Thursday, February 21, 2019

All About the Primate Pool Pole: Carbon Fiber Pool Pole that Weighs just 2 Lbs!

In this Podcast I talk to Joe DiAnna the owner of Primate Pool Tools which is the company that makes the Primate Pool Pole. I have been using this pole now for 3 months and it is truly a great product. There are so many great features as you will see below.

This is the most unique 3-piece pool service pole (Tri-Pole) on the market today.  The Primate 3X Pole is also the most compact and lightweight pole that I have used. It collapses down to 6 ft and extends to 15.6 ft and weighs only 2 lbs. 4 oz.  Oh, and it is made from Carbon Fiber making it 3 times stronger than a standard aluminum pole.

I will admit that it took a few days to get used to the unique way that you extend the Primate 3X Pole. The last section just has two holes and you need fully extend that one each time you pull it out. So, the 2nd piece acts as the main height adjuster if you use the full 15.6 ft of pole. Tricky since my regular Tri-Pole uses the 3rd Section as the height adjustment. But like I mentioned it just takes a few days to get the hang of it and then you are all good. They also sell two additional clip-in sections that will extend the pole to 22 feet and 28 feet if needed.

For me, the main selling point of the Primate 3X Pole is how light this pole is! It weighs just 2.4 lbs. so you barely even feel like you are holding a service pole. It is amazingly light and easy to carry and use.  After using it for a week I feel like I couldn’t go back to a standard pole because of how light the Primate pole is. I feel like something this light can’t be strong enough to use day and day out, but the Carbon Fiber Material is deceiving.  The pole is 3 times stronger than an aluminum service pole making it a great choice for everyday pool service use. The manufacturer doesn’t claim it is indestructible, but it sure feels like it, especially with the reinforced first section of the pole.

The unique Lever Lock is another feature that makes the Primate Pole stand out. It is the same locking device found on tree trimmers and the like and it makes closing and opening the 2nd pole section a breeze. Simply snap open the Lever Lock, slide the pole out and lock it in place. In most cases, you will be using only the first 2 pole sections in skimming and brushing a pool, so this makes extending the pole quick and easy. It is truly a unique feature on a pool pole and the Lever Lock works great.
Here are some more great features of the Primate 3X Pole from the manufacturer:
Does not absorb temperature like metal, will never be scalding hot or ice cold to the touch.
Better grip/traction than aluminum.

Because of its strength (does not bend or warp) it moves through water easier when submerged.

Lighter than all heavy duty metal and fiberglass poles at 2lbs 4oz. We've had veteran service guys with arthritis, lower back problems, and shoulder/elbow problems all tell us it's easier on their injuries!

The World's Strongest Service Pole!
Quality materials make quality tools, built from ultra-strong CARBON FIBER and reinforced with fiberglass, our design is lighter and three times stronger than aluminum, making it the most durable pole available on the market.

Unique lever Lock!
Our lever locking system is a game changer. This minimalist design lets you make length adjustments with ONE EASY ACTION. Flip the lever open to loosen and make your adjustment and snap it back down to lock in place.

Familiar and Fast!
Adjusting the third extension of our pole is just as quick, and familiar. This length of the pole is equipped with TWO SNAP LOCKS. Simply follow the red guide to line the internal V-clips with the holes and lock it in place as you would any standard tool.

At two pounds four ounces, our carbon fiber design is HALF THE WEIGHT of a standard three-piece service pole. At 6 ft collapsed it sits comfortably and safely inside all truck beds.
The Primate Pole is designed to last for years and it is a premium service pole which is reflected in the higher price point. You are also investing in a pole that is super lightweight, super strong and very easy to use and store.

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