Saturday, August 24, 2013

Top 10 Automatic Pool Cleaners of 2013: Number One

The best cleaner for 2013 is still the Polaris 280. It is a Pressure Side cleaner as it runs off the return line vs. running off of the pool suction line. It is a 30 year old design that is still the best. The only drawback is that you would need to have your pool constructed or remodeled to include a dedicated return line connected to a separate 3/4 hp booster pump. If you don't have that set-up then you cannot install a Polaris 280. It is a simple design with a drive shaft that spins the wheels. It picks up large debris and dirt and is very durable and long lasting. It only needs to run two hours a day to clean the entire pool. You will just change parts over the years it is in the pool and pretty much will never need to purchase the complete unit again. I have several of these still running on my route, two are the Polaris 180 models which pre-date the 280 model. Great cleaner.


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