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Top Five Automatic Pool Cleaners of 2014 and Debris Comparison

One of the questions I get asked all the time is what cleaner picks up debris the best. Leaves, dirt and other stuff that will fall into your pool can make your pool look uninviting. An automatic cleaner is a great way to keep your pool looking great each week. Here are the top five of 2014 in order of how much debris they can collect.

Polaris 360 shown
Number One: Polaris 280, 360, 380, 480 & 3900:

The Polaris by Zodiac is still the best when it comes to debris. It can pick up stuff on the pool bottom that other cleaners just can't. The debris bag is also a super fine mesh and will trap dirt also. Most of the Polaris models require a separate booster pump except for the Polaris 360 pictured here. That one runs off of your existing return jets - but they must be 1.5" threaded and you need at least a 1 hp pump for it to be effective.

If you are interested in getting a Polaris cleaner
I have several videos on my YouTube Channel detailing the 280 and 360 models which I think are the two best Polaris models. Again, the 360 runs off of your return jets without a booster pump.

The opening on the bottom of the Polaris is large enough to suck up a full size rat. How do I know this? Well, I've pulled enough dead rats out of the Polaris debris bag to verify this for you. It will also pick up large leaves, rocks and just about anything that falls into your pool.

Polaris 360 Video:
Polaris 280 Video:

Number Two: The Solar Breeze

This is one of my new favorite cleaners. It can be used as a stand alone cleaner and will leave the surface of your pool spotless each week. Especially in the Summer when it is running all day and into the night. It is a robotic solar powered cleaner so there are no hoses or cords. It does such a great job on the surface that you will only need to vacuum the pool every two weeks or longer. It can also be used in conjunction with a suction cleaner. In that case you will just need some extra hose weights to sink the suction cleaner hose below the water line to give the Solar Breeze access to the entire pool.

That is how I have my pool at home set up, Solar breeze on top and a suction side cleaner for the bottom. Here is one in a pool with bamboo trees all along the far side. The Solar Breeze collects so much debris each week that the debris tray is actually jammed in the cleaner. This pool also has a cleaner going on the bottom so the pool stays clean all week long. A very innovative cleaner that really works and one that I would recommend if your pool has a lot of surface debris. The debris tray holds about two skimmer baskets worth of debris. A good buy.

Solar Breeze Video:

 Number Three: "ThePoolCleaner by Poolvergnuegen

 This was a close call and I would almost call it a tie with Number Four which is the New Kreepy Krauly by Pentair. This little cleaner is great in a pool with lots of debris like Oak nuts and leaves. It will have trouble with Maple tree bark and Eucalyptus Tree bark, but most cleaners will also get jammed up by that type of tree debris. Other than those two trees it will pick up just about any debris that will fit in it's mouth. It has a unique turbine that allows it to pick up debris that would jam other cleaners. It is amazing how much debris this thing can handle. It sometimes picks up so much debris that the hose itself gets clogged up.

Here it is in a pool surrounded by Oak trees. Just about every week the pool is pretty much spotless - at least on the bottom. occasionally it will suck up so many oak nuts that it gets jammed up. It just doesn't know when to stop ;). I also should mention that this cleaner does not require a lot of part changes over the years. The only thing you need to change every year or two are the rubber tires. Other than that the parts in this thing last a long time. I have at least 15 accounts with various versions of this cleaner installed and they do a great job in all those pools without exception.

To see the Poolvergnuegen Playlist:

Number Four: The New Kreepy Krauly by Pentair

I have three of these now on my route as they are fairly new to the market. I have a Blog article detailing this cleaner for you so I will briefly cover some of the finer points. This cleaner is a beast with debris. It will pick up so much debris that it will burst your leaf canister insert if you are not careful. You can see how compacted the debris is in the photo. It just keeps going until there is nothing left to suck up.

