Monday, December 3, 2018

How to Fix an Err 0002 on a Pentair SuperFlo Vs Pump

The Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed pump is a great choice for a Variable Speed Pump. I like the fact that it can down convert the voltage and be used at 120V as well as at 230V. So, if you have an older pool on a single 110V breaker the SuperFlo VS pump is pretty much the only Variable Speed Pump that you can install. It is very reliable and will give you years of great performance. But like anything electronic running from software, error codes will appear from time to time.

If you see that your SuperFlo VS is not running as scheduled, flip open the top and see if there is an error code of some kind. The screen will display an error code as Err and then display a number. The most common one is the Err 0002 and it is usually caused by the impeller getting clogged and the pump is unable to prime. It is probably a built-in failsafe so that the pump doesn’t overheat and become damaged. The Err 0002 will prevent the pump from running until you clear the blockage.

So, if the pump is on, hit the start/stop button to turn it off. There are two ways to clear the blockage. The method I always use is to remove the pump lid and pump basket, then I spin the impeller with a screwdriver. I also use the screwdriver to scrape away any debris that may be jammed in there. Once the impeller spins freely the blockage has been cleared.  Fill the pump up with water and put the lid back on.

The second method is to use a ¼” Allen Wrench and insert it into the back of the pump. Gently turn it back in forth until the impeller begins to spin freely again. It may take a bit of effort. Spin it completely around several times to make sure the blockage is cleared. Doing this may free the blockage.

Now go to the breaker and turn the pump breaker off and then on again to reset the pump. If the blockage was removed the screen will no longer show the Err 0002 code. You should be able to press the start/stop button to start up the pump. It will then begin to go into the priming mode and then start up. If the Err 0002 code is still on the screen, try the above steps one more time and reset the pump again.

The Err 0002 can also indicate a wire is loose in the pump or a poor connection. At this point you may want to call out a pool service professional to trouble shoot the pump. But more than likely when you clear the impeller jam the pump will start up and run like normal. You should not need to do any other troubleshooting unless the Err code does not clear after one or two resets.

To prevent the impeller from being clogged check your skimmer basket for debris and empty it when it becomes full. Also make sure both the skimmer and pump basket do not have rips or tears which could allow debris to get through and into the pump impeller. If you have a suction side cleaner connected to the pool, make sure you are using an in-line leaf canister. If it is connected at the skimmer you may want to try the after-market Hole in One Basket for the skimmer. If you get really fine particle debris, you can insert a filter sock or filter saver in the skimmer basket to trap the smaller particle debris that can fit through the pump basket and enter the impeller.

The Hole in One Basket: Connect a Cleaner at the Skimmer and Prevent Debris from Clogging the Pump!:

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