Thursday, May 25, 2017

Polaris TR35P Inground Pressure Cleaner Review (Requires Booster Pump)

The TR35P is the latest Booster Pump cleaner by Polaris Pools. This is their retail pool store only unit and you can only purchase it at your local brick and mortar pool store. The TR35P is based on their Polaris 380 model and has a belt drive system which is highly reliable and is the same one found also in the Polaris 360 (non-booster pump) model.

The thing that sets the TR35P apart from the other Polaris models is the very nice dark color scheme. It comes with a black feed hose and a dark blue clear body with gray and black tires. This cleaner would be perfect for a colored plaster pool but looks equally great in a regular white plaster pool. The dark hoses and dark body just make this cleaner look awesome in a pool.

The way the TR35P works is that the dedicated booster pump (typically ¾ hp) will pump the water from the pool to a dedicated return line where the cleaner is attached. The water in funneled into three jets on the bottom of the cleaner known as Venturi. The water will shoot debris into the bag on top as well as move through the cleaners drive system and propel it along the pool floor. So essentially it uses the pool's water pressure to move and pick up debris. Hence it is known as a Pressure or Return side cleaner.

Polaris has been making Pressure Cleaners now for over 40 years. It all started with the Polaris Vac Sweep, later renamed the Polaris 180. They make a number of other models including the 280, 380 and 3900 Sport. All of their models are reliable and clean the pool very effectively. If you look at the reviews online you will see that these cleaners get 4.5 stars out of 5 stars consistently across all of the models. So the TR35P, although a newer model, is backed by the strong reputation of Polaris.

The TR35P comes with everything you need to set it up in your pool (except for a booster pump). It has 31 feet of the black feed hose with a black back-up valve attached. It also comes with the wall connector and Quick-Disconnect attachment. The black debris bag comes standard and there is an extra All Purpose Leaf Bag included. It also comes equipped with the Tail Sweep Pro which is an advanced tail attachment that will allow the tail sweep to operate at full speed without shooting water out onto your pool deck and windows.

The TR35P is part of the Trade Series Cleaners offered by Polaris Pools. In order to get you to invest and shop at your local pool store, they are offering this cleaner in this awesome color scheme and including the extra debris bag and Tail Sweep Pro. They also offer an extended 2 year warranty on the TR35P as opposed to the standard 1 year warranty when you by a cleaner online.

What makes the Polaris Pressure Cleaners great is that the included wall fitting is compatible with all of the previous Polaris models as well as Pressure cleaner models from other manufacturers. The 1 1/2” fitting will connect to any pool that has had a dedicated Pressure cleaner in the past. So if you are replacing your current Polaris Pressure Cleaner or one from another brand, the TR35P will thread right in. It couldn't be any easier.

So stop by your local pool store and check out the Polaris TR35P today.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pool Blaster Max Li Pool and Spa Cleaner by Water Tech

The Pool Blaster Max Li is Water Tech's latest update on their flagship Max Battery Operated cleaners. It all started with their Pool Buster Max many years ago and Water Tech is always updating their cleaners to keep them current with today's market. The Pool Blaster Max Li has the same great cleaning features as the previous units but with a few upgrades.

The biggest and most revolutionary upgrade is that the charging port is now water sealed. On the older models you had to twist open the charging port and plug the charger directly into the motor/battery chamber. This was one of the biggest issues and a common failure of the unit if the user did not tighten and lubricate the plug sufficiently when threading it back in. Water could get into the charging area and short out the cleaner. You also had to twist the port tightly to turn the unit on and then open it slightly to turn it off. By opening it slightly to turn the unit off, water also could seep in.

The new design eliminates user error completely. The Charger attaches to the outside of the cleaner and nothing needs to be opened. Also, there is a simple to push on/off switch that is marked clearly in red. This new design guarantees that no water will enter the charging port and short out the cleaner. A serious upgrade that makes this cleaner even more reliable and durable.

The Li stands for the new Lithium Ion internal battery which makes the cleaner lighter and will extend the lifespan of the unit also. The Lithium battery can go long periods between uses and still work when recharged which is great if you Winterize your pool for part of the season. So expect to get 2-4 years or 300-500 charges on each Lithium battery which is a much longer lifespan than the previous version.

The power rating of the cleaner has also been increased meaning the new Max Li has more suction than the previous model, almost a 30% power boost.. The increased suction can really be seen as the Max Li picks up debris with ease. The nice thing about the Max Li is that all of the debris is trapped in the filter bag which is large in capacity and holds both large and fine debris/dirt. It is easy to empty and clean making the Max Li a convenient way to vacuum out your pool or spa. I also suggest purchasing a sand/silt bag for the finer dirt. This bag also last a very long time and and works great for spas.

