Thursday, April 27, 2017

Polaris 9650iQ Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner - WiFi Access iAquaLink Control

The Polaris 9650iQ Sport is the new flagship robotic cleaner from Polaris Pool. This cleaner has all the bells and whistles you could ask for and more. This latest update of the 9000 Series robotic cleaner makes it a top choice if you are willing to spend the money on a top tier robotic cleaner.

This is part of the Trade Series line of Polaris products so it is only available at your local brick and mortar pool store. It will retail for $1,499 with a $125 rebate until September 4th 2017.

Here are some of the key features of the Polaris 9650iQ:

You can control and program the 9650iQ Sport from the iAquaLink App. You can download and install the iAquaLink App on your Android or Apple Device:

From the App you can customize the cleaning time, the pool shape, cleaning the floor only or cleaning floor and walls. You can also easily set a 7 day programmed run cycle, for instance coming on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 pm each of those days. Being able to set and control the cleaner from the iAquaLink App is on the cutting edge of innovation.

You can also manually control the cleaner from the App with a choice of two remote types. A Joystick remote or a motion sensitive remote where you move the phone or device in the direction you want the cleaner to go. Being able to control the cleaner and move it around your pool is pretty cool.

The cleaner also features Vortex suction technology and like its predecessors the 9650iQ really sucks dirt and debris off of the pool extremely efficiently. Nothing gets past the cleaners debris opening and you can see it pulling in debris from the side of the cleaner.

The Easy Lift system allows for easy removal from the pool after a cleaning cycle is finished. Simply hold the “Lift” button down on the App and the cleaner will turn towards the wall. Once it is facing the desired wall, release the lift button and the 9650iQ will climb the wall and wait fro you to pull it out. Once out on the deck all of the water will quickly evacuate from the back of the cleaner making it very light and easy to pick up.

The Easy Access top debris canister is a breeze to empty and clean. Simply push the button on top, the lid of the cleaner will open and the debris canister will simple slide out. Just hose off the canister and reinsert it back into the cleaner.

The cleaner also features 4WD which has many benefits. Since all four wheels spin with the motor the cleaner won't get stuck on the main drain, in the step areas or in any corners. It also allows the cleaner to climb the walls with ease. While at the tile line the 4WD allows the cleaner to remain at the tile line and scrub the tiles.

New for the 9650iQ is the Tangle-Reducing Swivel. This will prevent the cable from tangling in the pool and will allow the cleaner to run problem free as it maneuvers around the pool. It is about time Polaris came out with a cable swivel and this one works well. The cleaner also comes with 70 feet of cable (21.3 Meters) which makes it suitable for even a very large pool.

A premium Transport Caddy is also included and this Caddy is extremely well built and well balanced. You won't find a better Caddy than the one made by Polaris. There is a standard Control Panel included that can be used to turn on the Cleaner and set some basic functions if you prefer not to use the App. You will find the App superior to the basic Control Panel and I suspect most will control the cleaner form the App.

With all of these features I need to also mention that the 9650iQ will leave your pool spotless. It moves around the pool, walls and tile line very effectively and you will be very pleased with how your pool looks after running the cleaner. So stop by your local pool store today and check out the Polaris 9650iQ Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

ACID Magic User Friendly Muriatic Acid Alternative with 90% Less Fumes

Acid Magic is a safe alternative to muriatic ccid with 90% less fumes and contains a proprietary ingredient that prevents buns to your skin. It is Hydrochloric Acid but it has the same strength as 31.45% muriatic acid. There are many applications for pool and spa use as well as household use.

Here are some of the benefits of using Acid Magic:

Up to 90% less fumes than traditional muriatic acid.
  • Buffering agents prevent burns to intact skin.
  • Clean, clarify and etch like full strength 20° Baume, 31.45%, muriatic acid.
  • Use ACID Magic exactly as you would standard muriatic acid.
  • Phosphate free.
  • Great for Salt Cell cleaning.
  • Does not contain urea hydrochloride.
  • ACID Magic is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use as a drinking water treatment chemical.

