Saturday, August 24, 2013

Top 10 Automatic Pool Cleaners of 2013: Number Two

In close second is the Pentair Kreepy Krualy Legend cleaner. This updated model fixes many of the issues that plagued the older Letro Legend model. It runs of of the identical drive shaft as the Polaris 280. It is also a Pressure Side Cleaner that requires a 3/4 hp booster pump with a dedicated return line plumbed in to your pool. I like it because this new design makes the Legend much more durable, it is faster in your pool than the Polaris 280 and the four wheels gives it better coverage of the pool. The debris bag is also larger than the Polaris 280. If you look at the schematics it looks like a clone of the Polaris 280 but with some improvements. Like the Polaris 280 you will just be changing parts and the unit will in all accounts never need to be repurchased. It may move up to number one once it is tested over the next few years. The Polaris 280 still has a longer track record. A good buy for sure.

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