Pool Blaster Max Sand and Silt Filter Bag:

The Max Li would be ideal for vacuuming your Spa, Kid pool, Above Ground Pool, In-ground Pool, and to spot vacuum a pool with an automatic cleaner. The compact size makes it ideal for almost all pools and spas and the vacuum head with the wheels and brushes makes it safe for all surface types. No need for cords or hoses, just turn on the Max Li, drop it in and away you go.

It comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Water Tech Precision 2.0 Li Professional Pool Vacuum

This is the Precision 2.0 Li Battery Powered Cleaner by Water Tech. The Precision 2.0 is Water Tech's latest cleaner made exclusively for the pool service professional. The Precision has been in the works for over two years and Water Tech has made many improvements that make this cleaner reliable and highly effective.

The Precision is only for sale to pool service professionals and won't be available online. For more info on pricing and availability check with your local pool supply wholesaler. With that said, if you are a homeowner looking for a powerful portable vacuum like this one, check out their Volt FX-8 cleaner. Water Tech may in the future make the Precision available to homeowners, but for now it is marketed and sold to pool service techs.

The Precision is Water Tech's upgrade of the Pro 1500 which is a solid cleaner in it's own respect. The Precision is designed to be used as a portable vacuum separate from the pools filtration system and it comes with three bags for various situational use. The Xtreme Multi Layer Bag is for standard use and is great at picking up dirt and debris. The Sand & Silt Bag is designed for fine dirt and sand and works well at trapping smaller dirt particles. And the All Purpose Bag is for pools with large leaf debris with little dirt. These bags all work great and they really trap the dirt and debris well.

The Precision comes with two Lithium Ion Batteries that will last longer and are much lighter than their previous batteries. Also included is a car charger that you can use to charge the battery while you are driving around on your pool route. Each battery will last for about one hour of continuous use. It takes about 4 hours to charge the batteries from the wall charger, less time for the car charger.

Just the overall convenience of the Precision makes it ideal for pool service professionals. You can vacuum a good size pool in about 15 minutes and don't need to carry back your pool hose and vacuum. The Precision is very lightweight, coming in at 11 lbs and is very well balanced and easy to carry. It comes with a shoulder strap also for easy transport.

It needs to be submerged in the water to work but can vacuum at a depth of just 12 inches. I have used it by holding it by the handle to clean out Negative Edge Pool Troughs and to vacuum shallow steps. It is designed to clip right into your standard pool pole and you would vacuum a pool or spa just like you would with the manual hose vacuum set up.

It comes with two vacuum heads. A standard bearing wheeled vacuum head for Gunite or Plaster pools and Vinyl & Fiberglass Vacuum Head for those pool surfaces. Both Vacuum heads are 14” wide and work really well at pulling in the debris. (14.5” and 14.75” respectively). So the Precision is great for all surface types.

Overall in my testing the Precision 2.0 Li has cleaned the pools very well and I find that it is a great tool to add to my cleaning arsenal. It makes cleaning certain pools very convenient and saves me time. I have used many of the Water Tech products and they are all very reliable and effective. The Precision 2.0 Li is a solid product.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dolphin S300i Robotic Pool Cleaner by Maytronics - Smartphone MyDolphin™ app control

The Dolphin S300i Robotic Pool Cleaner by Maytonics is one of their flagship cleaner. The S300i combines the best of what Maytronics does into one finely tuned machine. Don't let the compact size and old school robotic cleaner look fool you. The S300i is loaded and ready to tackle any pool.

First let me touch on the S-Series by Dolphin as there are four different models in this series. The S100 is their budget version but is still packed with many great features. The S200 is a step up from that and the S300 series is their premium cleaner with two models. The standard S300 model and the S300i. The S300i can be controlled and programmed using the MyDolphin App through your Smart Phone or Device's Bluetooth connection. In this article I will be covering the features of the S300i, but many of these features are also found on the other cleaners in the S-Series. The S-Series is only available for purchase at your local brick and mortar pool store and is not sold online.

The one thing that sets the S300i apart from other robotic cleaners is that you can control and program the cleaner from the My Dolphin App. After downloading and installing the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store you can connect to the S300i via your devices Bluetooth. Once connected you can set custom cleaning modes. A weekly cleaning schedule and cleaner run time. There is also a really cool remote control mode where you can control the cleaner manually from your Smart Phone or Device. The My Dolphin App is a great feature and in my testing worked perfectly. If needed you can also control the S300i from the Multi-Function Power Supply which is also included.

The S300i comes with an easy to assemble and very sturdy caddy for easy transport to your pool and for storing the cleaner when not in use. This caddy holds the power supply as well as the cleaner and cord.

The S300i also features CleverClean Scanning which is a unique scanning features that allows the cleaner to get full coverage of any pool type. This will allow the cleaner to have shorter run times but still get the entire pool clean. The tracks on the cleaner are also designed to get it over any obstacles in the pool and allows the cleaner to have superb wall climbing ability. The PowerStream Mobility System allows the cleaner to move along the waterline and scrub the pool tiles with ease.