Acid Magic is great at cleaning pool salt cells. You would still use the 4 to 1 ratio or greater just like muriatic acid. Four parts water one part acid, or even a weaker mixture like 6 to 1. It is pretty powerful stuff and takes the scale off just like muriatic acid but with really no fumes and no danger of burning your skin.

With a shelf life of 5 years or more it is great to have a gallon on hand for salt cell cleaning if you have a pool with a salt water generator. It can also be stored safer than muriatic acid as it doesn't produce the same corrosive fumes. This is great if your a pool service professional and do a lot of salt cell cleaning on your pool route.

If you have pets around your pool this is a great way to add acid to your pool without your pets breathing in the harmful fumes of muriatic acid. Great for a small above ground pool or to adjust the pH in a Kiddy pool.  You would add the same amount of Acid Magic to your pool when lowering the pH as it has the same strength of 31.45% muriatic acid.

You can find Acid Magic for around $10 for a gallon at your local pool supply or hardware store. Here is a link from the manufacturer website with the national distributors and local distributors in your area.

Ace Hardware is one of their big distributors and SCP and Superior pool products carry it for the pool service professionals. Here is the part number for PoolCorp:

You can also get it on but the online price is higher:

Here are some other uses for Acid Magic:

USES: Pool and Spa:
Adjusts pool and spa water chemistry.
Extremely effective acid wash.
Cleans filters, chlorine generators and meter electrodes.

Drinking Water Treatment:
ACID Magic is certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard 60.
Corrosion and scale control.
pH adjustment.

Paint Preparation and General Cleaning:
Use to etch concrete in preparation for painting.
Removes efflorescence from masonry.
Cleans excess mortar from brick and cinder block.
Removes rust, scale, mineral build-up, and stains.
Certified NSF Category A3 and Certified Kosher for cleaning food processing equipment.
Cleans tile and porcelain in restrooms and locker rooms.
ACID Magic has many other uses, too!

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

MOBILE WaterLink SPIN TOUCH Lab #3581: 10 Test Factors in 60 Seconds

This is the Lamotte WaterLink Spin Touch Mobile which can do 10 test factors in 60 seconds. It is a truly awesome water tester in every way. The readings are reliable and accurate and the testing couldn't be easier.

The SKU for the Mobil unit is this: Lamotte #3581 MOBILE WaterLink SPIN TOUCH Lab and it is priced at this publication at $889.00. This of course is not your everyday test kit but great for so many applications. If you service Commercial Accounts this is a great way to keep your logs for the Health Department and Pool Manager. For Resorts, Hotels and Clubs this would be a perfect way to get spot on readings to assure that the Public Pool is safe. And of you are a Health Inspector there is no better water tester than this.

Here is the link to purchase form

The Spin Touch Mobile also can be switched from Pool to Tap Water so if you are in water quality management or in plumbing, this kit would be great. If you own a retail pool store or a hardware store and offer water testing to your customers they make a retail store version with a counter mat, posters and door decal the #3580 Model.

The 202 Disks seen in this video are sold in a 50 pack for around $120. The 202 Disk does 10 test factors in 60 seconds:

Free Chlorine (DPD) 0-15 ppm
Total Chlorine (DPD) 0-15 ppm
Bromine (DPD) 0-33 ppm
pH 6.3-8.6
Calcium Hardness 0-800 ppm
Total Alkalinity 0-250 ppm
Cyanuric Acid 5-150 ppm
Copper 0-3.0 ppm
Iron 0-3.0 ppm
Salt 0-5000 ppm
Phosphate 0-200 ppb

Here are the 202 disks on eBay:

Imagine doing all of these test within 60 seconds. If you are doing pool start-ups the power of this tester is just awesome. It will give you all the vital test factors to insure a perfect pool start-up. If you service Commercial Pools think of the time you will save when using the Spin Touch Mobile. In one year with the time savings, peace of mind and verifiable logs the price is worth it.

