Monday, July 31, 2017

Top Five Suction Side Pool Cleaners of 2017 - Podcast

Suction Side Pool Cleaners are a good choice if you are in the market for an automatic cleaner. They run off of your existing pool pump and will generally help keep your pool very clean week to week. The price point of suction side cleaners is lower than that of a Pressure or Robotic Cleaner making them an ideal choice for the budget minded pool owner.

In this Podcast I briefly explain how a Suction Side Cleaner works and I give you the rundown on the top 6 cleaners I recommend for your pool. You can also find my list of the Top Suction Side cleaners here on my website:

I've used or tested almost every suction side cleaner on the market, including some from foreign markets like Australia and South Africa. So I will say be default I have become an expert in which ones work good and which ones don't. There are a great many to chose from actually, including a lot of $100 generic cleaners. These under $100 cleaners are what we call throw away cleaners. When they break you simply toss them out verses buying new parts, which actually they don't sell the parts anyway.

So there are two basic types of suction cleaners. The geared cleaners and the bouncing type cleaners. I personally prefer the geared type cleaners and have many of those on my pool route. The gear type have a programmed turn cycle that will usually stop one side of the cleaner and allow it to pivot and turn out of corners and step areas. These geared cleaners rarely get stuck in an area in a pool. That is why I prefer them over the bouncing type.

Geared cleaners:
Hayward Pool Cleaner
Hayward AquaNaut
Hayward Phoenix
Hayward Navigator/ Pool Vac
Pentair Rebel
Pentair Warror
Zodiac MX-8
Zodiac MX-6
Pentair Dorado
Pentair Great White
Pentar Sand Shark

The bouncing type cleaners where the first on the market and work really well. Basically they have a diaphragm or hammer in the throat that as water is sucked in the cleaner begins to move. The design gives these cleaners a bouncing motion, which also helps knock surface debris down to the pool floor. But the drawback of these cleaners as they can get stuck in the step areas and in a hard angled corner. The cleaning pattern is also very random but in most cases they do clean most of the pool if it is run long enough.

Boiuncing Cleaners:
Pentair Kreepy Krauly
Pentaitr Kruiser
Zodiac G3
Zodiac Wahoo
Zodiac Ranger

One thing to note, if you have an above ground or in ground vinyl pool or fiberglass pool I would recommend a bouncing type cleaner over the geared type cleaner. The gear type cleaners do poorly in these surface types and may not climb out of the deep end, nor climb the walls. For plaster and PebbleTec pools I recommend the geared type cleaner. And for a tile pool the bouncing type are also far better.

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