Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pool Blaster Max Li Pool and Spa Cleaner by Water Tech

The Pool Blaster Max Li is Water Tech's latest update on their flagship Max Battery Operated cleaners. It all started with their Pool Buster Max many years ago and Water Tech is always updating their cleaners to keep them current with today's market. The Pool Blaster Max Li has the same great cleaning features as the previous units but with a few upgrades.

The biggest and most revolutionary upgrade is that the charging port is now water sealed. On the older models you had to twist open the charging port and plug the charger directly into the motor/battery chamber. This was one of the biggest issues and a common failure of the unit if the user did not tighten and lubricate the plug sufficiently when threading it back in. Water could get into the charging area and short out the cleaner. You also had to twist the port tightly to turn the unit on and then open it slightly to turn it off. By opening it slightly to turn the unit off, water also could seep in.

The new design eliminates user error completely. The Charger attaches to the outside of the cleaner and nothing needs to be opened. Also, there is a simple to push on/off switch that is marked clearly in red. This new design guarantees that no water will enter the charging port and short out the cleaner. A serious upgrade that makes this cleaner even more reliable and durable.

The Li stands for the new Lithium Ion internal battery which makes the cleaner lighter and will extend the lifespan of the unit also. The Lithium battery can go long periods between uses and still work when recharged which is great if you Winterize your pool for part of the season. So expect to get 2-4 years or 300-500 charges on each Lithium battery which is a much longer lifespan than the previous version.

The power rating of the cleaner has also been increased meaning the new Max Li has more suction than the previous model, almost a 30% power boost.. The increased suction can really be seen as the Max Li picks up debris with ease. The nice thing about the Max Li is that all of the debris is trapped in the filter bag which is large in capacity and holds both large and fine debris/dirt. It is easy to empty and clean making the Max Li a convenient way to vacuum out your pool or spa. I also suggest purchasing a sand/silt bag for the finer dirt. This bag also last a very long time and and works great for spas.

Pool Blaster Max Sand and Silt Filter Bag:

The Max Li would be ideal for vacuuming your Spa, Kid pool, Above Ground Pool, In-ground Pool, and to spot vacuum a pool with an automatic cleaner. The compact size makes it ideal for almost all pools and spas and the vacuum head with the wheels and brushes makes it safe for all surface types. No need for cords or hoses, just turn on the Max Li, drop it in and away you go.

It comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

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