Monday, October 1, 2018

Jacuzzi JDC and JDC+ Leaf Canisters

The Jacuzzi JDC and JDC+ Leaf/Debris Canister are a solid choice when it comes to suction side canisters for your pool. The JDC is a smaller canister while the JDC+ is the larger version. Both are very well made and come with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

The JDC canister features:
  • Twist-Lock lid
  • Quick and easy to remove debris
  • Clear plastic body for viewing basket contents
  • Comes with both a fine mesh bag and a plastic debris insert
  • Hose Swivel included
The JDC and JDC+ canisters come with two canister inserts depending on your debris type. If your pool has very fine particle debris, then you can use the fine mesh bag insert. If your pool mainly has large leaf debris, then the plastic insert would be fine. It is the only debris canister that comes with both inserts making them practical for any pool. Both canister inserts are very high quality and well made. So depending on the amount of debris in your pool each week you can either go with the smaller JDC or the larger JDC+ canister.

The twist off lid is very easy to remove making cleaning out the leaves and debris very easy. Since the lid O-ring is very thin, the lid does not get jammed on their if the O-ring expands over time. The ease of use is a real plus for these canisters. Getting the lid back on is easy also. The nice large handle also helps as you grip the canister to remove and put the lid back on.  The clear plastic of the canister also makes it easy to see when the canister needs to be emptied. You can easily access the O-ring on the canister by twisting the black handle down and then off the canister.

If you have a suction side cleaner a debris canister is a must for your pool. Without a canister you are risking having your suction line or vacuum line clogged with debris as well as your pump basket. This will cause the pool to run poorly and even cause damage to the equipment. So, if you have a suction side cleaner a leaf canister is a must. The leaf canisters also come in handy when you manually vacuum a pool and I use one all the time on my pool route when I vacuum out a pool. A leaf canister is a must for a suction side cleaner and I would highly recommend getting one if you don’t have one.

I think the thing to look for in a leaf canister is ease of use and durability. Since they are not inexpensive you want one that will be long lasting and durable. The Jacuzzi JDC and JDC+ are very well made and long lasting. I have several on my pool route and they are working great. The overall design and color of the canister goes well with any pool look and design and the ease of use is a real plus.

They are available at Leslie’s Pool Supply and you can also purchase them online at

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