This pool has a lot of regular size trees and some other trees with particle like tree leaves. The Kreepy has no problem with either and also works great in a pools with oak trees and larger leaf debris.
The price right now for the New Kreepy Krauly is what I would consider low. For what you are getting it is a real bargain. The updated design allows the Kreepy to clean the entire pool without getting hung up in certain areas like the older model (now the Kreepy Krauly Classic) used to.  To see the full article:

Here is a video on this cleaner:

Number Five: Zodiac G2 or G3

This is still one of my favorite cleaners on the market, the G2 in particular. I know there is a bad rap on the fact that the diaphragm tends to wear out and it is an expensive part. But now there are several generic replacements available - some under $10.00 in price. Surprisingly these generic diaphragms work very well.  With that said this cleaner when given the right amount of suction can keep your pool spotless each week. what I like about the Zodiac cleaners is that they are fast. They can move around an entire pool several times within one hour.
This G2 cleaner is in a pool with a large Avocado tree right over it. Thankfully it has an automatic cover, but for the days it is open the pool is a mess. The G2 keeps it spotless nevertheless and as you can see the large Avocado leave\s, stems and even small avocados are no match for the G2. It also will pick up so much debris that the canister insert can crack. Just a great cleaner and still one of my favorites.

To see all the cleaner by Zodiac:

I hope you found this helpful as you choose an automatic cleaner for your pool. If you have a specific question regarding debris and what cleaner I recommend you can contact me here or on my Website:

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Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To Video Index (List) Alphabetical order

I have over 700 videos on my YouTube Channel: Swimming Pool Tips and How To - so I have compiled an Index for you to help you find a video on a topic that you are having an issue with or want to learn more about. I hope this helps you find the information you will need to keep your pool looking sparkling every week.

Here is my Channel Commercial and the list of my videos. I will update it when I add new videos:


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Jandy JXi Pool & Spa Heater Overview Video:
Jack's Magic Stain IDentification Kit: Testing a Metal Stain:
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Kem-Tek Super Shock Quick, Trichlor Shock:
KLORKINATOR. Klick. Twist. Done. - Lid & Cover Removal Tool:
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Mako Power Vacuum Bags - Affordable Replacement Bags for the Power Vac & Hammer-Head Pool Vacuums:
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MGcool Explorer-Pro 4K Action Camera,170°Wide Angle "SHARKEYE" Lens Waterproof Sports Camera - $50!:
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Outdoor Fountain and Water Feature Care & Maintenance:

Oilinator Pool & Spa Saver Mouse® - Removes Oils & Scum:

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Pasadena, Ca."Storm of Century 2011":
Patreon thru Texting and Phone consultations, plus Giveaways!:
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Phoenix Suction Side Pool Cleaner Installation Video:
pH and your Pool: Why is your pH High or Low:
Ph Up, Soda Ash:
PHOSfree: Phosphate Remover, Algae Treatment:
Pleatco Advanced Pool and Spa Cartridge Filter - Test & Review:
Pleatco PureStart® Disposable Sentiment Filter -Pool & Spa Filling:
Pocket Pro+ ORP Tester #9532100 by Hach®:
Pocket Pro Salinity Tester #9531600 by Hach®:
Polaris 280, 380 & 480 Pro Installation and Walk-Thru:
Polaris Pool Cleaner Review and Troubleshooting:
Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Review:
Polaris Hose Length Guide:
Polaris Quick Disconnect, Filter screen cleaning:
Polaris Quick Disconnect Threaded Fitting Stuck in Pool Wall -Solution:
Polaris 360, 380 Belt Replacement:
Polaris 280 Not Moving - Drive Shaft Assembly:
Polaris 360 Return Side Cleaner:
Polaris TR35P Inground Pressure Cleaner Review (Requires Booster Pump):
Polaris TR36P Pressure Side/Return Side Cleaner Review:
Polaris 180, 280 Not Moving (Changing the Wheel):
Polaris 280, 360, 380 Feed Pipe Assembly:
Polaris 360 Is Not Moving (Adjusting RPM):
Polaris 180, 280 Not Moving (Changing the Wheel):
Polaris 280, 360, 380 Feed Pipe Assembly:
Polaris 360,380 Stuck in Corner, Changing the bearings:
Polaris 360, Adjusting the Hose Length on a Polaris 360:
Polaris 180, 280, 380 Review and Troubleshooting video:
Replacing the Polaris Hose Sweep:
Replacing the Polaris Backup Valve:
How To Change All Eight Bearing in Your Polaris 280:

