Sunday, August 25, 2013

Top 10 Automatic Pool Cleaners of 2013: Number Eight

Hayward Navigator, Pool vac
Okay, If you own one of these hold onto the rock you are about to throw at me. True you are changing parts in this like some made scientist every year or so. And true there are a lot of parts in this cleaner. But they actually work very good when everything is working. It wouldn't be my first choice so that is why it has landed at number eight. If you bought one or inherited one from the house you just bought, don't worry - you can get many good years out of it. The first two years are actually good years - like the first two years of most marriages ;). But yes, have the schematics handy after that. It does pick up dirt, dust and algae dust very well and can handle some fair size debris too. It is technically a very good cleaner with one major drawback: It is a parts hog. Out off all the cleaners on the market, this one uses the most parts. But the parts are easy to change (relatively) and if you decide to keep your Navigator/Pool Vac you can become an expert at keeping it running. Okay now you can throw your rocks at me ;0

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