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Advanced Cleaning Tools to Save You Time on Your Pool Route

In This Podcast I cover some tools I use on my Pool Route to speed up my day out in the field. These tools will cut hours off of your work week allowing you to add more accounts or to just finish your day earlier. Here is a brief preview of some of the equipment I talk about in the Podcast.

This is the Precision 2.0 Li Battery Powered Cleaner by Water Tech. The Precision 2.0 is Water Tech's latest cleaner made exclusively for the pool service professional. The Precision has been in the works for over two years and Water Tech has made many improvements that make this cleaner reliable and highly effective.

The Precision is only for sale to pool service professionals and won't be available online. For more info on pricing and availability check with your local pool supply wholesaler. With that said, if you are a homeowner looking for a powerful portable vacuum like this one, check out their Volt FX-8 cleaner. Water Tech may in the future make the Precision available to homeowners, but for now it is marketed and sold to pool service techs.

The Precision is Water Tech's upgrade of the Pro 1500 which is a solid cleaner in it's own respect. The Precision is designed to be used as a portable vacuum separate from the pools filtration system and it comes with three bags for various situational use. The Xtreme Multi Layer Bag is for standard use and is great at picking up dirt and debris. The Sand & Silt Bag is designed for fine dirt and sand and works well at trapping smaller dirt particles. And the All Purpose Bag is for pools with large leaf debris with little dirt.  These bags all work great and they really trap the dirt and debris well.

The Precision comes with two Lithium Ion Batteries that will last longer and are much lighter than their previous batteries. Also included is a car charger that you can use to charge the battery while you are driving around on your pool route. Each battery will last for about one hour of continuous use. It takes about 4 hours to charge the batteries from the wall charger, less time for the car charger.

Water Tech Precision 2.0Li Professional Pool Vacuum Overview & Review:

This is the Power Vac Large Service Cart for the Power Vac PV2100, PV2200 and PV2500. The service cart is truly a thing of beauty. If you are thinking about getting a Power Vac for your pool route definitely get it with this cart. You will love it.

Getting the PV2100 with the Large Service Cart is actually a good package deal. The PV2100 without the cart is around $1,000 and with it about $1,600. If you decide to purchase the cart later it sells for around $1,000 just by itself. So you get the cart along with the PV2100 for about half price.

There are so many great details about the cart, I couldn't cover all of them in the video otherwise it would be too long. I will touch on each point here.

The cart has a powder coated aluminum frame that is welded so well that it feels like it was cut out as one solid piece. The welds are that good and that strong. The powder coating is so thick I doubt you will have to get it re-coated for years. It is a a solid piece of equipment made in the USA. It just looks and feels very well built.

Power Vac Large Service Cart for PV2100, PV220 & PV2500 Vacuum:

This is the New Riptide SL Pool Vacuum System. The Riptide vacuum uses a 30 Lbs thrust motor to spin a propeller on top and suck large debris into the large debris bag on top. I have been using the Riptide Commercial Cart on my Pool Route and the SL cart uses the same Vacuum head but the cart is more compact and maneuverable.

The Riptide Vacuum System is an essential tool if you service pools that get destroyed by the winds or work in an area where the pools get a lot of large debris all season long. For the homeowner or service tech who doesn't want or need the SL cart, you can now order the Riptide Vacuum Head with just a Battery Box. It will work exactly the same as far as vacuuming power, but the time between charges will be shorter. The 35 AH battery for the Battery Box should last around 3 hours of continuous use before charging.

The SL Cart can hold up to a class 27 100 AH battery which gives you about 6-8 hours of vacuuming time with the Riptide.

The Riptide SL cart comes loaded with some great features which I will touch on briefly here. One of the things I really like is the dedicated plug on the cart itself. The Vacuum Cord plugs right into the cart  and the plug is very well made and actually holds the cord in even if you tug really hard on t while vacuuming a pool. Right above the plug is the easy to reach on/off switch. The ease of use of the Riptide SL makes this an ideal Vacuum System for you. Simply connect your pole to the Riptide Vacuum head, uncoil the cord from the top, plug it in, drop the vacuum in the pool and turn it on.

Riptide SL Pool Vacuum System Review & Overview:

The PORTAVAC by Advantage Manufacturing is a self contained portable filtration system that can be used for a great many swimming pool applications. The best way to describe it to you is that the PORTAVAC is like having your pool equipment on a a dolly that you can move around.

Here are some specs on the PORTAVAC directly from the manufacturer:

1.5 HP self priming pump with oversized trap
150 Sq. Ft. cartridge filter
35' of 12 gauge insulated cord
Heavy duty tubed tires
Rugged 0.090 wall steel
Powder coated finish
On/Off switch with GFI

I will touch on these features some more later in this article. I wanted to highlight some uses for the PORTAVAC. First, let me make a distinction from the closest portable Vacuum type when compared to the PORTAVAC. This is not at all like the Hammer-Head, Riptide Vac, or Power Vac. Those types of portable vacuums use a fine filter bag on top to trap debris and work off of a Deep Cycle Marine Battery attached to the cart. The limitation of these types of vacuums is that they only trap dirt and debris down to about 60 microns, with the finest bag attached.

The PORTAVAC uses a 150 sq ft cartridge filter, so it traps dirt and debris down to about 10 or 15 microns. This means that the PORTAVAC will pick up very fine dust, sand and algae dust where the other types of vacuums fail at this. You would use your standard pool vacuum head and a 1.5” pool hose attached to the PORTAVAC to pick up the dirt and debris. It is just like manually vacuuming from your pools existing filtration system.

PORTAVAC: Portable Filtration System by Advantage Manufacturing – Overview:

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