Polaris or Pentair Wall Fitting Tabs Broken & Stuck in Wall: How to Remove it Without Breaking:
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Pool Cleaner is Best - Robotic, Suction, Pressure or Return Side?: How to use it to Balance your Pool Water:
Pool Finish, Colored Plaster - Part One:
Pool Finish, White Plaster - Part Two:
Pool Finish, All Tile - Part Three:

Pool Finish, Pebble Tech -Part Four of Four:
Pool light not working, resetting GFI:
Poolmaid X-Series Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner by IPP:
PoolProof by Nisus: The Easy Way to Add Borates to Your Pool:
Pool Sentry Auto Leveler M-3000:
Pool Pump not Working, Part 1- Pump not Priming:
PoolRx Overview and Use Video: Eliminates and Prevents all Algae:
PoolRx will Solve: Algae Every Week, Constant Low Chlorine Levels, High Phosphates:
Pool Test Kit: Chlorine, PH and Acid Demand:
Pool Service Cart by T.Dula Specialties:
POOLVERGNUEGEN the PoolCleaner NEW- "Next Generation" Version:
Poolvergnuegen 4 Wheel Suction Cleaner PVN020:
"The PoolCleaner", Installation, Troubleshooting & Tips:
"The PoolCleaner" 4 Wheel Suction Side Changing the back tires on, :
"The PoolCleaner," repairing with Super Glue When the Wheel Breaks Off:
Poolvergnuegen "The PoolCleaner" Replacing Bottom, Removing the Gears:
How to Unclog Debris Jammed in "The PoolCleaner" by Poolvergnuegen:
Poolvergnuegen ThePoolCleaner Review:
POOLVERGNUEGEN Limited Edition 2-Wheel Suction Side Cleaner:
4 Wheel Limited Edition POOLCLEANER Installation and Review:
Changing the Tires on your Hayward PoolCleaner 4X, AquaNaut 400 & Phoenix 4X:

How to Save Money When Changing the Tires on your Hayward PoolCleaner 4X, AquaNaut 400 & Phoenix 4X:
Pool Cleaner" Return Side Cleaner by Poolvergnuegen (Hayward) :
"The Pool Cleaner" Return Side Pressure Cleaner Installation:
PoolVergnuegen Tires, Changing the (896584000-143):
Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend Review, Troubleshooting & Tips:
Installing a Kreepy Krauly Legend Pressure Side Pool Cleaner:
Pool Equipment Overview for beginners Part 1 of 2:
Pool Equipment Overview part 2 of 2 Swimming Pool Valves:
Pool Route: Basic Supply & Equipment List:
Poolsaic™ Drop-in Pool Mosaics:
Pool Vacuum Systems & Portable Filtration Systems:
Polyquat Algaecides:
POOLSKIM the automatic pool skimmer – Review: http://yo(

PoolSkim Complete Installation Guide:
PORTAVAC Portable Filtration System - Set Up and Use Video:

PORTAVAC: Portable Filtration System by Advantage Manufacturing – Overview:
Portable AC Outlet Power Bank - Charge 4 USB Devices and 2 AC Plug in Devices Out in the Field:
Portable Clean-Up Pump to Vacuum out a Pool:
Prime A Portable Clean-Up Pump: Installing a Check Valve:
Power Vac PV2100 Set Up and Walk–Through:
Power Vac PV2100 Portable Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner:
Power Vac 26" Micron Bag Fine Debris down to 60 Microns:
Power Vac Large Service Cart for PV2100, PV220 & PV2500 Vacuum:
Power Vac Large Service Cart Installation and Set Up:

