Thursday, December 20, 2018

Tips on Making your Pool Service Website

Although I don’t consider my self an expert in website building, I have built several business websites over the years and have learned what works and what doesn’t. I have also reviewed over 100 different pool service websites and I have gathered the most effective points that I think will make your website stand out.

If you don’t feel comfortable or tech savvy enough to design your own website, I have partnered with a local web designer who specializes in business websites. For about the same cost as and you can have a site professional designed and hosted for your business. I think the best two sites to build your website with are and and I have used both to build websites. They are fairly easy to use, and the prices are decent.

You can learn more about the website builder at his site Clear Pool Products:
Here are the costs to have a website professionally built.
First year fees:
$150 for design and development. 
$200 for annual hosting. 
A total of $350 for your first year.

Each Additional Year:
$200 per year, includes hosting and domain renewal.

I consider the following things listed here as the most basic things you need for your website and your Homepage which will get the most of the page views on your site (80% of users don’t go past a websites Homepage).

Logo – have a business logo designed for yourself or use a logo building website online. is probably a great place to have a simple logo designed. The logo will distinguish your service from a competitor.

Business Name – I have reviewed several sites that think the domain name is enough and the business name is not clearly displayed in the home screen banner. Make sure your business name appears clearly on the top.

Your Name & Phone Number- I think posting at least your first name next to your phone number allows the customer to more easily reach out to you. When I call someone, I like to know their name as it simply makes the initial conversation more personal. If you have a cell phone that has an area code outside of your service area, think about getting a Google Number with an area code for your service area. Most people will not call a number outside of their area code.

E-mail Address - The contact box on a website is great but adding your e-mail address right under your phone number is very effective. I like to e-mail directly and don’t like the contact box.

Service Area – There are so many websites that I have reviewed where the service area is not clearly noted on the Homepage or anywhere on the site. This is very critical and often left off. Clearly list your service area and post a Google Map Page highlighting your service area.

You should also have at least two more webpages, one an About Us page and the other a page where you list your service prices. No one know who you are so an About Us page is a great way to introduce the customer to you and your company. List why you got into the pool business along with some other notable facts that you think the customer should know about you and your business.

A pricing page is very important. When I go to a site, I like to see the price of services clearly listed. You wouldn’t shop for long on Amazon or Best Buy if they didn’t list the prices of the products. The same goes for your pool service. The prices can be average rates with a note indicating prices will vary depending on pool size, number of service days and other factors. But a good average price listing for services and repairs is very important.

So why build a website at all? A website makes your business more legitimate and most customers expect you to have one. When you hand out a business card it is easier to say, “Go to my website for more information.” Rather than, “Call me if you have any questions.”
Also, for a banner on your truck it is easier for most people to look up the website rather than call you. If you decide to advertise online with Google Ads you will need a website and a lot of services will list your website for free. Without a website you can’t do any of this.

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