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Pentair QUAD D.E.® Cartridge Style Filter & Clean & Clear Plus Filter Assembly

If you are a pool Service Professional or a Do it Yourself type homeowner and are installing a Pentair Quad D.E. Filter or a Pentair Clean & Clear Plus filter, I will show you what is in the box and how to put the filter together for your install. It is pretty easy but is worth going over so that everything is clear. I like the Quad D.E. Filters and the Pentair Clean & Clear Plus filters and have many of them on my pool route.

The Assembly for both the Quad D.E. And the Clean and Clear Plus are exactly the same. In fact I think it is the same filter body with just different internal configurations. In the box along with the filter is the Air Relief Valve and Pressure Gauge, Two CPVC 2” Universal Unions with O-rings and the Instruction Manual.

So the first step is to take the plug out of the Air Relief Valve with a wrench and thread the Pressure Gauge into it. They put Teflon Tape on the plug to give you a hint, it is a good idea to add some Teflon Tape to the Pressure Gauge at the threads. Simply thread the Pressure Gauge into the Air Relief and only go hand tight. Important: if you over tighten the gauge the Air Relief will crack at the threaded part. It is made of plastic and I have seen it crack before so just put it in hand tight.

Then you will take the assembled Air Relief Valve and thread it into to top of the filter. This part does not require ant Teflon Tape and there is a small black O-Ring on top so make sure that O-ring is in place to prevent any water leaks. Again, you will go hand tight with the Air Relief into the top of the filter. This is very easy to do and I really like the simple user friendly design of these filters.

Next you will want to install the two 2” Universal Unions onto the filter. The two included O-Rings just stretch and go over the lip of the Union. Make sure to also lube up these O-Rings before you put them on the filter. I like using Magic Lube for this and would suggest not using any other type of lube as that could shorten the life of the O-Rings and cause a future leak. They just slide right into the filter body. You will be taking them off again after doing the dry fittings for the plumbing but to get the right measurements it is a good idea to put them on while installing the filter. The Unions thread in hand tight only so don't over tighten them with a wrench.

And that is the assembly of the filter. It is really pretty easy but it is always good to see it done and explained in detail. To see the installation of the filter including the plumbing watch this video:

How to Install a Pentair QUAD D.E. Filter:

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Mako Power Vacuum Bags - Affordable Replacement Bags for the Power Vac & Hammer-Head Pool Vacuums

One of the main expenses of using a Pool Vacuum System like the Power Vac or Hammer-Head is the price of the replacement bags. The bags do wear out over time and if you use the cleaner often you will go through a lot of bags each year. That is why a company like Mako Power Vac Bags is a great resource for the pool service professional. They make great replacement bags but at half the cost of the OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) bags.

Mako Power Vac Bags makes a variety of replacement bags. Their most popular bag is their Regular All Purpose Bag. This bag does a great job picking up leaves as well as sand and fine dirt. This would be your primary bag for everyday use on your pool route. Priced at only $15.00 it is a great value and the bag you will want to order.

They also make a small Spa bag (18” x 14”) which is perfect for water features, Infinity Edge Pool troughs and of course spas. They sell an Extra Large Regular bag which is 40” x 18” for those pools with a lot of debris in it. This bag would be handy for wind storm clean ups or those pools that just get a ton of debris in them each week. They also carry a Heavy Duty Bag. The Heavy Duty bag is great for water features, ponds, green pool clean up and any pool with a lot of large leaf debris. You really can't beat the price point and quality of these bags.

The bags are designed with a simple pull string and clip and they take only seconds to put on and remove. The quality of the bags is very good and the design has some features not found on the OEM bags. Across the bottom is a thick layer of cloth with the USA flag stripes across it giving the bag superior support. The Regular bag picked up quite a lot of dirt in my testing and although there is no micron rating on the bag I would place it under 100 microns for sure. For the price you are getting a solid product that can be used over and over again without any issues.

So with the Mako bags you are saving money without sacrificing on the quality of the bags. In my testing the bag preformed just like the OEM bag and anytime you can save money on your equipment cost is money in the bank.