Power Vac Filter Bags (also fits Hammer-Head Vac):
Pump Discharge Leak, Repairing a :
Pump Impeller & Diffuser Issues, Pool Pump Not Priming Part 6:
Pump Lid O-ring, Pool Pump not priming Part 3:
Pool Pump Installation, wiring Part 1 of 2:
Pool Pump Installation - Plumbing the Pump, Part 2 of 2:
Pofinity Mirrored Swim Goggles With Case & Lifetime Warranty:
ProFlex® 335 Slip Resistant Rubber Cap Knee Pad – Review:
Puppies, Mean Dogs & Chickens on My Pool Route:
Purity Pool Scoops & Leaf Rakes - Product Overview:
Purity Pool TSQC Tile Scrubber Quick Connect- How to Assemble:
Purity Pool Red Baron 20-Inch Professional Leaf Rake:
Purity Pool SuperRake 40 Professional 40-Inch Pull-Rake:
Purity Pool Spa Scoop 14-Inch Leaf Rake - Silt Model:
Purity Pool Pro-Lite 18-Inch Leaf Rake, Tuff Duty & Silt Model:
Purity Pool Phantom & Catch 22 Leaf Rakes: Easy Replaceable Parts:


Quad DE Filter Cleaning:
How to Install a Pentair QUAD D.E. Filter:
Pentair QUAD D.E.® Cartridge Style Filter Overview:
How to Add D.E. to a QUAD D.E.® Cartridge Style Filter:
Pentair QUAD D.E.® Cartridge Style Filter Assembly:


Rain, What You Should Do to Your Pool After it Rains:
Rainbow 300 Chlorinator - Adding Tablets:
Pentair Rainbow 300 Chlorinator tips & troubleshooting:
Rainbow 320 Chlorinator Tips & Troubleshooting:
Rainbow Chlorinator Cap Lid Wrench Tool R172052:
Rebel Suction-side Inground Pool Cleaner Review:
Rebel Installation Video:
Pentair Rebel, & Warrior Large Hump Tires - If Cleaner is Getting Stuck on the Main Drain or Steps:
Remington Solar Chlorine-Free “Sun Shock” - Algae Free Pool:
Removing Calcium Build-Up From Your Pool Tile Line - The Easy Way:
Replacing your Cartridges in you pool filter:
Removing Scale on your pool plaster:
Removing a Rust Stain in your pool with Vitamin C -Ascorbic Acid Treatment:
Removing Rust Stains from your Pool w/ dry acid:
Removing Mold from Pool Tile Grout:
Removing Oils & Scum, Oilinator:
Repairing a Pump Suction Leak:
Replacing all 8 Grids in a Top Manifold Filter: THE EASY WAY:
Replacing all 8 Top Manifold D.E. Filter Grids THE HARD WAY:
Replacing the Jandy Valve O-rings; Pool Pump Not Priming Part 8:
Replacing a Pool Pump Housing Gasket:
Replace Tires on Hayward PoolCleaner 4X, AquaNaut 400, 450 and Phoenix 4X:

Repairing A Pump Discharge Leak Updated & Revised Version:
Riptide Battery Box: Riptide XP Optional Accessory or Stand Alone Purchase with Vacuum Head:
Riptide SL Pool Vacuum System Review & Overview:
Riptide SL Pool Vacuum System Set Up Video:
Riptide Pool Vacuum System Overview Video:
Riptide Vacuum System: Cart and Vacuum Set Up & Operation Video:

Riptide Vacuum Commercial Cart Transport Rack Set Up:

Riptide Vacuum Steering Knuckle - For a More Maneuverable Vacuum Head:
Robotic Pool Cleaner, Benefits of a Robotic Pool Cleaner:
Robotic Pool Cleaner can Maximize your Pool's Energy Savings:


