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Jacuzzi JMCS Mineral Cartridge System & Zodiac Nature2 Express Installation Guide

The new Jacuzzi® JMCS - Mineral Cartridge System made by Nature2 is so simple to install. Note that if you have a Zodiac Nature2 Express the installation process is exactly the same. The Jacuzzi Mineral System is currently priced at $99.00 this is a great deal for a top of the line mineral system and slightly less expensive than the Zodiac Nature2 Express.

The Zodiac Nature2 Express is a 5-star rated mineral system and the Jacuzzi JMCS is again made by the same manufacture and has the same mineral content:

Copper sulfate pentahydrate 1.0 mg
Silver metal 0.01 mg/m3
Aluminum Oxide 15 mg/m3

Installation of the unit should take you around 10 minutes at the most. You just need to locate the appropriate location on your pool’s return line and typically you need about 6 inches of free pipe. Included in the box is the “Saddle” for both 2” plumbing and 1.5” plumbing. If you have an above-ground pool with flex plumbing, you can use the included 1.5” PVC adapter to mount the unit. Everything is in the box for the installation for either an in-ground or above-ground pool.

Just about anyone can install the Mineral System as it requires no plumbing. It looks like it is installed on the pipe by cutting it, but the Saddle sits on top of the pipe and is held on by the bolts. Once you mount the Saddle you then take the included “Hole Bit” and attach that to your drill. Then you would simply put it in the center of the Saddle and drill out a small hole. That is it, again no plumbing required.

Here are a few things to note. The unit should be mounted on the return line after the heater and after any salt cell or other water sanitizer system on the return line. Make sure the unit is level and you don’t want to over-tighten the Saddle or you could crack the PVC pipe.

In the box:
Winterizing Cap
Outer housing
1- 2” Saddle Clamp Assembly
1 – 1 ½” Saddle Clamp Assembly
Flow Diverter
Mineral Cartridge
Hole Saw
4- Nuts and Bolts
Small Silicone Tube
Rigid PVC Adapter for an Above-Ground Pool

Tools needed:
A drill
1- 13mm socket wrench

Here is more about the Jacuzzi® JMCS - Mineral Cartridge System:

The minerals released in the water will destroy and control algae. By eliminating the micro-algae in your pool the chlorine will be much more effective. You will be able to run your pool with less chlorine or not have to add as much chlorine each week. If you have a Saltwater Generator you can also turn down the output. Turning down the output will also extend the life of your salt cell.

To order the Jacuzzi Mineral System:

Here is more from the manufacturer:
Jacuzzi Mineral Cartridge System is can help reduce chlorine us up to 50% and is great for in-ground and above ground pools up to 25,000 gallons.
Alternative Sanitizer Features
Reduce chlorine use up to 0.5 ppm
Prevent and destroy algae and bacteria
Decrease the maintenance time for your pool
Restores water quality
Reduces chlorine odors
Minerals are designed to last 6 months
Easy to install
Connects to 1-1/2" and 2" plumbing
Uses natural minerals to filter water
Mineral System with Nature 2 Express
Capacity for 5,000 to 25,000-gallon pools
Compatible with most pool maintenance products
Reduce chlorine use and eliminate algae in your pool with the Jacuzzi Mineral Cartridge System. Easy to install, you'll have this system connected and integrated into your pool plumbing in about 10 minutes!

Jacuzzi® JMCS
LPM Part #: 15429

Reduce chlorine use and eliminate algae in your pool with the Jacuzzi Mineral Cartridge System. Easy to install, you'll have this system connected and integrated into your pool plumbing in about 10 minutes!

The Jacuzzi JMCS Mineral System with Nature 2 Express uses minerals such as silver and copper to filter out bacteria and control algae while reducing the need for harsh chemicals that cause skin, eye irritation, and unpleasant odors. The cartridge uses industry-leading technology and is guaranteed to do the job without any staining to your pool's surface.

The Jacuzzi Mineral Cartridge System is strong enough for the professional and works in pools up to 25,000 gallons to give softer, cleaner water while reducing the chlorine needed up to 50%. The Jacuzzi JMCS Mineral Cartridge Sanitizer with Nature 2 Express is the ultimate in natural filtration, providing a safer swimming environment, free of odors and irritation.

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