Thursday, October 25, 2018

How to Get Started in the Pool Service Business

I think the pool industry offers a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to work hard and dedicate themselves to the business. Service business in general is a booming industry with many opportunities from plumbing, electrical and of course pool service. As people age in this country and as people get busier and have more disposable income they will hire gardeners, house cleaners and again pool service companies to do the tasks that they don’t want to do anymore.

Getting started in the business can seem challenging since there is a big learning curve if you have never serviced a pool before. There is also a lot of different systems and equipment out there as well as chemistry and other issues that you may run into like algae and a green pool. So even if you have the motivation you may give up simply because there is no where to get the training to get started.
I hope to fill this gap with my vast YouTube Video library as well as my eBook, Print Book, Blog and other online platforms to help you gain that knowledge. One thing that I have created is my coaching site. In my coaching program you get to be part of a large group of other pool professionals and for $10 a month you can text me in real time and for $20 a month you can call me. The coaching group is a great way gain the knowledge you need quickly and easily.

To learn more, you can visit my coaching site:

Having the right attitude is half the battle when you get started. Going into the pool service industry with realistic expectations and goals is important. You are not going to get 50 accounts in 2 months and learning how to build up your route is a crucial part of the equation. How will you advertise your services in your area? What is the best way to get new clients? Where do I begin? These are all questions you should be asking, and I can help you with all of this.

How are you going to set up the business end? Will you use a pool route software or just Excel or Quick Books? Will you do an all-inclusive billing or itemize for chemicals and filter cleaning? How much will you charge each month for service? Will you offer only full service or chemical only service also? This is very important because once you set up your billing and service rates they are not easily adjusted later.  So, think long and hard on how you will set up your billing and rates.
What will you call your pool service? This is important and securing the website name is equally important.  I suggest checking on the domain name concurrently with the business name and registering both at the same time. A website is crucial to make your business look legitimate and to also get leads for your business. Again, changing this later is hard and confusing so do it right from the get-go.

What equipment do I need to get started? What should I expect to spend each month on chemicals? What is essential? Getting the right equipment and chemicals is also a must when you are starting. A Vacuum System like the Riptide is a luxury item for sure but one you should be aiming for quickly. Using the PoolRx at the beginning of the season in all your accounts is also a great idea. What is essential is a pole, net, brush and manual vacuum.  This will get you started along with a small budget for chlorine and acid.

You can see there are a lot of things to really think about when you are getting started and if you need help feel free to contact me.

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