Monday, September 3, 2018

Jacuzzi J-VSP150 and J-VSP250 Variable Speed Pumps

I am a huge fan of Variable Speed pumps and I am always pushing them onto customers as the energy savings are tremendous over the old single speed pumps. I have reviewed various brands and today there are several major manufacturers with their own versions of VS Pumps. Jacuzzi is one brand that sells two very reliable versions in the J-VSP150 and the J-VSP250.

One thing that sets the Jacuzzi VS pumps apart is their warranty period. If purchased and installed by a pool service professional, you will receive a 2-year warranty on the pump. This is better than most other VS pumps currently on the market. If it is installed by Leslie’s Pool Supply the warranty is extended to 5 years. That is correct, a five-year warranty. And Leslie’s Pool will install the Jacuzzi Pump at no cost or no installation charge.

Here is more about the Jacuzzi Pump from the manufacturer:

“Reduce electricity costs while providing your family with a clean and clear swimming pool when you install the Jacuzzi® J-VSP150 or the Jacuzzi® J-VSP250 Professional-Grade Variable Speed Pool Pump! This pool pump is suitable for use on in ground swimming pools that require a more high-demanding application.

The J-VSP150 Variable Speed Pool Pump features a strong flow rate that’s efficiency circulates your pools water and backwashes virtually any sized filter system while still providing you with enough energy to power the suction on your pool cleaner. The J-VSP150 Variable Speed Pool Pump features an efficient wet end, basket check valve, easy to open lid, long-lasting Viton o-rings, carbon pump seal, and includes an adjustable base, unions and lid removal tool for ease of use.
Pool Pump Features

  • Energy Star Certified: Save up to 80% on energy costs.
  • Decreases run time and energy use while still working at a professional-grade level.
  • Ideal for harsher weather conditions.
  • Resists cracking and leaking for a longer lasting and more durable pump.
Five (5) Year Limited Warranty on Product with exclusive Leslie's Equipment Protection Plan, see manual for a full description of warranty claims and coverage details.”

The J-VSP150 is a 1.5 hp VS Pump which should be enough for most pool owners. If you are running water features and a large attached spa you may want to opt for the J-VSP250 which is there 2.5 hp version. I think the majority of pool owners can get away with using the J-VSP250 but you can always email me your pool specs and I will let you know the best choice for your pool.

The pump itself is very easy to program and operate. The control panel built into the back is very simple and user friendly. The design of the pump is also very sleek, and the wet end pump basket area is large and easy to open. The included tool makes opening the pump lid very easy, although you can easily open it without it also. As far as the noise factor it is not as quite as the Jandy VS pump and sounds more in line with the Pentair Super Flo Vs pump. It will be quitter than your standard 1 speed pump for sure but not silent if that is a factor for you.

All in all the Jacuzzi VS pump is a solid choice and when you are comparing VS pumps don’t pass this one up without a second look.

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  1. I am considering upgrading to a VS pump. The warranty for the jacuzzi pumps and the extra rewards dollars from Leslie's are working but I'm afraid of the lack of positive reviews on this pump. I don't really want to get an interior pump with an extra warranty. That just sounds like a lot of headache. Have you installed many of these for happy customers? Does anyone it there have a Jacuzzi pump and like it? Specifically the JVX300? also, any thoughts on using a VS pump with my existing DE filter? Is that likely to cause problems?