Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dolphin S300i Robotic Pool Cleaner by Maytronics - Smartphone MyDolphin™ app control

The Dolphin S300i Robotic Pool Cleaner by Maytonics is one of their flagship cleaner. The S300i combines the best of what Maytronics does into one finely tuned machine. Don't let the compact size and old school robotic cleaner look fool you. The S300i is loaded and ready to tackle any pool.

First let me touch on the S-Series by Dolphin as there are four different models in this series. The S100 is their budget version but is still packed with many great features. The S200 is a step up from that and the S300 series is their premium cleaner with two models. The standard S300 model and the S300i. The S300i can be controlled and programmed using the MyDolphin App through your Smart Phone or Device's Bluetooth connection. In this article I will be covering the features of the S300i, but many of these features are also found on the other cleaners in the S-Series. The S-Series is only available for purchase at your local brick and mortar pool store and is not sold online.

The one thing that sets the S300i apart from other robotic cleaners is that you can control and program the cleaner from the My Dolphin App. After downloading and installing the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store you can connect to the S300i via your devices Bluetooth. Once connected you can set custom cleaning modes. A weekly cleaning schedule and cleaner run time. There is also a really cool remote control mode where you can control the cleaner manually from your Smart Phone or Device. The My Dolphin App is a great feature and in my testing worked perfectly. If needed you can also control the S300i from the Multi-Function Power Supply which is also included.

The S300i comes with an easy to assemble and very sturdy caddy for easy transport to your pool and for storing the cleaner when not in use. This caddy holds the power supply as well as the cleaner and cord.

The S300i also features CleverClean Scanning which is a unique scanning features that allows the cleaner to get full coverage of any pool type. This will allow the cleaner to have shorter run times but still get the entire pool clean. The tracks on the cleaner are also designed to get it over any obstacles in the pool and allows the cleaner to have superb wall climbing ability. The PowerStream Mobility System allows the cleaner to move along the waterline and scrub the pool tiles with ease.

The cleaner is also very lightweight coming in at 7.5 kg or 16 lbs. So it is pretty easy for anyone to drop into the pool and to retrieve when the cleaning cycle ends. It also features a Quick water release so when you pull the cleaner out of water it will drain out very rapidly.

The Multi-Layer Filter is a great at picking up dirt, leaves and fine debris. This is a top loading cleaner and the debris chamber has a handle that pops up when the lid is opened. This allows you to simply grab the handle and pull the debris chamber out. Simply snap open the bottom to remove large debris and then hose off the filter chamber. It couldn't be simpler.

Other key features of the cleaner are a 60 foot cable or 18 meter cable length. Active brushing which removes dirt algae and debris. And a track system that will get the cleaner up and over anything in the pool including the step area. It comes with a 24 month manufacturer warranty.

Bottom line, the Dolphin S300i is loaded with features that will allow the cleaner to leave your pool spotless each week with the peace of mind that the cleaner is backed by a company with a strong reputation of making quality robotic cleaners since 1983. Stop by your local pool store and check out the Dolphin S300i, it is a solid choice for a robotic pool cleaner for your pool.  

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