Thursday, May 25, 2017

Polaris TR35P Inground Pressure Cleaner Review (Requires Booster Pump)

The TR35P is the latest Booster Pump cleaner by Polaris Pools. This is their retail pool store only unit and you can only purchase it at your local brick and mortar pool store. The TR35P is based on their Polaris 380 model and has a belt drive system which is highly reliable and is the same one found also in the Polaris 360 (non-booster pump) model.

The thing that sets the TR35P apart from the other Polaris models is the very nice dark color scheme. It comes with a black feed hose and a dark blue clear body with gray and black tires. This cleaner would be perfect for a colored plaster pool but looks equally great in a regular white plaster pool. The dark hoses and dark body just make this cleaner look awesome in a pool.

The way the TR35P works is that the dedicated booster pump (typically ¾ hp) will pump the water from the pool to a dedicated return line where the cleaner is attached. The water in funneled into three jets on the bottom of the cleaner known as Venturi. The water will shoot debris into the bag on top as well as move through the cleaners drive system and propel it along the pool floor. So essentially it uses the pool's water pressure to move and pick up debris. Hence it is known as a Pressure or Return side cleaner.

Polaris has been making Pressure Cleaners now for over 40 years. It all started with the Polaris Vac Sweep, later renamed the Polaris 180. They make a number of other models including the 280, 380 and 3900 Sport. All of their models are reliable and clean the pool very effectively. If you look at the reviews online you will see that these cleaners get 4.5 stars out of 5 stars consistently across all of the models. So the TR35P, although a newer model, is backed by the strong reputation of Polaris.

The TR35P comes with everything you need to set it up in your pool (except for a booster pump). It has 31 feet of the black feed hose with a black back-up valve attached. It also comes with the wall connector and Quick-Disconnect attachment. The black debris bag comes standard and there is an extra All Purpose Leaf Bag included. It also comes equipped with the Tail Sweep Pro which is an advanced tail attachment that will allow the tail sweep to operate at full speed without shooting water out onto your pool deck and windows.

The TR35P is part of the Trade Series Cleaners offered by Polaris Pools. In order to get you to invest and shop at your local pool store, they are offering this cleaner in this awesome color scheme and including the extra debris bag and Tail Sweep Pro. They also offer an extended 2 year warranty on the TR35P as opposed to the standard 1 year warranty when you by a cleaner online.

What makes the Polaris Pressure Cleaners great is that the included wall fitting is compatible with all of the previous Polaris models as well as Pressure cleaner models from other manufacturers. The 1 1/2” fitting will connect to any pool that has had a dedicated Pressure cleaner in the past. So if you are replacing your current Polaris Pressure Cleaner or one from another brand, the TR35P will thread right in. It couldn't be any easier.

So stop by your local pool store and check out the Polaris TR35P today.

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