The cleaner is also very lightweight coming in at 7.5 kg or 16 lbs. So it is pretty easy for anyone to drop into the pool and to retrieve when the cleaning cycle ends. It also features a Quick water release so when you pull the cleaner out of water it will drain out very rapidly.

The Multi-Layer Filter is a great at picking up dirt, leaves and fine debris. This is a top loading cleaner and the debris chamber has a handle that pops up when the lid is opened. This allows you to simply grab the handle and pull the debris chamber out. Simply snap open the bottom to remove large debris and then hose off the filter chamber. It couldn't be simpler.

Other key features of the cleaner are a 60 foot cable or 18 meter cable length. Active brushing which removes dirt algae and debris. And a track system that will get the cleaner up and over anything in the pool including the step area. It comes with a 24 month manufacturer warranty.

Bottom line, the Dolphin S300i is loaded with features that will allow the cleaner to leave your pool spotless each week with the peace of mind that the cleaner is backed by a company with a strong reputation of making quality robotic cleaners since 1983. Stop by your local pool store and check out the Dolphin S300i, it is a solid choice for a robotic pool cleaner for your pool.  

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Polaris TR36P & Polaris 360 Installation and Set Up

The Polaris TR36P is a great return side cleaner and the set up is fairly easy for most pools. Like it's sister cleaner the Polaris 360 the set up needs to be fined tuned for each specific pool. There are a few requirements for the installation which I will cover in this article.

First, the TR36P and the Polaris 360 are non-booster pump type pressure cleaners. If you have a booster pump and a dedicated line you will need to use a Polaris 280, 380 or 3900 Sport. The TR36P will not work on a booster pump as there is just too much water pressure. The TR36P and Polaris 360 both work off of your pool's existing 1 1/2” return lines.

This is the second thing that you need for the correct installation, 1 1/2” threaded return lines. They do sell a stub pipe connection kit but it is best if your pool has threaded return lines. The kit is known as: Zodiac 9-100-8003 1-1/2-Inch Stub Pipe Connection Replacement Kit. The majority of pools constructed have these 1 1/2” threaded return jets installed during construction.

The cleaner also works best if you have at least a ¾ hp pump and a full size pool filter. Basically it requires substantial water flow to operate correctly. If the water flow is too weak the cleaner will not move well in the pool. In contrast, when the water pressure is good the cleaner will work exceptionally well.

Usually a pool will have two or more return jets. If you have an attached spa a bypass valve is also installed so that the spa gets some return flow. For proper installation you will have to restrict or close off some of the return jets. This will allow for the return jet where the TR36P is connected at to get maximum flow. The smaller eyeball jets work well and they sell various sizes online and at your local pool store. Generally I find that you also need to completely plug off at least one return line with a 1 1/2” threaded plug.

Return jet configurations can be strange and the TR36P works best from a jet nearer the center of the pool. Sometimes the builder doesn't put any jets in the middle so find the one closest to the middle of the pool and connect the cleaner there. In the video I did have one in the middle but it was right were the spa is elevated. I could still reach it and it was in the pools center so it was the ideal location. I have One Polaris 360 installed at a return jet close to the shallow end as there were no return jets anywhere near the middle. I just had to add a hose section to that cleaner.

Once you find the location to connect the cleaner, stretch it to the furthest point and adjust the hose length. For proper operation the hose should stick out of the pool 6 inches at the furthest point. Too much hose and it may get hung up in certain areas in the pool. Too little hose and it will not get full coverage. I show you how to adjust the hose in detail in the video.

The cleaner is shipped with an attached pressure check device. Once connected this will allow you to judge if there is enough flow or if you need to restrict more return jets. In my case I had to restrict one more jet because the spa bypass was using quite a bit of the return flow. Each pool is a little different so use this pressure check to fine tune the set up at your pool.

Once everything is connected the last thing to check is the wheel RPM – wheel revolution per minute. Basically how many times the wheel passes a certain mark on the cleaner in one minute. The optimal wheel RPM is 28-32 per minute. If it is below 28 RPM you will need to restrict more of the return jets. If it is above 32 RPM you will have to increase the return to the pool jets and decrease the return to the cleaner.

So the Polaris TR36P and Polaris 360 are not difficult to install. You just need to fine tune the pools return for best results.

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Swimming Pool 101: A Crash Course for Rookies

In this article I cover many of the basic aspects of swimming pool care all in one long lesson. To get the full feel for this watch the attached video. I think you will find helpful if you know nothing about your pool. I did this in one shoot where I go over the basics of the pool water itself, equipment, testing, cleaning tools and much more. All of this information can be found in my eBook also and you will see pages from my book drop down during the course of this video.

