Sunday, August 25, 2013

Top 10 Automatic Pool Cleaners of 2013: Number Five

Solar Powered Surface Cleaner
You might not have heard about the Solar Breeze if you browse most pool sites in search of your next pool cleaner. It is catching on in the pool industry. Don't overlook this cleaner as it is a great alternative to having hoses and cords in your pool all day. The Solar Breeze is a solar powered robotic surface cleaner that is a self contained unit. What you see in the picture is the complete cleaner. It will keep the top of your pool looking so crystal clear that you will be amazed. It will also get most of the debris and dirt before it falls to the pool bottom only requiring you to spot vacuum every once in a while. But the way it leaves the surface needs to be seen to believe. It is intelligent so it is designed not to get stuck in your pool and reverses also at programmed intervals. It has a battery that is charged by the Sun so it runs almost constantly in your pool, even a few hours after the Sun goes down. The debris tray is about twice the capacity of your skimmer basket. My wife like it because she doesn't like seeing hoses in the swimming pool and it is light enough for anyone to remove from the pool. If you have a bottom cleaning robot you know that lifting it out of the pool can give you a hernia - no joke. I would suggest going to their website or see my review on my YouTube Channel to learn more about this innovative cleaner. A great choice.