Wednesday, June 17, 2020

ColorQ 2x Pro7 a Very Easy to Use Digital Water Tester

The Lamotte ColorQ 2x Pro 7 Test amazingly easy to use to get your pool or spa water test factors. In about 5 minutes you can have accurate results for all of the major testing parameters for your pool or spa and with the Waterlink Solutions Home app you can send these results right to your email. No more guessing at what color the reagent is, the digital readout will give you a spot on result every time.

Here are the Test Factors that the ColorQ 2x will test for:
Free Chlorine | 0-10 ppm
Total Chlorine | 0-10 ppm
Bromine | 0-22 ppm
pH | 6.5-8.5
Alkalinity | 0-250 ppm
Hardness | 0-400 ppm
Cyanuric Acid | 0-125

Kit Includes:
ColorQ 2x Photometer
Photo-diagrammatic instructions (English, Spanish and French)
Convenient carrying case

Each reagent contains enough solution for 144 tests
Contains 100 TesTab tablets for each test
Lamotte 2086 (Replaces 2056)

An added feature is the Blue tooth connectivity and the ability to email yourself or a client the test results on the spot while you are out in the field. You would just need the Waterlink Solutions Home or the Waterlink Solutions app to do this. Also provided in the app based on the test results are the recommend chemicals needed to balance your pool. The app works seamlessly on your smartphone and it is a great added feature that puts the ColorQ 2x in a premium category.

The unit is also 100% waterproof so it can be safely used outdoors and of course around pools and spas. A very nice upgrade over the previous version where you had to be careful not to get the unit wet.

It just takes 5 drops of each reagent for each test or one tablet. I like the fact that the Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid are in tablet form meaning that these reagents that are typically used less anyway now have a shelf life of 2-3 years. The more common chlorine/bromine and pH are liquid reagent and of course, you will be using those more often. The tablets take some getting used to but they are easy to use and the results are extremely spot on since each tablet has a pre-measured amount of the reagent in them.

I find that the 2x unit photometer is extremely fast with each reding. Before you can blink or look away, the 2x will have your results ready for you on the screen. It really is that fast and you will be spending most of your time adding the reagent or breaking up a tablet.

The larger tubes also make it very easy to handle and to measure the water sample. I like how each tube has it’s own color-coded cap so that you eliminate cross-contamination of the reagents. pH is a red cap, alkalinity is a green cap, and so on. A really nice touch that you will appreciate the more you use the kit.

All in all, this is a stellar photometer and Lamotte has hit a home run with the ColorQ 2x.

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