They have various disks including a new 3 test parameter which can also be reused 3 times. This disk does Total Chlorine or Bromine, Free Chlorine and pH
Disk #4334-H.

You can also download the WaterLink Connect app from the Google Plat Store and Apple App store. This App is free and will allow you to connect the Spin Touch to your smart phone or device and from the App you can transfer the Test Logs and actually control the Spin Touch unit from your smart phone or device.

You can take it a step further and Subscribe to the WaterLink DATAMATE Web which will allow you to store, send the log customer data. After you log the test results the Data Mate software will give you detailed recommendations to balance the water. To learn more:

The Spin touch is so popular that there is already at least a 30 day waiting list to purchase it. Once you get one in your hands you will realize that the wait was worth it. This thing is completely and totally awesome.

To learn more you can view the Spin Touch brochure online:

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Monday, April 17, 2017

pH and your Pool: Why is your pH High or Low

pH is the most important test factor for you swimming pool and if it gets out of balance there are many negative effects that you will encounter. The ideal pH is 7.5 but it can be as low as 7.2 and still be fine. Most experts agree that 7.4-7.6 is the range the pH should be maintained at in your swimming pool.

pH (7.2-7.8)
The pH of the water, determines if it is acidic or basic. Either extreme can have disastrous effects on the pool finish, equipment, or plumbing. When the pH is out of range, bathers may complain of eye discomfort or other ailments.

An acidic pH will cause the water to become aggressive. It will etch the plaster and cement finishes around the pool. Worse yet, it will dissolve the metallic components of the pool. The most expensive metallic component is the copper heat exchanger within the pool heater. The ideal range for the pH again is 7.4 - 7.6 (though 7.2 - 7.8 is acceptable).

Low pH will cause:
Corrosive Water
Etched plaster
Eye & Skin Irritation
Cloudy Water
Increased Chlorine Activity
Destruction of Total alkalinity
Stretching of Vinyl Liners
Blistering of Fiberglass Pools

High pH will cause:
Scale Formation
Cloudy Water
Short Filter Cleaning Cycles
Eye & skin Irritation
Poor Effective Chlorine

So you can see that keeping your pH in balance is very critical. If the pH gets too high or too low it can have damaging effects on your pool.

Testing for pH:
Testing once a week is ideal. For a new pool start up testing daily for the first two weeks is recommended. But once a week will give you a good indication of how stable the pH is in the pool water. There are various ways of testing the pH; test Strips, basic test kits and Taylor Kits that use reagents. Alternate testing can be done with the ColorQ Pro7 Photometer testing and Digital pH testers.

The most common way to test is with Phenol Red. It is a reagent drop test that is very accurate. The color of the reagent in water will indicate if the pH is high or low. Digital Testers and testers that use a photometer will give you an exact digital readout of the pool pH. These are good for those who have trouble with the color scale of the reagent testers.

Lowering high pH:
If the pH starts to get high in your pool the only way to lower is by adding acid. Either a dry acid or liquid acid. Muriatic Acid of 31.45% is the most common acid used to lower the pools high pH. Dry acid or Sodium Bisulfate is the dry form of acid that can be added to lower the pH. Some test kits like the Taylor K-2006 will have an Acid Demand Test. This is a reagent test that will tell you how much acid to add to your pool to lower the pH. A chart is included with pool gallons and how many pint or quarts to add depending on the test results.

Raising low pH:
If your pH is low you can raise it up using a base. A base is the opposite of an acid and it will raise the low pH up in your pool rapidly. The best base is Borax as it will raise the pH without raising the Total Alkalinity. Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) works well also but it is mainly used for raising the Alkalinity and requires large amounts to raise the pH. Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate) raises the pH well but it also raises the pools Alkalinity up so use Soda Ash if Borax is not available in your area.

Pool Surface Types and pH:
One thing often overlook when discussing pH is the pool surface type. Since cement has a high pH of 12-13 – some plasterers even say closer to 14, the Acid Demand will be high since the plaster is very base. That is why when a newly plaster pool is curing in the first 6 months it seems like you are adding tons of acid every week to keep it low.

