Monday, May 21, 2018

Aqaubot Spirit Above Ground Pool Robotic Pool Cleaner Review: Filters down to an Amazing 2 Microns!

The Aquabot Spirit is Aquabot's newest Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner. Aquabot features many models that con be used for an Above Ground Pool and the Spirit would be the ideal choice for your above ground pool. Below are some of the great features of the Aquabot Spirit.

Most powerful motor in the industry – up to 85 GPM
Dual impeller high flow jet propulsion system
TwinBody™ Innovative Chassis for easy access to everything
NeverStuck™ Obstacle Guidance System
New for 2016 - 360° Anti-tangle Cable Swivel
Better circulation reduces chemical demand
Ultra-fine dual filters for 2 micron filtration
Easy clean top access filters
Multi-cycle cleaning programs (1 or 2 hour)
2 Year Limited Warranty

For incredibly easy filter access and maintenance, the patented TwinBody™ design makes regular filter maintenance a breeze.
New for 2016- The Anti-Tangle Swivel delivers peace of mind that your new pool robot will do the job without suffering from the dreaded spaghetti cord tangle.

With better water circulation you can greatly reduce your pools reliance on chemical additives, lowering your pools expenses and leaving you with peace of mind.

The Spirit's refined dual filtration system filters particulate down to 2 microns in size, capable of removing more debris than comparable pool cleaner models.

The Aquabot Spirit is simply the best robotic cleaner value available today. Along with that comes a 2 year limited warranty unmatched in the sub-$500 cleaner category.
This cleaner is loaded with features and would be ideal for your Above Ground Pool. One of the issues with keeping an Above Ground Pool clean each week is that many of them come with undersized pumps and filters. So you can't really use a suction side cleaner as the equipment won't generate enough power to allow it to clean well. And manually vacuuming it is a real chore and pain. The Aqaubot Spirit runs independently from the pool's filtration system so you simply plug it in and drop it into your pool. After the cleaning cycle your pool will be spotless.

It is a very simple cleaner to use and maintain. Since it uses a simple back and forth cleaning pattern there are no tracks, gears or multiple parts that need to be replaced each year. Drop it in your pool each week and let it clean the pool without worrying about expensive repairs or maintenance. The top easily snaps off for easy debris removal. And the cleaner is so light that you can easily drop it in your pool and retrieve it without any real effort. An all around great choice for your Above Ground Pool.

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