are inexpensive and easy to install. I would say after 1 ½ to 2 years you will need to start to replace some parts, and this depends on the pool run time also. But figure at the 2 year mark replacing all of these parts featured in this video series would be a good idea.

This first video covers what to do if the MX6 stops going thru it's turn cycle. Very common in the MX8 but less common in the MX6 since there is only one Directional Device in it. The MX6 uses the Directional Device Side A, part #R0524700 – you will often see it listed for the MX8 like this “Baracuda R0524700 Side A Direction Control Device Replacement for Baracuda MX8 Pool Cleaner.”
The same part is used for both cleaners.

In this video I cover replacing the in your MX6. After changing both Tracks and the Engine (Part 1 and 2 of the series) and you notice the MX6 is still moving slowly then the last part to swap out is the Scrubber Assembly. This part is also known as the Cyclonic Turbine Assembly and it is a very simple and easy part to change. This part is constantly spinning when the cleaner is moving and usually even if it is wearing out will still spin. But you will notice a slowdown in the MX6 as a result of this. Fortunately unlike the MX8 there is only one of these in the MX6 and it is relatively inexpensive at around $12.00-$15.00
To order: Baracuda R0525000 Scrubber Assembly Replacement for Baracuda MX8 Suction-Side In-Ground Pool Cleaner:

The Scrubber is the last moving part of the MX6. As the water passes over the engine, the tracks begin to move on the pool floor and the Cyclonic Scrubber spins as a result of this. I find this part to be very long lasting but when I do a complete rebuild with the engine and tracks I simply just change this out also. That way once you drop the MX6 back into the pool it is practically a brand new cleaner.

If you want to make your MX6 an MX6 Elite watch this video:
Zodiac "MX6 Elite" - Adding the Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit to Your MX6:

All you need to do to make your MX6 and “Elite” version is to add the Retrofit kit Scrubber to the cleaner. The part is called Zodiac Cyclonic Scrubbing Turbine Assembly MX8 Pool Cleaner R0714300 and you can purchase it here:

This kit is for the MX8 so you will get two Scrubbers in the box so you can keep one as a spare for future use.

Here are the other videos in the series:

Zodiac MX6 Not Turning: Replacing the Direction Control Device - Side A:
Zodiac MX6 Not Moving Part 1: Changing the Tracks:
Zodiac MX6 Not Moving Part 2: Replacing the Engine Assembly
For more videos covering the MX6 including adding the Cyclonic Scrubbing Kit to the unit refer to these videos below.

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If your in the market for a bigger cleaner, here are the videos I filmed on the MX8 Elite.

MX8 Elite Videos:
Zodiac® MX8™ Elite Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner:
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

LaMotte Waterlink Spin Touch

This is the Lamotte WaterLink Spin Touch Mobile which can do 10 test factors in 60 seconds. It is a truly awesome water tester in every way. In this Podcast I talk to Rich DeMoss of LaMotte Company and we go into detail on the features and use of the Spin Touch.

The SKU for the Mobile unit is: Lamotte #3581 MOBILE WaterLink SPIN TOUCH Lab and the price has remained unchanged from 2017. The Spin Touch test kit great for so many applications. If you service Commercial Accounts this is a great way to keep your logs for the Health Department and Pool Manager. For Resorts, Hotels and Clubs this would be a perfect way to get spot on readings to assure that the public pool is safe. And of you are a Health Inspector there is no better water tester than this. Plus it comes with a 2 year warranty.

Here is the link to purchase form

The Spin Touch Mobile also can be switched from Pool to Tap Water so if you are in water quality management or in plumbing, this kit would be great. If you own a retail pool store or a hardware store and offer water testing to your customers they make a retail store version with a counter mat, posters and door decal the #3580 Model.

The 202 Disks seen in this video are sold in a 50 pack for around $120. The 202 Disk does 10 test factors in 60 seconds:

Free Chlorine (DPD) 0-15 ppm
Total Chlorine (DPD) 0-15 ppm
Bromine (DPD) 0-33 ppm
pH 6.3-8.6
Calcium Hardness 0-800 ppm
Total Alkalinity 0-250 ppm
Cyanuric Acid 5-150 ppm
Copper 0-3.0 ppm
Iron 0-3.0 ppm
Salt 0-5000 ppm
Phosphate 0-200 ppb

Here are the 202 disks on eBay:

Imagine doing all of these test within 60 seconds. If you are doing pool start-ups the power of this tester is just awesome. It will give you all the vital test factors to insure a perfect pool start-up. If you service Commercial Pools think of the time you will save when using the Spin Touch Mobile. The price of the disks is offset by the time savings and by the accurate results that are logged by the software in the Spin Touch and can be sent to the customer or Health Official.

They also have a disk that tests just 3 test parameters which can also be reused 3 times. This disk does Total Chlorine or Bromine, Free Chlorine and pH Disk #4334-H. This would be a great disk for spot
checking a pool in between the 10 test factors which you could do monthly. It is really a very versatile tester that can be used in any number of applications.

You can also download the WaterLink Connect app from the Google Plat Store and Apple App store. This App is free and will allow you to connect the Spin Touch to your smart phone or device and from the App you can transfer the Test Logs and actually control the Spin Touch unit from your smart phone or device. You can take it a step further and Subscribe to the WaterLink DATAMATE Web which will allow you to store, send the log customer data. After you log the test results the Data Mate software will give you detailed recommendations to balance the water. To learn more:

To learn more you can view the Spin Touch brochure online:

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