The Mako bags are also made right here in the USA so not only is the price point great, you are getting an American Made Product. The bags are made in Florida and buying American is the way to go. You can order the Mako Power Vac Bags directly from their website:

If you would like to learn more about the Power Vac Vacuum system I have several videos on the product. I think a Pool Vacuum System is a must have for anyone who services pools. They are just so good at picking up large leaf debris and saving you time on your pool route. With the Mako bags I think you can safely invest in a system and not be overly concerned about the cost of replacement bags going forward.

Power Vac PV2100 Set Up and Walk–Through:
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Tips for Cleaning your pool After a Santa Ana Wind Event

If you service pools in Southern California or own a pool in the area, you will experience a major Santa Ana Wind event at least every couple of years. Depending on your area these winds can fill your pool with tons of leaves and dirt and completely cover your pool. If there is a fire also in the area your pool can also be filled with ash. In this article I go over some tips for dealing with the Santa Ana Winds and the ash from the fires that often occur with the wind event.

First off if you are a homeowner who has their pool serviced weekly by a pool service professional a major Santa Ana Wind event will require some patience and understanding on your part. The pool service company can only spend about 30-40 minutes at your pool the first week and it may take as long as 3 weeks for your pool to get back to it's 100% clean state. With 14-18 service stops each day it is unrealistic that your pool service company can spend an hour or more at your pool that day. If you take your car to a mechanic and it needs a major service but he has 6 cars in front of you in most cases you are understanding and will leave it overnight with him. In the same respect a major wind event will be treated in the same way by your pool service company. It is an inconvenience to see a messy pool in your backyard but the good news is that these wind events happen in the Winter when the pool is not being used.

For the pool service professional you will need to set a timer for each pool for 30 minutes. If you spend less time at another account you can use the time for your current stop. But realistically with the short amount of sunlight in the Winter you will not be able to complete your route each day if you spend 50 minutes to an hour at each pool. Besides that it is exhausting and you could actually hurt yourself by trying to do too much each day. Explain to your customers that your priority the first stop after a wind event is to skim the surface and get the pool running. If they are willing to help out by skimming to surface before you arrive that would be great and you can tackle the leaves and debris on the bottom. I leave a pole and leaf rake at every one of my service accounts and carry extra low priced leaf rakes in my truck to leave at an account if needed. So week number one, spend 30 minutes skimming the surface and getting the pool running.

Week two is when you focus on the pool bottom. It may be covered in leaf debris, dirt and ash. Your focus should be to remove the leaves and debris from the bottom and not worry about the dirt and ash. I highly suggest investing in a Vacuum System like the Power Vac, Riptide or Hammer-Head Vacuum System. It is a major expense but will pay off greatly in a situation like a Santa Ana wind event. At the least invest in a Leaf Master (Leaf Bagger, Leaf Vacuum) which attaches to a garden hose and acts much like a small version of the Vacuum Systems. I have many videos covering all of these and the time saving of using one of these is tremendous. Once you use one you will wonder how you ever survived without one.

Easiest Way to Clean Leaves Out of your Pool on a Budget! Using a Leaf Master:
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The dirt and ash present another problem and I suggest using some type of Portable Filtration System or Portable Pump. Here in So Cal most of the pool filters are either Cartridge filters or D.E. Filters with only a Push/Pull Backwash Valve. Very few accounts have a Multi-Port Valve with a “Waste” mode where you can vacuum the pool and bypass the filter. This means that all of the dirt and ash will have to be vacuumed up and go directly into the pool filter. Then you will have to take the filter apart and clean it which takes time. Better to vacuum the pool out with a Portable Pump which is easy to build or invest in a Portable Filtration System by Advantage Manufacturing. This will allow you to vacuum the dirt and ash without it going into your customer's filtration system and you will not have to clean the filter. With all of that dirt and ash going into the pool filter, chances are half way through you will notice a drop in suction and maybe even dirt and ash returning to the pool as the filter gets overloaded. It is far better to use a Portable System then the pool's filter for that reason.

Portable Clean-Up Pump to Vacuum out a Pool:
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It is a good ideas to have a Service Contract so that your customer's are aware that the Santa Ana winds are an “act of God” and out of your control. Also explain the clean up process in the contract so that they are aware you can't spend hours each week cleaning up the pool. The Podcast goes over this and more in greater detail so listen to for more detailed information.

