Monday, May 1, 2017

LEAF BONE - Leaf Net Skimmer Clip for your In-Ground Pool Ladder

The Leaf Bone Leaf Net Skimmer Clip is a simple yet effective product for your in-ground pool with a ladder. One end clips onto your standard leaf rake and the other end clips onto your 1.9” diameter pool ladder. As the water passes by, the leaf net attached to the Leaf Bone catches leaves and debris.

For about $12.00 this is an affordable way to skim your pool surface in a passive way and cut down on the surface debris. For now, the leaf bone only fits an in-ground 1.9” pool ladder rail. An Above Ground pool model may be the next one released if there is enough demand for one.

For an above ground pool you can use this if your ladder rail is large enough in diameter. I suppose you could also thicken up your ladder rail with duct tape and then clip on the Leaf Bone. Most above ground pool ladder rails are 1.5” or less in diameter.

You can order the Leaf Bone directly on their website:

Or if you prefer to order on here is the link for you:

I like supporting these small inventors by getting the word out on their products. The Leaf Bone is made here in the USA and is a great product for your in-ground pool. It is sturdy and well made and the price point is great. It slides right into the leaf rake I tested it on and clipped snugly to the pool ladder.
The Principle of the Leaf Bone is simple. With the leaf rake (leaf net) clipped onto the pool ladder, the return jets will push the debris past the ladder and into the leaf net. You can angle the Leaf Bone so that your leaf net is right up against the pool wall. All the debris the flows there will be trapped in the leaf net. Simple yet effective.

In the video I used the Purity Pool Pro-Lite 18” leaf rake. I don't think you want to go too large on the leaf rake because you will need room to clip it onto the pool ladder and have room still to reach the pool wall. If the leaf rake is too large it may not clip onto the ladder. To learn more about the Purity
Pool Leaf Rakes:

Purity Pool Scoops & Leaf Rakes - Product Overview:
Purity Pool Pro-Lite 18-Inch Professional Leaf Rake, Tuff Duty & Silt Model:

The Leaf Bone is made out of ABS plastic and is designed to withstand pool chemicals and the Suns UV rays. It is a quality product and a great way to passively skim your pool surface. It is easy to remove when you go swimming or to empty the leaf rake.

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