Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Polaris R0535800 Ultra-Fine Sand and Silt Filter Canister for Polaris Robotic Cleaners

The Polaris R0535800 Ultra-Fine Sand and Silt Filter Canister for Polaris Robotic Cleaners are a great way to pick up all of the finer dust and silt in your pool. This canister does not come with the lid/front but can fit the following cleaners made by Polaris:

Polaris ALPHA IQ+
Polaris ALPHA IQ
Polaris VRXIQ+
Polaris VRXIQ
Polaris 9650iQ Sport
Polaris P9650IQ
Polaris 9550 Sport
Polaris 9450 Sport
Polaris 9350 Sport

The manufacturer states that it will filter down to 60 microns but in my testing, it appears to filter out all of the dirt in my pool so I think it is much finer filtration but I can’t state exactly. But it is very similar to the filtration of a robotic cleaner with the paper type cartridge material and seems to solve the issue of the standard All-Purpose canister not being able to filter down the finer dirt. The factory canister included with these Polaris Cleaners the All-Purpose or General-Purpose Canister will filter down to 120-130 microns. This means the Ultra-Fine Canister has twice the filtration ability of the canister included with the unit.

Note that the lid is universal so there really is no need to purchase a second lid. I just use the lid that came with the cleaner on the Ultra-Fine Canister and it fits perfectly. Also, keep in mind since the canister material is a much finer mesh, it can tear easier if any sharp debris were to be picked up by the cleaner. This is not meant for everyday use but to supplement your cleaning to remove the finer dirt and silt that may be left behind by the standard canister. This canister will also clog up faster than the standard canister included with the cleaner, so you will need to empty it more often.

Originally this canister was standard on the Polaris 9450 Sport but too many consumers complained about the cleaner getting clogged up or having to empty the canister mid-cleaning. Polaris then switched to the current canister that filters down to 120 microns. In my opinion, I suggest running your Polaris with the standard canister and then use the Ultra-Fine Canister to do a deep cleaning of your pool. It is a solid formula and most pools are cleaned up very well by just using the included canister. In my case, I do get very fine debris in my pool vs large leaf debris so the Ultra-Fine Canister works great in my pool to pick up all of the dirt.

The reviews for the product are excellent and if you notice that there is some fine dirt and silt left behind the next day after running your Polaris cleaner in your pool, you may need to invest in the Ultra-Fine Canister. Just make sure you are purchasing the R0535800 Ultra-Fine Sand and Silt Filter Canister for Polaris Robotic Cleaners since Polaris also makes a Fine Filter Canister (R0517800).

As a side note the ALPHA IQ+ shown in this video is the best Polaris Robotic Cleaner to date. If you do purchase the cleaner shown in the video, I suggest the Ultra-Fine Canister as well.

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