Nikon W300 4K Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera Review

I've used many of these point and shoot underwater cameras and I must say the 4K video quality of the Nikon Cooolpix W300 is by far the best video quality I have filmed in yet. The Nikon W300 is 4K camera but with a standard lens. This means that the footage will not have that annoying curved edges or bubble look of other 4K cameras that use a Fisheye or Wide Angle lens. I will touch on some of the great features of the Nikon W300 and why I think this is the best in it's class.

I think the main reason to purchase this camera would be for the 4K video. On land and underwater the quality of the 4K video is amazing. I tried the Olympus TG-Tracker 4K camera but after one day of filming the curved video footage was just unusable. So I decided to go with a standard lens 4K camera instead and if you don't need the camera for jumping out of an airplane or strapped to your motorcycle helmet you may want to pass on the GoPro, TG-Tracker or Sony because of the video distortion. Of course you sacrifice the smaller size of those cameras but in reality a standard size point and shoot camera is much more versatile in the long run. Unlike those smaller 4K cameras the Nikon W300 has a larger 3” view screen on the back, it has a flash and it has 5X zoom. It also takes good 16 MP photos and can also shoot in lower video modes like 1080p.

One note about filming videos in 4K. If you have a computer with anything less than an Intel i5 processor, the videos may play poorly on your computer. I am using an Asus Strix Rog computer with an i7 processor and the videos play beautifully and crisp on the 2K monitor. I also have a 4K iMac but the footage plays a little slow on that machine as it is a couple years old now. The editing software for 4K video can run you $100 and up so be aware of those factors before investing the extra money for a 4K camera. If you don't have a need to play the 4K footage opt for a standard 1080p camera as you will be better off in the long run. I couldn't play the 4K video smoothly on my 2 year old Intel i3 HP computer so just be aware of the drawbacks that filming in 4K creates.

Let me run down a few negatives of the camera for you. There is no viewfinder and truthfully you don't really need one in my opinion unless you are using a DSL camera. The tripod mount is plastic threads instead of metal and over time it will wear out (almost all of my other cameras with these plastic threads have worn out and no longer work on a tripod). The record button in on the camera face and not on top next to the on/off and photo button. Nikon does this with most of their cameras and to me it is inconvenient. My finger is already on top to turn the camera on and it would be nice to hit record without using my other hand. I may be nit picking a bit because this camera has so many great features and I can live with these drawbacks.
The battery life is good and it is better than my Fiji Film and Sony cameras and on par with my Lumix which uses a similar size battery. I have 2 extra batteries anyway so battery life is not a big deal. It focuses well in video mode and the 4K 30 frames per second footage is excellent. The sound quality is good also and you will hear very crisp audio from your recordings. It shoots good videos in low light also and there is a nice LED light you can activate to give yourself more light if needed. It has a compass and will tell you your longitude and latitude and well as your elevation. Something I probably will ever use but it is built in to the menu if you need it. The menu is a basic point and shoot menu and you can adjust a lot of the photo and video functions on this camera. But I go back to the main reason to own this camera, great 4K video without the Fisheye distortion.

Here are the Specs for you:

Effective Pixels (Megapixels)
16.0 million
Sensor Size1 / 2.3in.

Monitor Size 3.0 in. diagonal
Monitor Type TFT-LCD with Anti-reflection coating
6-level brightness adjustment

Storage Media
SD memory card
SDHC memory card
SDXC memory card

4K UHD 3,840x2,160/ 30p
4K UHD 3,840x2,160/ 25p
Full HD: 1920x1080/ 60p
Full HD: 1920x1080/ 50p
Full HD: 1920x1080/ 30p
Full HD: 1920x1080/ 25p
HD: 1280x720/ 30p
HD: 1280x720/ 25p
VGA 640x480/ 30p
VGA 640x480/ 25p
HS 640x480/ 4x
HS 1920x1080/ 0.5x

ISO Sensitivity
ISO125- 1600
ISO 3200, 6400 (available when using Auto mode)

Top Continuous Shooting Speed at full resolution
Up to 5 shots at approx. 7 frames per second

Battery / Batteries
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL12

Approx. Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)
4.4 in. (111.5 mm) x 2.6 in. (66.0 mm) x 1.2 in. (29.0 mm)
excluding projections

Approx. Weight
8.2 oz. (231 g)
with battery and SD memory card

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Basic Swimming Pool Cleaning Equipment to Clean and Maintain your Pool

I often get asked by new pool owners what they need as far as equipment to maintain their swimming pool each week. The straight answer is that you really don't need that much. All you really need is a pool pole, pool brush, a leaf rake, a vacuum hose and a vacuum head. As part of your basic pool equipment you will need a test kit also to keep your pool water balanced. The equipment you need to clean your pool is actually very basic.

