Thursday, November 1, 2018

All About Swimming Pool Tips & How To YouTube Channel

I started my YouTube Channel back in March of 2012 basically to help people with their pool care needs. It has grown organically to 54,000 Subscribers and 30 million video views over the years. I have over 800 videos and this library is growing each year. If you haven’t subscribed to my Channel, subscribe today to receive more great content each week.

When I started in the business YouTube of course didn’t exist. It is a great resource for pool owners and pool pros. To have videos on how to care for a pool is really awesome and I hope you find my videos helpful. I spend a lot of time on YouTube myself whenever I have a problem with my computer or something around my house.  Most of the time I can find the solution which is great and also a great a money saver. So, I put a lot of time working on each video to make sure it is edited and contains the content that you need for your problem or question.

One of the resources that I have created along the way is my YouTube Video Index where I list all of my YouTube videos in alphabetical order so that you can easily find the video you are looking for.  With over 800 videos I am sure I have filmed what you are looking for, you just need an easy way to find it.

Here is the link to the video index:

So, my videos cover every subject in the pool industry from chemistry to equipment and product reviews. No one pays me to review their products and I don’t work for any manufacturer, so I try to keep my reviews as unbiased as possible. One thing that I also do is that if I get a product that doesn’t work as described I will not film it. I let the manufacturer know and they usually appreciate the feedback and make changes. I have also done beta testing for many manufacturers and with my testing they have really improved on their product.

I really like filming the how-to videos and I think I have the most extensive online library of filter cleaning videos, pump repair videos and automatic cleaner repair videos. I also have filmed many videos on programming your automated system and other pool devices. If you’re a pool owner I think you can learn everything about pool care from my videos. For the pool professional you can basically start your business by just watching my videos. It has been done many times from the feedback I have gotten.

Another great benefit of my YouTube Videos is the chance to ask me a question directly in the comment section. If you are leaving good clean decent feedback or ask a legitimate question I will answer you. I make it a point to answer every question that is posted by a viewer on YouTube. So, if you watch a video and need more help I am here to help you.

If you have any video ideas for me for future content feel free to post it here and I will be sure to film something for you. There are so many aspects of pool care that it can be overwhelming. But the basics still apply for each pool, keep the water balanced, keep the pool and filter clean and you will be fine all season long. I know that sounds easy and with the help of my videos it can be done.

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