A Pebble Tec pool will be less base and more acidic as the surface is basically made up of river rocks. You will notice that in a Pebble Tec pool the Acid Demand is lower than a plaster pool. Vinyl and Fiberglass pools are basically a piece of plastic and plastic has a low pH around 6. That is why you rarely need to add acid and in fact find yourself adding Base to raise up the pH when it drops low. Tile pools also have a lower Acid Demand but slightly higher than Vinyl and Fiberglass.

Types of Sanitizers that affect pH:
The three main chlorine sanitizers that affect pH are 3” Trichlor Tablets, Salt Water Generators and Cal-Hypo (Calcium Hypochlorite). Trichlor Tablets have a very low pH around 2 so using these frequently will lower the pools pH. That is why they are not recommended for Vinyl and Fiberglass pools. Salt Water Generators increase the pools pH as they convert the salt into chlorine. Sometimes to astronomical levels. And Cal-Hypo has a high pH and if you use this as your primary sanitizer the pH and Calcium Hardness will rise.

So be aware that these three sanitizers affect the pH in your pool. Liquid chlorine or bleach has the least affect on pH and Trichlor shock with a pH around 4 also has a minimal affect since it is quick dissolving. Dichlor is pH neutral so it doesn't really move the pH one direction or another.

Regardless of your water source all water will contain some alkaline materials. The amount will vary depending on your water source. Alkalinity is the water's ability to neutralize acid. Total Alkalinity is the measurement of the water's resistance to a change in the pH. Alkalinity and pH are closely tied together and are interconnected.

I will touch on this more in a separate article but the Alkalinity is important to prevent pH bounce. This is where the pH rises or falls rapidly. Know that the pools Alkalinity level is important and to prevent pH bounce the ideal range is 80-120 ppm.

pH and Chlorine:
One final note about pH. If the pH is in the ideal range of 7.4-7.6 the chlorine kill rate will be most effective. This means the chlorine will quickly kill bacteria and viruses. If the pH is lower than 7.2 it will be strong but will be used up faster. If the pH is over 8.0 the Chlorine is less effective and has a slower kill rate. You will also notice more algae with a high pH even if the pool is showing good chlorine levels.

So you can see the pH has a wide range of affect in your pool water. Check it weekly and keep it balanced and you will see many of your water issues corrected and resolved.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Summer Giveaway! Win the Polaris TR36P - Enter Today! No Purchases Necessary

I am teaming up with Polaris Pool to start the Summer off with a product Giveaway. Enter today to win the Polaris TR36P Pressure Side (Return Side) cleaner. The Contest starts today and will run until May 31st 2017. There is no purchase necessary to win and you can enter in 9 different ways.

To enter the contest:

The more ways you enter will increase your chances to win. Each entry has a specific point total. The contest is run by Gleam and they will randomly pick the winner on June 1st. When you enter Gleam will ask you for your email so that they can sent you and entry confirmation and notify you if you are the winner.

This contest is open to all ages but you must be a resident of the U.S. or have a U.S. Mailing address. I will not be able to ship the TR36P internationally. I will not be collecting your e-mail information and I also have nothing to do with choosing the winner. It is done randomly by Gleam, 
so this is an impartial and independent contest.

To Learn More about the TR36P
Polaris TR36P Pressure Side/Return Side Cleaner Review:
Polaris TR36P Set Up and Installation Video:

About the TR36P:
The Polaris TR36P does not require a dedicated return line connected to a separate booster pump. It works off of your existing pool pump and easily connects to your pools 1 1/2” threaded return lines. It does not connect to your pool's skimmer or side port like a traditional suction side cleaner.

This feature makes the TR36P unique among Pressure Side cleaners. It also makes the TR36P ideal for a pool that is already constructed and a separate booster pump cannot be added. The nice thing about the cleaner is that while it is running in your pool the skimmer will be fully operational with complete suction since the TR36P works off of the return line of the pool.

