Thursday, October 18, 2018

How to Set the Priming Speed on a Pentair SuperFlo VS Pump

The Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed pump is one of the most popular VS pumps on the market. The control panel is pretty simple and user friendly, but one thing does not appear to be adjustable is the priming speed. This is the RPM or speed that the pump primes at and the SuperFlo VS is set at 3450 RPM for 5 minutes. But you can easily set the priming speed to a lower RPM.

The steps to do this are pretty easy. If the pump is running, go ahead and hit the Start/Stop button to stop the pump. Then hit the Start/Stop button to start the pump up again. If the pump is off still hit the Start/Stop button to start it. Now the pump has entered the Priming Mode.   You will see “Pri” displayed on the screen and it will flash between this 3450 and the 5-minute count down.
While the 5-minute countdown is going simply hit the “-” Down arrow key and you will see the RPM drop down. Keep hitting this button until it reaches the new priming speed that you desire. I suggest not going too low or the pool may not start up correctly. I think you can go as low as 1800 RPM but I don’t suggest that. I think in most cases 3450 RPM is not necessary and a lower priming speed is perfectly fine.

Anywhere from 2800-3100 RPM will work and you can also lower down the 5 minute priming time if you would like. I usually just leave the priming time at 5 minutes since the first speed programmed to run is a higher speed anyway. So once you set the priming speed down the pump will turn on the next day at the new priming speed. If you wish to increase the priming speed simply follow these steps and hit the “+” Up arrow key to raise the RPM.

About the SuperFlo VS (from Pentair):

The Perfect Pump for Everyday Pools Requiring Up to a 1.5 Hp Pump
SuperFlo VS pumps help slash energy costs compared to conventional pool pumps. With premium features like a 24-hour real-time clock and an intuitive interface that displays watts and RPMs, they're easy to program and operate. With the SuperFlo VS pump, you can enjoy big savings on your utility bill. Perfect for new and standard pump replacement applications. No other company can match our proven, in-field performance and reliability, so you can count on years of long, dependable service. No wonder we outsell all other variable speed pumps.   

·         Only variable speed pump on the market today with 115/208-230V and 50/60 Hz single phase capability. Operating nominal voltage range is 110V thru 230V
·         Ideal for standard pools requiring up to 1.5 HP pump
·         Three operating speed settings plus override capability
·         Direct and superior drop-in replacement for the Hayward® SuperPump®
·         An Eco Select® Brand product: one of Pentair's "greenest" and efficient choices
·         WEF 5.9  THP 2.2

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