This is basically all you need to clean and maintain your pool each week:

A Pool Pole
A Pool Brush
A Leaf Rake
A Vacuum Hose
A Vacuum Head
A Test Kit

You don't really need anything else and you can get all of this online or at your local pool store. I suggest investing in high quality professional equipment, but if you are on a budget cheaper equipment is perfectly fine in most cases. Here is a list of some of the products I use and recommend:

Leaf Rakes
Purity Pool Scoops & Leaf Rakes - Product Overview:
Purity Pool Red Baron 20-Inch Professional Leaf Rake:
Purity Pool Spa Scoop 14-Inch Leaf Rake - Silt Model:
Purity Pool Pro-Lite 18-Inch Professional Leaf Rake, Tuff Duty & Silt Model:
ProTuff 19" Swimming Pool Leaf Rake with 100% Lifetime Guarantee:

Pole Pole:
Skimlite 9000 Dually Series Three Piece Pool Pole:

Pool Vacuum Head:
Pentair R201276 Pro Vac #214 Commercial Vac Head – Review:

Pool Brush:
SweepEase® AquaDynamic 18" Pool Brush – Review:
Purity Pool TSQC Tile Scrubber with Quick Connect- How to Assemble:

As Far as test kits you can go pretty basic and just use test strips or go with a really advanced kit like the ColorQ Pro7. If you have a small Kiddy Pool or a small above ground pool you can use test strips without any real issues. These will give you a good ballpark reading on your pool and since you are dealing with 3,000 gallons or less you don't need to worry about too much. Just keep the chlorine at 3.0 ppm or higher and the pH above 7.2 to avoid burning eyes or itchy skin. If you have a regular in-ground pool or a large above ground pool you may want to invest in a more professional test kit. I have a number of choices listed on my website:

I do suggest in investing in a good automatic cleaner to help save time with your overall pool cleaning. If you are not paying for pool service and you have some extra money in your budget you can pick up a good automatic cleaner for as low as $160. For higher end Robotic type cleaners expect to pay $600 to $1,000 for a good unit. An automatic cleaner will clean your pool for you each week and will cut down on your cleaning time as well as chemical usage. They will also leave your pool very clean each day so if you use your pool frequently it will be in ready to swim shape all the time. I have my top automatic cleaner in every category listed on my website.

Top Suction Pool Cleaners:

Top Robotic Pool Cleaners:

Top Pressure Side Pool Cleaners:

So cleaning and maintaining your own pool I made easy once you invest in some basic equipment. If you decide to service your pool by yourself you may also be interested in my eBook which goes over all the basics as well as the more complex aspects of your swimming pool care.

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Water Tech Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner Review - 4 Year 500 Cycle Warranty!

The Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner by Water Tech is an underrated and often overlooked cleaner. It comes with a lot of premium features and is priced just under $1,000. The Blue Diamond also comes with an industry leading 4 year warranty (or 500 cleaning cycles) so you can rest assured that you will get years of use out of this cleaner. Here are some of the specifications and features of the cleaner. I will touch on a few of these later in this article.

Caddy cart with every unit
Can clean most pools in 60 minutes, up to 90 minutes on larger pools
Can maneuver and will turn in the pool without pistons
The safest operating robotic cleaner, running on 24 volts
Approved for use by ETL, CSA, TUV, CE, GS
Oil-Free drive motor
“Hex Wheels”- Heavy Duty Stainless Steel supported wheel tubes
Swivel on cord- No more cord tangling
Equipped with PVA brushes that will operate in ANY type of pool surface
NO FLOATS are needed as with other robots
Cycle Counter- Warranty testing
All motors are pressure tested under water to 1.5 atmosphere (17 ft.)