The TR36P comes is a very nice dark color scheme. The hoses are black and the cleaner sports black wheels with a dark blue body. It is just an overall sweet looking cleaner. And not only does it look good but it picks up leaves, dirt and debris exceptionally well. You can see it in action in the video.

The cleaner is powered by 3-venturi jets that funnel the pool's return water making a powerful spray like a garden hose nozzle and pushing the debris into the large debris bag on top of the cleaner. It is a highly effective design and the same one that is used on the Polaris 360. It comes with an extra debris bag in the box as an added bonus which is just perfect.

It also comes equipped with the Tail Sweep Pro which does not come standard on any of their cleaners except the Polaris 3900 Sport. The Tail Sweep Pro will allow for full water flow to the tail but it is designed to prevent water from shooting out of the pool and onto the deck and your backyard windows. It is another nice touch by Polaris with this model.

If your pool has 1 1/2” threaded return lines and you get a lot of debris on the bottom of the pool, the TR36P would be ideal. I prefer installing the Return Side cleaners in pools that get large leaf debris as the traditional suction side cleaners usually get clogged up with debris. The large debris open will allow for piles of leaves to be pushed up into the cleaner without clogging it up.

The large debris bag on top holds a surprising amount of debris and it also traps sand and dirt very well. I don't know the exact micron level of the bag but it does a great job with sand and dirt as well as leaves. The bags are also very long lasting and very easy to empty.

The cleaner itself is designed to last for many years and replacing parts is very easy. I would say you will get a good 3-4 years out of it running 6 hours a day, seven days a week before you will need to replace some parts. It is extremely well made.

Also since no separate booster pump is required, you will save on your energy cost. The TR36P will run while your pool pump is running. It is also one less future expense as you will not need to replace the booster pump motor after a few years.

The Polaris TR36P is a Top Pick for 2017 and you will love how it leaves your pool spotless every week. This is a great addition to the Polaris cleaner family so stop by your local pool store and check it out.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Pentair QUAD D.E.® Cartridge Style Filter Overview

The Pentair Quad D.E. Filter is a unique filter type that combines the ease of use of a cartridge filter with the filter efficiency of a D.E. Filter. I have several of these filters on my pool route and if you go with a D.E. Filter for your pool the Quad D.E. Is definitely worth a look.

The first thing you will notice about the Quad D.E. Is that it doesn't take up much space at your equipment pad. The 60 sq ft version in this video is about the size of a standard 48 sq ft filter. The 80 sq ft and 100 sq ft versions are about the size of a standard 60 sq ft D.E. Filter. This benefits you if your equipment area is tight and installing a large filter is not possible.

The interior of the Quad D.E. Is what sets it apart from your standard D.E. Filter. Instead of a Top Manifold and eight grids you have four cartridges with an easy to remove top manifold that just snaps off of the cartridges. The reason the Quad D.E. Does not have the same filter area as a cartridge filter is that the pleats are large and spaced wider to accommodate the D.E. That will coat them.

So the Quad D.E. Is set up like a cartridge filter but uses D.E. To filter down to 5 microns, much better than a standard cartridge filter. It is like having the convenience of a cartridge filter with the filtration of a D.E. Filter.

Here is a brief description from Pentair:
    Four large-capacity cartridges provide maximum filter surface area for greater dirt-trapping capacity and longer periods between cleanings
    Unique internal flow path ensures optimum filtration and backwashing efficiency
    Chemical resistant, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank for exceptional strength and long lifer
    Easily removable cartridge elements make maintenance fast and easy
    Water flows through the Quad D.E. Cartridge Style Filters so efficiently that your pump will use less energy

Note: Operating Limits – maximum continual operating pressure of 50 psi. Pool/spa (bather) applications, maximum operating water temperature (internal filter) 104°F (40°C).

