Monday, June 27, 2016

Pleatco PureStart® Disposable Sentiment Filter - for Pool and Spa Filling

In this article  I go over the Pleatco PureStart disposable fill sediment filters. They make two models, the PPS2100 for spas and pools up to 10,000 gallons and the PPS6120 for large pools up to 40,000 gallons. These gallon ratings are the lifespan of the filter media so if you are topping off your pool or spa they will last a long time.

These disposable sediment filter cartridges are made from unique melt-spun filtration technology for perfect depth filtration. PureStart cartridges attach to a garden hose and capture dirt particles before they enter your pool or spa.
First let me say what these filters will and will not filter out. The filter will filter out metal and sediments suspended in the water, but won’t filter dissolved metals or impurities in water. So any “particulate” or “suspended” solids larger than 5 microns will be filtered out. Anything dissolved in the water (TDS) or any metal ions in the water will not be filtered out.

I also looked at Pleatco's internal testing documents that show very good test results with these sediment filters filtering out Nitrates, Hardness, it lowered the pH and filtered out suspended copper. So these filters are effective.

If you do have metal ions in the water the CuLator product is the only thing that will actually draw the metals out of your pool or spa water. I have done some videos also on that product and it is highly effective.

CuLator Metal Eliminator & Stain Preventer:

So these filters would be a good idea for anyone filling up their hot tub or spa, above ground pool and in-ground pool if your fill water has sediments or other particulates. If your filling your pool for the first time or have a new constructed in-ground pool the PPS6120 would be ideal to use in that case. It is designed to float on the water so it is perfect for new pool fills. The rounded edges also keep it from marring new plaster as the pool fills.

Basically if you fill your pool or spa and notice the pool is cloudy or dirty – these sediment filters are for you.

If you wish to order these filters I have provided links for you:
Pleatco PPS2100 Spa Fill Sediment Cartridge:

Pleatco PureStart Filter - 40,000 gallons PPS6120:

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