Monday, May 7, 2018

PoolRx Spa Unit for Crystal Clear Water, Algae Free Water and Use Less Chlorine Each Week!

PoolRx is not just for your pool but you can also use it in your above ground spa, in ground stand alone spa or water feature (as long as there is no fish in it). You will get the same benefits as the larger size PoolRx which is, an algae free spa and you can use less chlorine in your spa each week. You also can go longer in between draining your spa and the water will remain crystal clear.

To download the PoolRx user guide:

The PoolRx Spa Unit has the same minerals as the larger units but just in smaller amounts for smaller bodies of water. So they make three different Spa Units, one Yellow Spa Unit for 100-400 gallons, one Black Spa Unit for 400-1,000 gallons and one Sundance Spa Unit (400-1,000 gallons) for Sundance spas only. You can also use the Spa Unit in a water feature or fountain which is what I do on my pool route. Using the Spa Unit will keep the spa or water feature algae free for 4-6 months and it will also allow you to run it with as little as 0.5-1.0 ppm of chlorine. Note that you cannot use the Spa Unit with Bromine so if you are using Bromine now in your spa you will need to drain it, refill it and then use the Spa Unit with liquid chlorine or granular chlorine.

Here are the steps for using the Spa Unit:
Step 1: Choose the correct PoolRx Spa Unit(s) for your size spa.

Step 2: Start with fresh water and a clean filter. Drop Spa unit into skimmer or place between cartridge filter pleats. For Sundance Spas, place in skimmer door slot.

Step 3: Add approximately 1 tablespoon of granular chlorine. This should allow you to achieve 0.5-1.0ppm of chlorine in the water.

Simple weekly maintenance:
Maintain normal spa chemistry with only 0.5-1.0ppm of chlorine.
Add approximately 1 tablespoon of granular chlorine once per week.
If necessary add a little pH up or down to keep water in normal range.
Replace Spa unit every 4-6 months or whenever the Spa is drained.

Here is what the PoolRx says about the Spa Unit:

“Simplifies Spa Care. Healthier Water. Reduces Chemicals. 100% of Spa customers want to relax in healthy water with less chemicals. 100% of Spa Service Pro’s want a spa that is simple to care for.”

“PoolRx for Spa is the answer PoolRx Spa units use the same mineral blend and rejuvenating technology as PoolRx for pools. The only difference is the size of the unit and the amount of minerals packed inside each unit. With PoolRx and PoolRx for Spas, it’s all about having the right amount of mineral in the water based on total gallons. The minerals dissolve completely and immediately out of the unit to form a stable residual in the water. The minerals eliminate and prevent all types of algae, even the micro algae you can’t see. This allows low levels of chlorine (0.5-1.0ppm) to be more active and available in the water, providing amazing clarity. As the water passes back over the unit that you leave in the skimmer or pump basket, the minerals are rejuvenated to last longer, typically 4-6 months depending on the bather load and conditions. PoolRx Spa units are also a great addition for Ozone and UV systems, because the minerals are always working for you throughout the entire body of water.”

Note again that if you use the PoolRx Spa Unit in a water feature that it is not safe for fish. It is safe for all other animals but fish are always very sensitive to any type of mineral treatment. So do not to use it in ponds or other bodies of water with fish present.

So to have a sparkling clean spa or water feature all season long, the PoolRx Spa Unit would be a great product for you. It is affordable and long lasting and highly effective.

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