If you have the standard push/pull piston backwash you will have to remove it or disable it to protect the filter from damage. Since the Inlet and Outlet are reversed on this filter, if you pull up the backwash valve it will cause the opposite effect desired. D.E. May even enter back into the pool. For this reason only a specific multi-port backwash valve can be used with the Quad D.E. Filter, the Pentair 263080 FullFloXF High Performance Backwash Valve with Inlet on Top:

When I talked to Pentair they suggest installing the Quad D.E. Without any backwash valve. Although the cartridge material is thick much like a standard grid, backwashing will wear them out faster and the replacement cartridges are not inexpensive. I also recommend not backwashing a Quad D.E. Filter. It is very simple to remove the top and just clean them whenever the filter pressure gets high.

When you are shopping for a new filter for your pool the Quad D.E. Should be on the top of your list. The ease of cleaning and the excellent filtration of this filter makes it an excellent choice. To see more videos on the Quad D.E. Including installation see the list below.

Quad DE Filter Cleaning:
How to Install a Pentair QUAD D.E. Filter:
How to Add D.E. to a QUAD D.E.® Cartridge Style Filter:
Pentair QUAD D.E.® Cartridge Style Filter Assembly:

Thursday, April 6, 2017

PoolRx Product Overview and Use

PoolRx is a Mineral Technology does two very simple things when used in your pool or spa; it eliminates all algae and will allow you to use less chlorine during the pool season. The active ingredient is Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (chelated).

What Chelated means is that the metals in the PoolRx have been bonded to form two coordinated bonds similar to what Metal Sequestering Agents do. This means that the Metal Ions will remain in the PoolRx unit with no metal ions being introduced into the pool or spa water. PoolRx is Chelated so the metal ions stay within the PoolRx unit itself.

Make sure that you choose the right size PoolRX unit so that the treatment will be effective. You can place it either in your skimmer or pump basket. When you first insert the unit run your pool for 3-4 hours. Then run it the normal cycle to get at least one full cycle of water from the pool, into the filter and back into the pool again. The PoolRx unit should last 4-6 months.

PoolRx eliminates all algae fast. Even micro algae that you can't see but uses up the chlorine in your pool. This will allow the chlorine in the pool to be more active and available to kill organics, bacteria and virus.

It works effectively in old water that has high TDS, high CYA and high Phosphate levels as well as in new water. See the cautions below if you are using PoolRX with high CYA levels see the caution below. It doesn't matter if your Phosphate level is 10,000, PoolRx will prevent algae growth no matter the Phosphate levels.

PoolRx is ideal for a salt water pools also. It will extend the life of your salt cell as you run the system at a lower output while PoolRx is present in the pool, typically 50% less output. PoolRx minerals also include a de-scaler that will prevent scale from attaching to the salt cell meaning less cleaning of the cell is needed. Also since it is generating less, the pH won't rise as high requiring less acid to be added to the pool.

PoolRx is compatible with just about every product on the market. However, don’t use with copper based algaecides, sodium bromide or bromine. If using with Cal-Hypo, dilute first before adding to pool. I suggest you avoid Cal-Hypo entirely when using PoolRx in your pool.

If you want to use the pool immediately after install or within the first few days of install, start with a low chlorine reading in the water. Start at 0.5-2ppm max. (With PoolRx in the water, a typical residential pool can be at 1-2ppm and it will hold for the week) PoolRx only needs 0.5ppm residual to be completely effective.

PoolRx uses proprietary chelating agent that prevents fall out and staining due to pH fluctuation or over oxidation. This means PoolRx is very stable and effective in some of the worst water possible and toughest pool conditions, but there are limits to any product.

Keep your pool in normal chemistry ranges. The recommended range is:
Chlorine 0.5-1.0 ppm
pH 7.2-7.8
Alkalinity 80-120
Cyanuric Acid 10-80

High CYA
If your CYA is above 100, be sure to do an “adjusted alkalinity calculation”. And keep your pH and Alkalinity in normal ranges. PoolRx works in extreme environments with high TDS and where CYA is 150-200+. However, understand that if your CYA is at a saturation point, and water gets out of balance, the CYA can come out of solution. If it does this, the CYA can coagulate the PoolRx minerals, which combined, will show up as a purple dust in the pool. This dust can be brushed up but won’t go away until you reduce CYA levels in the water. Or dust will stick to the scale build up on the surface. Once the CYA levels drop to normal levels the Purple dust will disappear.