Salinity Tester (Salt level) #9531600 by Hach®:
Salt Level - How to Check Your Pool's Salt Level (Salinity Level):
Salt Water Pool Care, Part One - Overview & Chemistry:
Salt Water Pool Care, Part Two- Adding salt:
Salt Water Swimming Pools - Myths & Truths you Need to Know:
Salinity Tester #9531600 by Hach®:
Swimming Pool Salt System Work?, How Does a :
Salt level test strips:
Sand Filter Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting, Sand Filter Part 1:
Sand Filter Multiport Valve Troubleshooting, Sand Filter Part 2:
Vacuuming Your Sand Filter in Waste Mode, Sand Filter Part 4:
Save Tons of Money & Still Have a Sparkling Clean Pool: 10 Tips:
Scale Be Gone - Removes SCALE From Pool Tiles & Vinyl Liners:
Senor Verde The Red Headed Mexican Parrot:
Serpent Suction Side Pool Cleaner Review - Leslie's Exclusive:
Side Port (Automatic Cleaner Port) Overview & Troubleshooting:
Shocktrine: Burning eyes and cloudy water:
Skimmer Bottom O ring, Float Valve Assembly, Equalizer:
Skimdevil® Robotic Solar Powered Surface Cleaner Camio SX15- Review & Overview:

Skimdevil® Robotic Surface Cleaner Set Up & App Overview (RC Mode shown):
SkimDoctor™ - Turbocharge your Pool Skimmer:
SkimDoctor 2.0 and Vac Attachment:
SkimDoctor™ 1.0 Set-up and Installation Guide:
SkimDoctor 2.0 and Vac Attachment:
SkimDoctor 2.0 Set-Up and Installation Guide:
SkimDoctor 2.0 Vac Attachment Installation:
Skimlite 9000 Dually Series Three Piece Pool Pole:
Skimmer Motion™ - Automatic Pool Skimmer Review:

Skimmer Motion™ Installation and Set Up:
SkimmerMotion Adapter connect to Zodiac MX8, MX6, X7, T3:

Skimmer Weir replacement & Install:
Skimmer Locking Bar, for automatic cleaner:
Skimmer Weir stuck, pump not priming Part 5:
Skimmer Basket, How to clean:
SpaProof - Add Borates to your Spa the Easy Way:
So you Wanna be a Pool Guy (Gal) - Tools of the Trade:
Solar Breeze: The Robotic Solar-Powered Pool Cleaner Review:
Solar Breeze Setup, Tips & Troubleshooting:
Solar-Breeze NX Robotic Surface Solar Pool Cleaner:
SolaSkimmer Solar-Powered Robotic Swimming Pool Skimmer- MSRP $399.00!:
Cleaning Your Solar Breeze Debris Tray:
Solar Pool Cover with Reel:
Solar Pool Covers (Solar Blankets) Tips, the Good & the Bad:
Solar Sun Rings:
Spa is Draining Down When Pool Turns Off:
Spa Wand Pro Yellow (5-200-00):
Spa Foam down, for spas, fountains & water features that are foamy:
Stain Eraser 11001 - The Pool Stain Eraser:
Stanley FatMax 20-Volt Lithium Cordless Hammer Drill Review:
STA-Rite System 3 Filter cleaning:
Sta-Rite SYSTEM:3® Cartridge Replacement (Step by Step Guide on How To Install):
Sta-Rite System 3® Retro-Fit Kit Review and Installation Video part 1 of 2:
Sta-Rite System 3® Retro-Fit Kit Part 2 of 2: Cleaning the Cartridges:
Sta-Rite System 3, Installing a High Flow Relief Valve:
Pentair 98209800 High Flow Relief Valve on a Sta-Rite System 3 Filter:
SweepEase® AquaDynamic 18" Pool Brush – Review:
Sweep Fins® SFBK Wing Replacement Kit for Hayward Vacuum:
Swim Jet Pool by Huntington Pools & Spas:
Swimming Pool Brush and Net Organizer; Caddy and Tote:
Swimming Pool Stains:
Swimming Pool 101: A Crash Course for Rookies:
"Swimming Pool Care the Essential Guide" vBook – Overview:
Swimming Pool Finish Part Two, White Plaster:
Swimming Pool Finish Part One, Colored Plaster:
Swimming Pool Finish Part Four, Pebble Tec:
SwimmingPool Finish, All Tile - Part Three
Swimtrine Plus Algaecide (Copper based):