Cord Length: 60 ft.
Factory Warranty: 4 year / 500 cycles
Suction Power: 4225 Gal / Hr
Cleaning Coverage: 5900 sq ft per hr
Unit Weight: 16.5
Drive Motor: 24v DC Oil Free High Speed Brushless
Pump Motor: 24v DC High Flow

To order the Blue Diamond:


The Blue Diamond features unique foam brushes on front and back that expand when they fill with water much like a sponge. These brushes pick up dirt and debris and feed them into the debris openings on the bottom of the cleaner. They are made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) and are algae resistant allowing the cleaner to quickly and effectively clean any pool surface. The Blue Diamond is suitable for all pool surfaces and it uses a track system to grip the pool walls. As long as there is a slope between the pool floor and wall the Blue Diamond will clean your pool walls up to the waterline.

The Blue Diamond is designed to clean your pool in one hour or 1.5 hours if you have a larger pool. The control panel is programmed to run the cleaner for 1.5 hours each cleaning cycle. The Aqua Smart guidance system is designed to target the areas of your pool that need the most attention allowing the Blue Diamond to clean your pool up to 20 times faster than a traditional robotic cleaners.

It also has an obstacle sensor that will prevent it from getting stuck on ladders, step areas or any other obstacle in your pool. There is also a Beach Entry detector so if your pool has a Beach Entry the Blue Diamond is designed to avoid exiting the water in that area.

The bottom loading debris bag does have it's benefits. It allows for a larger area for debris then your top loading cleaners and the debris bag will trap dirt, algae and debris down to an amazing 2 microns. This is as good or better than a D.E. Filter. The cleaner will also pump over 4,000 gallons per hour so as it is cleaning it is also circulating your pool water.

The 60 ft of cable is great for a small, medium or large pool. The cable itself is made out of a very durable plastic and there is a cord swivel to prevent tangling. The swivel is a great feature and many of the problems with robotic cleaners stem from the cord getting tangled. With the included swivel you don't need to worry about spending time untangling the cleaner after each cleaning cycle.

One of the things I like the most about the cleaner is the 4 year 500 cycle warranty. You can't beat a warranty like that. Here are the terms of the warranty:

Blue Diamond: 4 years for the main parts-drive motors and pump motors. 2 year for electrical cable and power supply (transformer).

PARTS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY: The filter bag, drive belts, plastic components, drive tracks, and brushes require replacement in the ordinary course of use due to normal wear. Therefore they are not covered by warranty.

The Blue Diamond is a traditional robotic cleaner in every sense but it cleans very effectively from the pool floor to the pool walls and picks up fine dirt and debris very well. If your looking for a simple to use and effective cleaner the Blue Diamond should not be overlooked

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Pinch A Penny Pool Stores

Retail pool stores are still a great place to find hands on one on one help with all of your pool care needs. In 1988 when I started in the business I worked for a local pool store and learned the ropes of pool service. I spend some time talking to Bob Slaughter from Pinch A Penny and we discuss some aspects of their franchise pool stores.

Although I am a big proponent of getting help online for your pool care needs, there is still a definite place for the brick and mortar pool stores. Not only are you supporting your local business by shopping in a pool retail store, but you are keeping a vital link between the pool manufacturers and the consumer open. Many manufacturers makes retail only specific products and will also give you an extended warranty of you purchase from a pool store verses purchasing online. From the beginning of the pool industry, manufacturers have used retail pool stores to showcase their products. Liken it to Best Buy with electronics. You cannot go into a Walmart and find the same level of products at your fingertips that Best Buy stocks. The Same goes with the local retail pool store which can stock many more pool products then a Home Depot or Walmart.

This allows manufacturers to make a wide variety of products for the consumer. Retail pool stores stock products so manufacturers can produce more and continue to refine their products making them better and better each year. The sheer variety of products is tied directly to the retail pool store and this helps you as a consumer overall. With more products there is more competition and the prices will stay competitive. This also allows you to choose the best product for your needs.

There is nothing wrong with shopping online and I think there is a place for both online pool stores and retail pool stores. With a retail pool store you can walk in and have the product in your hands the same day. This is important if you are trying to get your pool balanced or want to put in a new pool pump for an upcoming party. You can also have your pool chemistry tested in a retail pool store as well as have your pool motor and salt cell tested. This can save you money in the long run, instead of replacing a motor that may still be functioning, the pool store can test it and even rebuilt it for you.

Here is some more about Pinch A penny:

Pinch A Penny Pool Patio Spa is America's Largest Franchised Retail Pool Supply and Service Company.