Existing copper in water
If you think you have existing copper in your water, from old copper plumbing or an old copper heat exchange that has been leaching copper in the water, or from cheap non chelated copper algaecides, or well water, test for copper first before using PoolRx. You can take a water sample to your local pool store or get some Copper test strips, they actually work pretty well.

If you have under .02ppm of copper in the water, it is OK to use PoolRx. If your copper test reads higher than .02ppm, we recommend using CuLator. Unlike a sequestering agent that only hold metals in solution, CuLator physically pulls metals out of the water. Test every 4-6 months. To learn more about Culator and getting rid of Metals in your pool water see this playlist for a series of videos:

Metal in Your Pool Water:

High TDS, High CYA and overdosing.
If the water is saturated with TDS and CYA or you over dose, the PoolRx minerals won’t have any room to dissolve into solution in the water and will stay in granular form. If this happens the minerals may have to be vacuumed up, and or, they can stick to the scale build up on the surface. If this happens, vac, dilute and get rid of scale. It is important to know your correct pool size so that you get the right size PoolRx unit for your pool.

PoolRx will essentially save you money as you use less chlorine in all forms including 3” Tablets and it eliminates the need for Algaecides, clarifiers, Phosphate removers and other chemicals.

If you need more information on PoolRx you can visit their website. To order PoolRx today:


Monday, April 3, 2017

"Swimming Pool Care the Essential Guide" vBook

The eBook “Swimming Pool Care The Essential Guide” which I call a vBook because it has over 500 video links. These video links are by category to help you find a video for your specific pool problem or pool need. Looking for an automatic cleaner? I have reviewed most of them and the video links are all here in this book. Note that you must have an internet connection to view the videos. Having a problem with your pump or filter? You can find the solution right in these pages.

I had been asked on many occasions if I had a comprehensive guide of all of my videos, so I decided to create one here in this vBook. The design is simple and straightforward. Each section is listed in a specific order and under each section there are articles and more importantly, video links to videos on my YouTube Channel. Here are the Sections covered in the book:

Algae Treatment & Green Pool Clean-Up
Balancing Your Pool Water
Pool Test Kits
Cleaning Tools
Cleaning Tools Advanced Vacuum Systems
Cleaning your Pool
Automatic Cleaners
Pumps & Motors
Pool Skimmers and Skimming Products
Pool Equipment & Problems
Timers and Automated Systems
Salt Water Pools
Metal, Stains and Scale in Your Pool
Money Saving Tips
So You Want to be a Pool Guy/Gal
Pool Construction and Remodeling

The eBook is in HTML5 format so it will work on your computer, tablet or Smart Phone. It has a Smart Phone compatible template so that the book is easy to read on your device! This a an all in one resource
that brings everything together under one guide. Instead of searching on my YouTube Channel, Blog or Website, everything you need is right under the cover of this book.

The best part is that I am offering this eBook for the low price of $9.99. I will be updating the book every 3 months and all updated versions of the eBook are free. You can purchase the book on my website thru a secured PayPal checkout and start using the book right away. 

To purchase the book:

To preview the eBook click here:

It is the best resource that you can get and you will find the format very easy to use. I chose the Flip Book Format because it makes it very easy to navigate from page to page and includes a search box that lets you type in a key word and then jump to that page. I chose HTML 5 format so that every computer and smartphone could have easy access to the book.

With over 80 pages of articles and 500 video links, you will find the answer to your pool problem whether you are a homeowner or pool service technician.

For those who are pool service professionals, if you join my group on Patreon you will receive a free eBook when you sign up. You can also get a liability insurance policy for the low rate of $50 per month. And the ability to text and call me in real time.  

To join my on Patreon: