Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dolphin Proteus DX5i Review & Features

The Dolphin Proteus-DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner with PowerStream Technology is a top cleaner in the high-end category. The price point comes in around $1,000 and you get a solid and reliable cleaner that has enough bells and whistles to satisfy. It is made by a great company known as Maytronics that has very good reviews across all of the cleaners that they manufacture.

Here is what Dolphin says about the Proteus DX5i:
 “Keeping its lightweight body design and its deep cleaning abilities, the Dolphin Proteus DX5i is an upgrade from the Proteus DX4. The Dolphin Proteus DX5i now offers two cleaning cycles for added convenience. The one-hour cleaning cycle is ideal for a quick clean, particularly on the floor and cove. The two-hour cleaning cycle is perfect for a full cleaning coverage on floors walls and waterline.

Along with the same precise navigation and advanced 20-minute mapping of your pool, you can now control and drive the Proteus DX5i using the My Dolphin App on your smartphone. It also has an energy saver power supply with more functions than before, like touch-screen control and mode selection.”

When I test cleaners, I like to sit in my backyard and watch it working in my pool. The DX5i has an interesting cleaning pattern thanks to the CleverClean technology. This is a mapping software inside the cleaner that allows it to pick the best cleaning pattern for your pool. It will stop and lift off the ground and turn. Sometimes in smaller degrees, sometimes in larger degrees. It will also move backward and then forward at different intervals. Then every couple of minutes it will climb the wall to the waterline and then the PowerStream Technology pushes it along the waterline. All of this while the front and back scrubbing brushes clean the pool surface. It is a fascinating bit of technology and one that makes the cleaner highly efficient. The cleaning cycle is a mere 2 hours and, in that time, the DX5i thoroughly cleans the entire pool.

The filter basket is very large, taking up the entire center of the cleaner. The fact that it a top loading cleaner is a plus and you have two filter choices. The fine filters and also the Ultra Fine filter inserts. The debris opening on the bottom is very large, one of the largest in its class of robotic cleaners. This cleaner is great not only for dirt but if your pool has large leaf debris the DX5i will pick it up with ease. The low profile of the cleaner allows it to hug the pool surface allowing it to clean the pool quickly without scattering debris and dirt everywhere.

The DX5i is a connected cleaner, meaning you can use the My Dolphin App on your device or smartphone to control the cleaner. With the app, you can turn the cleaner on and off and you can also take control of the cleaner and move it around the pool using your device as the remote control. This is a fun feature and the remote is very responsive. If you wanted to just spot clean your pool this will come in very handy.

The Power Unit has a programmable weekly schedule and it is very basic and easy to use the feature. You can set the cleaner to come on once per week, 4 times per week or 3 times per week. The cleaner needs to be in the pool at the time and this is a very convenient option making it on par with a suction side cleaner that stays in your pool all week. Dolphin does suggest cleaning the debris basket in between cleanings.

The 18 meters of cord or 60ft makes this cleaner perfect for a large, medium and small pool. It is also safe for all pool surface types. There is also a swivel on the cord to prevent cord tangling as the cleaner is moving around the pool. With the CleverClean technology, I don’t think the swivel is really needed, but it is good to have. I like the thin cord on the Dolphin cleaners and the cord is easy to loop up when you take the cleaner out to store it. A Caddy Cart is optional but really not needed with such a lightweight cleaner in my opinion.

There is so much to like about the DX5i. If you're looking for a premium robotic cleaner I would suggest seriously considering this cleaner.

Cleaning Area Floor, Walls, and Waterline
Cleaning Cycle           1 or 2 hours
Cord/Hose Length      60 ft
GPH    3735 GPH
Installation Type         Residential
Manufacturer  Dolphin
Pool Cleaner Type      Robotic
Pool Size         Up to 50’
Pool Surface    All Surfaces
Pool Type        In-Ground
Product Type   Pool Cleaner
Warranty         2-Year

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