Monday, September 10, 2018

Aquabot MRT 2500 Robotic Pool Cleaner with a 2 Year 100% Bumper to Bumper Warranty!

The MRT 2500 is Aquabots latest edition to their robotic cleaner line up. It is a hybrid cleaner taking the Aquabot Breeze SE and adding some great features to it and making it the premiere model in this category. Besides the great color choice, the MRT 2500 can also connect to the Aqaubot APP where you can turn on and off the cleaner and set the cleaning cycle from your phone or device. It also features Aqaubot’s patented power washing jets on the bottom. I will go over the features of the MRT 2500 in more detail below.

Here are the key features of the cleaner:

90º Wall Climbing / Scrubbing using hydro-robotic technology
Cleans Pool Floors, Cove and Walls
“Hyper speed” Scrubbing Brush (2x faster than standard brushes)
Industry’s strongest pumps and finest filtration
Extra Large Top Access Fine Filter Basket (filters down to 2 microns)
Industry’s strongest pumps and finest filtration (Over 80 GPM)
Power Washing Jets loosen stubborn debris and algae
Swivel helps prevent cable tangling – 50’ Cable
Light weight
Easy Lift Handle with rapid water exit feature
External Timer capable (timer not included)
Aquabot App Compatible via Wi-Fi
2 year bumper to bumper Warranty

The 50 ft of cable makes the MRT 2500 more versatile allowing you to use it in a larger pool and the swivel will prevent cable tangling. The Power Washing Jets is another great feature found in much more expensive cleaners. These jets will shoot water out of the bottom and help loosen up dirt and debris making the MRT 2500 a beast with dirt and debris. The Hyper Scrubbing brush on back also works to loosen up dirt and debris and it will climb your pool walls and clean it up to the water line.

The top loading debris chamber also will filter down to an industry leading 2 microns, which is better than your pool’s existing filtration system. The fact that the MRT 2500 operates separately from your pool’s filtration system means that not only will your pool stay cleaner but that your filtration system will too. And the debris chambers are also very large capacity so the MRT 2500 will not have any problems with large leaf debris as well as dirt.

I like the compact size and design of the cleaner.  It operates in a very simple backwards and forwards motion with a slight tilt of the front axle to give it full coverage of your pool. For the price point the MRT 2500 is the complete cleaner and suitable for all pool surface types.

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By David Van Brunt 

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