Friday, October 19, 2018

How I got started in the Pool Industry

I recently recorded an interview with the Pool Chaser Podcast Show where I talked for 2 ½ hours about a variety of subjects. I broke the interview down into four sections and in the first part I talked about how I got started in the pool business. Here are some of the points I touched on from that interview. You can learn more about the Pool Chaser Podcast Show here:

In 1988 I first got introduced into the pool business by a family friend, Doug Ward of Doug Ward Pool Service. He worked in the Orange county Ca area servicing Anaheim Hills and the surrounding communities. The world was a lot different back in 1988 and I was a 16-year-old kid with no knowledge of a pool whatsoever. I shouldn’t fail to mention that there were no YouTube Videos, no cell phones and very limited resources back in that day.

So, my initial training was essential, and I learned a lot from Doug Ward, not only about cleaning pools but about customer service. He was exceptional at communicating with the customers as well as solving problems on the spot. I think many of the tricks I learned and apply to my service and that I pass on to my YouTube viewers comes from those early years of just winging it. If you were out in the field and didn’t know something you would have to figure it out.

Anyone who comes from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s will understand that the service guys today have a big advantage in training, knowledge and resources. Everything is much easier today and I hope that the newer guys appreciate that. Now if you don’t know how to do something you can call tech support on your cell phone, look up an article on Google or just watch a YouTube Video – I have 800 of them posted myself.  

Although there are now more automated systems, salt systems, UV and Ozone plus a slew of other mind-boggling innovations the basics still apply. The more knowledge you have the better your service will be. Attend those trade shows and seminars, read industry magazines and watch some YouTube Videos and your expertise in the industry will grow. But remember the basics, pool circulation and chemistry are the key to a clear and clean pool.

Back to my beginnings in 1988. When I was in a jam I was on my own. Yes, there were payphones and I did call Doug for help on occasions but for the most part I was working in a vacuum. 16 years old and no back up. But I did the basics, and everything turned out well. I cleaned the filters when dirty, D.E. filters were the only filters in my day. Many had those awful Separation Tanks that trapped the D.E. in a cloth bag. Keeping the pH, Alkalinity and Chlorine in balance really saved me out there. I think if you are starting out if you remember the basics you will be fine. 

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