Saturday, July 29, 2017

All About Salt Water Pools & Salt Water Generators Podcast

In this Podcast I go over everything about Salt Water pools and Salt Water Generators. I cover the different manufacturers, the pros of a salt water pool and the cons. I also talk about some myths and truths about salt water pools.

I am pretty honest in this Podcast and relate the only true benefit of a salt water system, the fact that it adds chlorine to the pool without you having to do anything. This means no more trips to the pool store for shock or liquid chlorine. It is a great time saver for sure. But for me that is the one and only benefit.

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You really don't save any money when you convert to a salt pool. In fact it cost a lot more than using Chlorine or Bleach in your pool. Factor in the cost of the unit plus install, say $1,000 and then a new salt cell every 3-5 years at $500 and the salt to start $150 and your looking at over $1,600 for the first 5 years. So you would have to spend over $320 a year on chlorine to match that number. Typically you are not spending over $100 a season for your chlorine.

With that said, a salt water system is a preference. And if you can absorb the cost of the system and don't mind the extra overall cost of a salt pool, then it is the way to go. If you want to save money on the initial system check out the Pure Line system at INYOPools: - it is priced around $500 for the complete system!

I also cover the different salt systems in the podcast for you. There are many manufacturers out there and don't be afraid to go with a smaller "generic" company as those systems are actually very reliable and good.

So listen to the Podcast and decide for yourself, to go with salt or to not go with salt.

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