Friday, December 29, 2017

Pentair QUAD D.E.® Cartridge Style Filter & Clean & Clear Plus Filter Assembly

If you are a pool Service Professional or a Do it Yourself type homeowner and are installing a Pentair Quad D.E. Filter or a Pentair Clean & Clear Plus filter, I will show you what is in the box and how to put the filter together for your install. It is pretty easy but is worth going over so that everything is clear. I like the Quad D.E. Filters and the Pentair Clean & Clear Plus filters and have many of them on my pool route.

The Assembly for both the Quad D.E. And the Clean and Clear Plus are exactly the same. In fact I think it is the same filter body with just different internal configurations. In the box along with the filter is the Air Relief Valve and Pressure Gauge, Two CPVC 2” Universal Unions with O-rings and the Instruction Manual.

So the first step is to take the plug out of the Air Relief Valve with a wrench and thread the Pressure Gauge into it. They put Teflon Tape on the plug to give you a hint, it is a good idea to add some Teflon Tape to the Pressure Gauge at the threads. Simply thread the Pressure Gauge into the Air Relief and only go hand tight. Important: if you over tighten the gauge the Air Relief will crack at the threaded part. It is made of plastic and I have seen it crack before so just put it in hand tight.

Then you will take the assembled Air Relief Valve and thread it into to top of the filter. This part does not require ant Teflon Tape and there is a small black O-Ring on top so make sure that O-ring is in place to prevent any water leaks. Again, you will go hand tight with the Air Relief into the top of the filter. This is very easy to do and I really like the simple user friendly design of these filters.

Next you will want to install the two 2” Universal Unions onto the filter. The two included O-Rings just stretch and go over the lip of the Union. Make sure to also lube up these O-Rings before you put them on the filter. I like using Magic Lube for this and would suggest not using any other type of lube as that could shorten the life of the O-Rings and cause a future leak. They just slide right into the filter body. You will be taking them off again after doing the dry fittings for the plumbing but to get the right measurements it is a good idea to put them on while installing the filter. The Unions thread in hand tight only so don't over tighten them with a wrench.

And that is the assembly of the filter. It is really pretty easy but it is always good to see it done and explained in detail. To see the installation of the filter including the plumbing watch this video:

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