Sunday, August 25, 2013

Top 10 Automatic Pool Cleaners of 2013: Number Seven

Polaris 360
Here is the Polaris 360, it is a Pressure Side Cleaner but does not require a booster pump. It runs off your existing return lines as long as they are 1.5" threaded return lines and not stub return lines. You can connect it to a stub pipe type return line but it wouldn't be cost effective as the adapters are expensive. So if you have 1.5" threaded return lines you are good to go. You would connect it to the most central return line and then add a restictor jet insert (comes with the cleaner) in one or two of the other return lines. I find that you will often need a 1.5" threaded plug in some cases (not included) to completely close of a return line. You will also need to have sufficient return pressure so a good 1-2 hp pump is a must.So with that said this cleaner is great if your pool has a lot of large debris all of the time. It will work almost as well as the booster pump version. The drawbacks are: since you are restricting and using the return jets, the surface isn't being skimmed very well. Also, it is based on the Polaris 380 so instead of the 280's drive shaft it has two belts that make the cleaner move. These belts wear out more often and need to be changed. In the plus column is the fact that it will leave your pool bottom spotless and is made to be long lasting and durable. A good choice if your pool is set up for this type of cleaner.

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