Taylor Test Kit (K-1006 - K-2150):
Taylor Complete FAS-DPD Pool Water Test Kit K-2006:
Taylor SpeedStir 9265 Magnetic Stirrer:
T-Bar Mount: Connect Two Pool Service Carts to Your Truck at the Same Time:

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids in your Swimming Pool, Salt Pool & Spa:
Test Kit Comparison: Which Kit is the Best?:
Test Kit 5 in 1: Chlorine, PH and Acid Demand:
Test Strips, Aquachek & HTH Test Strips:
Testing Swimming Pool Stains:
Poole Tile Cleaning, calcuim & stain removal:
Things to Consider Before You Build a Pool – Overview:
Tile repair:
Toilet Pool Float by Big Mouth Toys:
Tootsie Roll & Smarties Inflatable Pool Noodle by Big Mouth Inc:
Total Chlorine TRACER w/ pH & ORP Sensor LaMotte 1740-kit-01:

TRACER PockeTester with Carrying Case – Salt/TDS/Temp:
Trichlor 3" Chlorinating Tablets:
Twister, pool hose twister :


Unclog a Pool Skimmer Line -How to -Pool Pump Not Priming Part 7:

UPair One Drone 4K Camera & 7" FVP Screen, GPS, 1/2 Mile (1,000 m) Range only $350! - Review in 4K:
Using a Drone for Business on a Budget: HD Drone Options in the $100 to $300 Price Range:
Ultimate Video: Everything You Need To Know About Your Pool:


Vac Mate Skimmer-Vacuum attachment:
Valve Actuator Manual Mode & Manual Override part 1 of 2:
Valve Actuator Removal part 2 of 2
Variable Speed Pump, money saving benefits:
Variable Speed Pump RPM, Watts and Run Time EXAMPLES: Featuring Jandy iQPUMP01:
Vinyl pool care:
Vogmask - Microfiber or Organic Cotton Mask:
Vogmask: Reusable Filtering Face Mask: Review & Field Testing:
Volt FX-2 Battery Powered Vacuum by Water Tech - Review & Overview:
Volt FX-4Li Battery Powered Vacuum by Water Tech - Review & Overview:
Volt FX-8Li Battery Powered Vacuum by Water Tech:
Voyager MK II Automatic Suction Side Pool Cleaner by IPP:


Warrior Suction side Cleaner Review:
Water Level, proper water level:
Water Leveler PVC Auto Fill Float Valve Repair & Installation:

Water Tech Blue Diamond Robotic Pool Cleaner Review - 4 Year 500 Cycle Warranty!:
Water Tech Precision 2.0Li Professional Pool Vacuum Overview & Review:
Which Pool Cleaner is Best? Robotic, Suction, Pressure Side?:
Who Makes the Best Replacement Filter Cartridges? Part 1 of 2:
Who Makes the Best Pool Filter Cartridges? Part Two of Two:
Wind Storm, cleaning your pool after a storm:
Wolverine 6" Work Boots Waterproof (84933):


Yellow Algae Removers - Using Sodium Bromide to Treat Mustard Algae:
Yellow & Mustard Algae, For removing :
Yellowtrine Algae Treatment:
YELLOW OUT, usung to clean a green pool:
YouTube Channel Commercial - Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To:
Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad Steam Train Ride 2015:


Zodiac Pool Systems: A Behind the Scenes Headquarters Tour:
Zodiac MX8, MX6, T3, T5 & B3, Connecting Manual Vacuum Head:
Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Catcher CLC500 - Review & Installation:
Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner Review:
Zodiac G2 Diaphragm replacement video:
Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner Installation:
Zodiac G2, changing the Foot Pad
Zodiac G3 pool cleaner:
Zodiac G3, changing the Foot Pad
Zodiac G4 Automatic cleaner review:
Zodiac Finned Disk replacement (G2, G3, G4 & others):
Zodiac Baracuda Wheel Deflector Replacement (G2, G3, G4 & others):
Zodiac MX6 Pool Cleaner Review:
Zodiac MX8 Automatic cleaner:
Zodiac MX6 or MX8 Automatic Pool cleaner Installation:
Zodiac MX6 Not Turning: Replacing the Direction Control Device - Side A:
Zodiac MX6 Not Turning: Replacing the Direction Control Device - Side A:
Zodiac MX6 Not Moving Part 1: Changing the Tracks:
Zodiac MX6 Not Moving Part 2: Replacing the Engine Assembly
Zodiac MX6 Not Moving Part 3: Changing the Cyclonic Turbine:
How to replace the Track in a Zodiac MX8:
Zodiac MX8 Getting Stuck, Moving Slowly or Going in Small Circles:
Zodiac MX8 vs the NEW Zodiac MX6: Side by Side Comparison:
How to Connect a Leaf Canister to a Zodiac MX8, T3, T5, X7 Cleaner:
Zodiac Salt cell cleaning:
Zodiac T3 Automatic Pool Cleaner Review:
Changing the Diaphragm in a Zodiac T3, T5 Cleaner:
Zodiac Wahoo Pool Cleaner:
Zodiac Wahoo Cleaner, installation:

Podcast AUDIO ONLY -Episode 1: Introduction and Basic Pool Chemistry:
Podcast AUDIO ONLY -Episode 2: Starting a Pool Service - Interview with Erik Taylor of Chlorine King:
Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 3: All About Salt Water Pools & Salt Water Generators:
Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 4: Suction Side Pool Cleaners & My Top 5 Cleaners for your Pool:
Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 5: PoolRx Explained, an Interview with Fred Schweer of PoolRx:
Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 6: Portable Filtration Systems by Advantage - Interview w/ Lyann & Josh:
Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 7: Riptide Pool Vacuum Systems, Interview with Matt Lopez VP of Riptide:
Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 8: Purchasing a Pool Route, Interview with Charles Baird CEO of NPRS:
Podcast AUDIO ONLY - Episode 9: Pool Help & Resources for Homeowners & the Pool Service Professional:
Podcast AUDIO ONLY -Episode 10: SPPA General Liability Insurance for your Pool Route:
Podcast Audio Only – Episode 11: All About Pressure Side and Return Side Cleaners:
Podcast Audio Only - Episode 12: Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief, Interview w/Charles Baird of NPRS:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 13 - Pool Service Equipment 101:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 14 - All About Aquabot Robotic Cleaners, Interview with Steve Andrews:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 15 -Swimming Pool Skimmer Help:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 16 - Interview with Tal Millican Owner of Multi-Tork filter sockets:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 17 - Tips on Cleaning your Pool After a Wind Storm:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 18- All About D.E. Pool Filters:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 19 - Buying Pool Parts Online, Interview with Matt Simmons Inyo Pools:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 20 - Interview with Guy Erlich, President of Water Tech Corp:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 21: Taylor Test Kits, Interview with Wayne Ivusich:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 22 - All About Pinch A Penny Pool Stores, Bob Slaughter:
Podcast Audio Only: Episode 23 - Basic Cleaning Equipment for Cleaning your Own Pool:
Podcast Audio Only - Episode 24: Cleaning Tips for Pool Service Co. After a Santa Ana Wind Event:
Podcast Audio Only- Episode 25: All About the FlowVis Flow Meter, Interview with Paul Hackett:
Podcast Audio Only - Episode 26: Swimming Pool Filter Types Overview:

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