To purchase my eBook for the low price of $9.99 you can go to my webpage here:

My friend Ben who currently runs a landscaping company wants to possibly expand into pool service in his area. Since he knows next to nothing about pools I agreed to give him a crash course. So I recorded my conversation with him and created this video. I think you will find it extremely helpful.

The first point I make and one that is very crucial is to know that a pool is a very unnatural way to keep a body of water. The natural state of water is more in line with a lake or a pond. But for the pool to be maintained so that it is safe to swim in you need to do these three things:

Balance the pool water
Circulate the pool water
Clean and maintain your pool

If any of these three elements is off the pool can turn on you very quickly. Let the chlorine zero out and algae will form. Go long enough and the pool will turn green. Or even if you add tons of chlorine to the pool but the water is not circulating, the pool will overtime turn green. And if you don't remove the dirt and leaves from the pool the water quality will also suffer. It is not hard to do but you need to be diligent and on top of these three things to be successful in your pool care.

Knowing your basic pool equipment is also essential. The pump is the heart of your system. If it is not running long enough or not running well, the pool can turn on you quickly in the Summer. Same with the filter. If it is not cleaned on a regular basis the water will not circulate properly. Knowing how the water flows into the pool and how the pool valves operate is also essential.

Testing the pool water weekly is a key part in keeping everything looking good. You should invest in a good test kit, one that does the basic four:

Free Chlorine or Bromine
Calcium Hardness

It is also a good idea to invest in a more advanced test kit so that you can
also test for:

Combined Chlorine
Acid Demand
Base Demand
Cyanuric Acid (CYA)

If you don't keep your pool water in balance all kinds of bad things can happen. It is actually quite asy once you get the hang of it so don't be scared if all of the terminology makes it sound like you need to be a scientist to get it right. You don't and it is easy.

One area that is often overlooked is cleaning your pool on a regular basis. If you don't have time investing in a good automatic cleaner can be a lifesaver. I have reviewed a good percentage of the cleaners on the market today and have an extensive video library on automatic cleaners. It is an investment but it will pay off in time saved and a clean pool each week.

If you don't have time or are physically unable to maintain your pool, hiring a good pool service company is the way to go. Each week your pool will be clean and balanced. In the long run it is worth every penny to avoid he headache of a pool that has turned bad on you. And if you are like my friend Ben and are thinking about doing pool service keep watching my videos or join my group on Patreon where I can give you one on one real time help.

Again, the eBook I created is a great resource that pulls everything together for you in one place. I can't stress enough that it is a great investment for you if you are a homeowner maintaining your own pool or new to the service industry.

Monday, May 1, 2017

LEAF BONE - Leaf Net Skimmer Clip for your In-Ground Pool Ladder

The Leaf Bone Leaf Net Skimmer Clip is a simple yet effective product for your in-ground pool with a ladder. One end clips onto your standard leaf rake and the other end clips onto your 1.9” diameter pool ladder. As the water passes by, the leaf net attached to the Leaf Bone catches leaves and debris.

For about $12.00 this is an affordable way to skim your pool surface in a passive way and cut down on the surface debris. For now, the leaf bone only fits an in-ground 1.9” pool ladder rail. An Above Ground pool model may be the next one released if there is enough demand for one.

For an above ground pool you can use this if your ladder rail is large enough in diameter. I suppose you could also thicken up your ladder rail with duct tape and then clip on the Leaf Bone. Most above ground pool ladder rails are 1.5” or less in diameter.

You can order the Leaf Bone directly on their website:

Or if you prefer to order on here is the link for you:

I like supporting these small inventors by getting the word out on their products. The Leaf Bone is made here in the USA and is a great product for your in-ground pool. It is sturdy and well made and the price point is great. It slides right into the leaf rake I tested it on and clipped snugly to the pool ladder.
The Principle of the Leaf Bone is simple. With the leaf rake (leaf net) clipped onto the pool ladder, the return jets will push the debris past the ladder and into the leaf net. You can angle the Leaf Bone so that your leaf net is right up against the pool wall. All the debris the flows there will be trapped in the leaf net. Simple yet effective.

In the video I used the Purity Pool Pro-Lite 18” leaf rake. I don't think you want to go too large on the leaf rake because you will need room to clip it onto the pool ladder and have room still to reach the pool wall. If the leaf rake is too large it may not clip onto the ladder. To learn more about the Purity
Pool Leaf Rakes:

Purity Pool Scoops & Leaf Rakes - Product Overview:
Purity Pool Pro-Lite 18-Inch Professional Leaf Rake, Tuff Duty & Silt Model:

The Leaf Bone is made out of ABS plastic and is designed to withstand pool chemicals and the Suns UV rays. It is a quality product and a great way to passively skim your pool surface. It is easy to remove when you go swimming or to empty the leaf rake.