Friday, May 11, 2018

Aquabot Turbo T Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Remote, Cord Swivel, Caddy - Filters to 2 Microns!

The Aquabot Turbo T Plus is the latest revision of one of Aquabot's classic Robotic Cleaners. Aqaubot still manufacturers and produces their robotic cleaners here in the United States and prides itself on being the premiere robotic pool cleaner manufacturer. The design of the Turbo T Plus goes all the way beck to the companies beginnings.

This does not mean that the Turbo T Plus is outdated. On the contrary the design has held up well for over 30 plus years and there are some great features that make this one of Aqaubot's top selling cleaners. Let me list the features and then touch on a few of them for you:

Extra Long 60’ Cable with Swivel
Patented Power Washing Jets
Cleans Pool Floor, Wall and Waterline
Never Stuck Rollers
Debris bag filters down to 2 microns
3-Way Wireless Remote Control
1-7 Hour Digital Timer
Pumps 75 gallons per minute while running
Operating cost per hour $0.05
G-Tooth™ tracks to protect your cleaner from excessive rubbing
Storage Caddy included
3 Year Limited Warranty

The classic design gives the Turbo T Plus filtration down to 2 microns which is better than most pool filters on the market. It actually acts like a secondary filtration system and will pump 75 gallons per minute. Running the cleaner in your pool each week will keep your pool filter cleaner as all of the dirt and debris is trapped in the cleaner and does not enter the pool filter. Although the bottom debris bag seems outdated, the level of filtration they provide is unmatched in the industry. It really isn't too hard to clean out the debris bag and you will find the level of filtration it offers simply amazing.

The scrubbing brushes remove dirt and debris from the pool bottom, walls and even the waterline of your pool. The Turbo T Plus follows a per-programmed pattern and it will spend more time on the bottom but will clean all of the pool walls, plus the waterline. You can adjust the time it spends on the waterline by adjusting the handle on top. Note that the cleaning pattern cannot be altered so if you don't need a cleaner to climb and clean the walls you will need a different Aquabot model. They make a number of cleaners that just clean the pool floor to the slope of the walls.

Other great features include the 60 feet of cable with a built in swivel. This swivel will eliminate any cable tangling as the cleaner moves through the pool. The long cable length makes it ideal for a even a large pool. The timer can be set for up to 7 hours and you can also connect it to an external timer if needed. It should clean an average size pool completely in about 2 hours. Since it converts the power down to 12 Volts it only cost about $0.05 per hour to run the cleaner in your pool. So if you have a Variable Speed pump a Robotic Cleaner is a great way to maximize your energy savings. You can run your pool on a low RPM and drop in the cleaner in and not worry about running it on a higher speed to get a Suction Cleaner or Pressure Cleaner running.

The 3-Way Wireless Remote Control is a handy if you need to move the cleaner to any hard to clean areas but in most cases you probably won't need to use it. The remote is good to have just in case, but you will find that the Turbo T Plus does a great job.

The Patented Power Washing Jets found on the bottom of the cleaner will shoot jet streams of water out and loosen up dirt and debris. This along with the front and back scrubbing brushes allows the Turbo T Plus to get even stubborn dirt and debris off of the pool floor and walls. With the Float-to-Turn Technology, the cleaner will also get full coverage of your pool.

With the included Caddy for transport and storage the Turbo T Plus is a complete Robotic Cleaner. Don't let the Old School design deter you, the design might be old but it is highly effective. The 3 year limited warranty ensures many years of trouble free operation and you are getting a lot of features packed into the Turbo T Plus.

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