Pinch A Penny's direction is quite simple. We strive to be unrivaled in providing value, quality, and service to our customers. That's why we're now over 230 stores strong and growing. It’s also because our swimming pool expertise is something you can count on to keep your pool and spa its healthiest and your family its happiest.
In fact, Pinch A Penny stores are all staffed with fully-trained experts. We have more Certified Pool Operators than any other company and our continuing education programs are unparalleled. Why trust your swimming pool or spa to anyone else? Only Pinch A Penny gives you the answers, tools, and products you need to make your pool care routine go swimmingly.
Since opening its first store in 1975, Pinch A Penny has become the largest franchised retail pool, patio and spa company. A family-owned business, Pinch A Penny began with the Thomas family opening a discount store within an industrial park in Clearwater, Florida. This first store evolved into a full-time, full-service retail pool supply store offering everything needed to operate and enjoy a swimming pool or spa. Pinch A Penny carries a wide variety of products such as chemicals, equipment, patio furniture, giftware, toys and floats.
Pinch A Penny began issuing franchises in 1976, always promoting its “family-owned” culture. Today, Pinch A Penny is over 230 stores strong and growing and provides virtually every product needed to help you enjoy a pool or spa to its fullest.

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Polaris 7240 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 7240 Sport is a new Robotic Pool Cleaner by Zodiac designed for a small to medium pool. This is an entry level Robotic Pool Cleaner and part of Zodiac's Trade Series line which means it is not sold online and it is only available at your local brick and mortar pool store or from your pool service professional. The Polaris 7240 Sport has a lot of the same features found in their larger robotic cleaners but for an entry level price.

Here are some of the features of the Polaris 7240 Sport:

Cyclonic Vacuum Technology- Captures debris without losing suction
Navigates Floors and Climbs Walls- For full pool coverage and a thorough clean
Lightweight Handling - Compact design is easy to carry
Easy Clean Filter Canister with Transparent Lid - Simply remove, unlatch, shake and spray

And here are some of the cleaners Specs:

Vacuum Technology: Cyclonic
Easy Clean Filter Canister: Yes
Surface Cleaning Ability: Floors and walls
Drive: Tracks drive
Brush: Pleated
Cable Length: 50' cable
Maximum Pool Size: Up to 36'

The cleaner itself is very compact and only weighs 13 lbs. So it is ideal for those homeowners who are looking for something more convenient to use in their pools each week. Because of the small size I would only recommend it for small to medium size pools. If you have a larger pool you may want to look at their 8050 Sport model which I have reviewed and tested in this video:
Polaris 8050 Robotic Pool Cleaner Review:
Polaris 8050 Sport: Unboxing and Caddy Assembly:

The 7240 Sport has many of the same features of the 8050 Sport only on a smaller level. And when I say smaller I really mean it with this cleaner. It is the smallest robotic cleaner that I have tested and used thus far. But this doesn't mean it does not do the same job as it's larger counterpart. It does have a smaller cleaning path but with the same cyclonic vacuum technology of the other Polaris Robotic cleaners it really sucks up the dirt and debris. The track system allows it to easily climb the pool walls to the waterline. The track system also allows it to get up an over any obstacles in your pool, including Anti-Vortex main drains and the step areas.

For such a small cleaner it does come with 50 ft of cable so it will work in most pools effectively. When I make reference to a larger pool, I am referring to a pool 20 by 40 ft or larger. So if you have a 32 ft by 16 ft or a 30 ft by 14 ft pool, the Polaris 7420 is suitable for your pool. I would just suggest a cleaner with a larger cleaning path and a larger debris canister for those larger pools. Here in my area most pools fall into the small to medium size category and I think Zodiac was very smart designing this cleaner for those pools.

The top load debris canister is surprisingly large and is very easy to open and clean out. Simply press on the latch in front and the canister and easily remove it. The clear plastic top is also a nice touch as you can easily see if the debris canister needs to be emptied.
The Controller is also very simple to use and it just has one button to start and stop the cleaner. There is a programmed run time of 2 hours and the cleaner will leave your pool spotless each week. There is no caddy cart included but you can purchase one separately from Zodiac if you wish.

If you are looking for a compact and easy to use Robotic Pool Cleaner I would look at the Polaris 7240 Sport as it cleans effectively, rapidly and efficiently. It is suitable for all pool surface types and does a great job of also climbing and cleaning the pool walls.

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